ge shown by Nangong Xiang, he did not expect that a beautiful goddess like Nangong Xiang would dare to do something like this.

”Emmm ” Ye Chen groaned as Nangong Xiang ’s hand squeezed his younger brother.

At first Nangong Xiang was confused about what this thing was, after hearing Ye Chen ’s groan, Nangong Xiang finally realized what this thing was.

Nangong Xiang immediately removed her hand from Ye Chen ’s large object.
”I ’m sorry. ” Nangong Xiang apologized, she didn ’t know that this was Ye Chen ’s most important thing.

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Nangong Xiang ’s face was already red like an apple, she didn ’t expect that she would do such an embarrassing thing.

”It ’s okay. ” Ye Chen was a little disappointed when Nangong Xiang ’s soft hand left a large object of him.

After the incident just now, the situation between Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang became awkward.

”That, may I know what your name is? ”Nangong Xiang was the first to start the conversation.

”My name is Ye Chen, you can call me Ye Chen ” Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang what his name was.

”So your name is Ye Chen, I am Nangong Xiang, you can call me Nangong Xiang ” when Nangong Xiang called Ye Chen ’s name, Nangong Xiang ’s tone was very soft, Ye Chen felt like melting just from hearing Nangong Xiang ’s voice.

Ye Chen started to wonder if the woman from God Realm really had such a gentle voice, even the bones in Ye Chen ’s body trembled slightly when he heard Nangong Xiang ’s voice.

Ye Chen felt that he couldn ’t stand to be together for such a long time with a woman like this.

He felt that his soul could be sucked in by Nangong Xiang ’s beauty and soft voice.

Nangong Xiang is so beautiful, why didn ’t Ye Chen just take her home.

Ye Chen had already let go of a beauty like Dongfang Xiu, he couldn ’t possibly let go of a beauty like Nangong Xiang again.

Ye Chen took Nangong Xiang fly away from this place, he took Nangong Xiang towards the hotel where he rented.

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Nangong Xiang looked obedient when Ye Chen took her away, instead it would be weird if Ye Chen left herself in a place like this when she was this weak.

Nangong Xiang snuggled in Ye Chen ’s embrace, she felt very comfortable when she was in Ye Chen ’s embrace.

”Tell me why are you so kind to me? , even though before I intended to kill you.
”Nangong Xiang asked why Ye Chen was so nice to her, even though she had previously attacked Ye Chen.

” Why ? , maybe because I feel quite a familiar feeling from you.
”Ye Chen said to Nangong Xiang.

” that is it ? Nangong Xiang couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen was helping her because of this.

”Another one you are very beautiful, I of course want to get a beautiful goddess like you ” Ye Chen did not hide his meaning from Nangong Xiang.

”Looks like I was wrong, it turns out that you are just like any other man. ” Nangong Xiang ’s face was slightly flushed.

”I am a normal man, of course I will like a beauty like yourself ”

”At least you are more honest, that ’s a Plus Point for you ” to Nangong Xiang Ye Chen was better than a man who approached her with special intent.

” do you know ? , I am an empress dowager, so don ’t expect too much From me.
”Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that she was an empress dowager.

”Huh? , but I can still feel the virgin Yin from you, how can you become an empress dowager.
”Ye Chen was a little confused by Nangong Xiang ’s words.

It was clear that Nangong Xiang was a virgin, but why did she say that she was an empress widow.

Ye Chen started to wonder, whether Nangong Xiang was testing himself or wanted to joke with him.

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