”You shameless man, hurry and let me go. ” Xia Qingyu was disappointed with Ye Chen ’s answer, Ye Chen was too greedy, he wanted to have herself and Zhao Yanyan together.

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”I don ’t care. ” Ye Chen kissed Xia Qingyu ’s cherry lips right away.

Xia Qingyu tried to fight back when Ye Chen kissed herself, Xia Qingyu was hugged by Ye Chen so tightly that he could not escape from Ye Chen ’s arm.

Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu very tightly, he wouldn ’t let Xia Qingyu go, if Xia Qingyu left, then he would be very sorry.

Ye Chen kissed Xia Qingyu with great affection, Xia Qingyu, who initially fought back directly, was defeated by Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu enjoyed a kiss from Ye Chen.

No matter how many times Xia Qingyu felt the feeling of kissing Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu never felt bored, she was even more interested in things like this.

Ye Chen greedily kissed Xia Qingyu enough, he really liked Xia Qingyu ’s little lips.

Xia Qingyu began to sink into the kiss that Ye Chen did,

In this park there are only the two of them so there ’s no need to worry about other people knowing.

After 15 minutes of kissing, Ye Chen finally let go of his kiss from Xia Qingyu.

”Qingyu, do you believe in me now? ” Asked Ye Chen to Xia Qingyu who was in his arms.

Xia Qingyu did not answer Ye Chen, she buried her head in Ye Chen ’s chest, Xia Qingyu could feel Ye Chen ’s heart beat quite fast, what Ye Chen said seemed to be true.

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Under the very beautiful night star, a man and woman hugging in front of the fountain, it looks very romantic.

”I hate, how can I fall for a man like you ” Xia Qingyu took out her anger by hitting Ye Chen ’s chest.

Xia Qingyu didn ’t use force at all, she didn ’t want to hurt Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu, he put Xia Qingyu on his lap.

”This is predestined, you are destined to be my wife, ” said Ye Chen to Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu snuggled in Ye Chen ’s embrace, she was very comfortable snuggling in Ye Chen ’s embrace.

”Look at the stars tonight is very beautiful. ” Ye Chen pointed at the stars in the sky.

Xia Qingyu looked up at the sky, the sky was indeed a very beautiful star.

Xia Qingyu together with Ye Chen enjoyed the sight of the stars in the sky.

”Ye Chen, look at a shooting star, let ’s make a wish. ” Xia Qingyu pointed to a blue light in the sky, Xia Qingyu tried to make a wish to the shooting star.

Ye Chen looked at the direction pointed by Xia Qingyu, at this time Ye Chen saw a blue light descending from the sky, this blue light was abnormal, he felt that this blue light emitted a very strong aura.

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The blue light was getting closer and closer to the earth, blue light streaked above Ye Chen, the blue light directed towards a remote place that was a bit far from the city.

”Boomm ” when the blue light hit the ground there was a shock and a very strong blow, the ground that Ye Chen was stepping on was shaking violently.

Xia Qingyu was scared, she hugged Ye Chen ’s neck quite tightly.

Xia Qingyu did not think that the light just now was a comet, fortunately the comet did not fall in their place, if that happened maybe she and Ye Chen would die.

Xia Qingyu didn ’t want things to die, she still wanted to live happily together with Ye Chen.

Everyone was enjoying the birthday party with great joy, when the great shock occurred, people started to scatter out of the Feng family mansion, they were trying to save themselves.

Everyone was scared by the great shaking that was happening, this was much more intense than an earthquake in general.

The situation became noisy and chaotic.

”Husband, Qingyu, are you guys okay? ” Liu Yue came to Ye Chen ’s side, she thought Ye Chen was the one who just made a big shock.

”We ’re fine. ” Ye Chen was completely unharmed or in danger, the shock was not his doing.

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”Master, I detected an object that was very valuable in the blue light earlier, you should try to see it, you might be lucky and get that precious thing. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the blue light earlier carried an extremely valuable object.

This thing is very rare in this world, even in God Realm this thing is extremely rare, if it appears this thing might be fought over by the gods and goddesses in the God Realm.

Ye Chen heard Chu Yuechan ’s explanation, no doubt Ye Chen felt the great power of the blue light earlier, it turned out that the blue light was indeed a very valuable and powerful object.

Ye Chen had to see what Chu Yuechan was referring to, maybe this thing could be of use to himself or his wives.

”Yue, please take care of Qingyu, I will see the object that fell just now ” Ye Chen asked Liu Yue for help to protect Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen wanted to go over there and see the blue light that had just fallen.

”Okay, husband, you just leave everything to me. ” Liu Yue nodded at Ye Chen.

After handing Xia Qingyu to Liu Yue, Ye Chen went to the place where the blue light had just fallen.

”Ye Chen, don ’t go, it ’s dangerous. ” Xia Qingyu didn ’t let Ye Chen go, maybe the place where the blue light was full of danger.

”You take it easy, I will definitely be fine. ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu not to worry too much, he would definitely take care of himself well.

Ye Chen disappeared from Xia Qingyu and Liu Yue ’s sight.

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Xia Qingyu was surprised to see Ye Chen disappear, this was very strange for Xia Qingyu.

”Ye Chen, where are you? ”Xia Qingyu tried to call Ye Chen, but there was no answer from Ye Chen.

”Little sister Qingyu, calm down Ye Chen is now gone, you won ’t find him here. ” Liu Yue came to Xia Qingyu ’s side, she told Xia Qingyu that Ye Chen had already left.

Xia Qingyu turned sideways ”Director Liu, I just heard you call Ye Chen a husband, have you also become Ye Chen ’s woman? ” Xia Qingyu wondered if Liu Yue was also Ye Chen ’s woman.

”Guess what? ” Liu Yue smiled, she wanted to play with Xia Qingyu a little.

Xia Qingyu knew that Liu Yue must also be Ye Chen ’s woman.
”Director Liu, how can you be Ye Chen ’s woman, you already know that Ye Chen has a girlfriend like Zhao Yanyan ”, asked Xia Qingyu to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue smiled at Xia Qingyu ”I and Yanyan have become close sisters, we both agreed to be Ye Chen ’s woman. ” Liu Yue explained to Xia Qingyu that her relationship with Zhao Yanyan was very good.

”But you are very beautiful, how can you share a man you like ” Xia Qingyu could not believe that Liu Yue shared a man she liked with other women, with the beauty that Liu Yue possessed it was not difficult to get a rich handsome man.

”It ’s because I love Ye Chen, for me Ye Chen is irreplaceable, so I can get rid of the selfishness I have and share with other sisters. ” Liu Yue explained to Xia Qingyu what it means to love.

”One more thing, Ye Chen ’s ability in such matters is very strong, I am unable to handle it alone, that ’s why I need another sister to help me pack Ye Chen, otherwise I will be killed by extreme pleasure ”, she told Xia Qingyu if Ye Chen ’s ability in that field was very strong, a woman would not be able to handle Ye Chen alone.

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