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Ye Chen and also Chu Yuechan played the chase for 15 minutes, for these 15 minutes Ye Chen was really unable to chase Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen knew that Chu Yuechan ’s strength was above Ye Chen, Ye Chen gave up and lay on the grass.

”Ye Chen, have you given up, then become stronger as fast as possible ” Chu Yuechan tried to give encouragement to Ye Chen.

”Yuechan, can you get out of this place too? ” Ye Chen asked.

Chu Yuechan ”for the time being I cannot, unless you are capable enough to call me out ”.

Ye Chen ”do you mean? ”

”To maintain my body Outside I need strength from you, so when I come out, your deep energy will be used as long as I am outside, and when Your deep energy runs out, I will automatically Return to Inside the Fairy Gate ” Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen about the details.

Ye Chen ”then what is your current cultivation base? ”

”It ’s a secret, but Supposedly in the God Realm only a few are able to fight with me considering that the Era of the Gods has ended ”.

If Ye Chen could call Chu Yuechan out then Ye Chen would not have to fear anyone in the Deity ’s Realm.

”That ’s great Ye Chen said, but how do you know that the era of the Gods is over, does this place have other masters before? ”

”Not you are the first person to be the owner of this place, but the person who made this place is the last true god, who is also the first spiritual weapon master in all the deva realms, he made this place from the best and rarest things available.
In the deva realm.

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Ye Chen ”Oh, I see. ”

”Let ’s see some places that are here, ” Chu Yue Chan stood there, invited to draw Ye Chen ’s hand to get around this place.

Ye Chen just resigned to follow Chu Yuechan just went several places such as, medicinal plant gardens, hot water pemandis also in this place, training ground, armory and also pills, workshop making weapons there are even rooms for dual cultivation also here, with A super big bed that can hold dozens of people maybe.

Unfortunately inside the Armory and Pill there was nothing, then Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan proceeded to a tower of Pagodas.

When he entered Ye Chen saw that the room inside was far bigger than what he could see outside, there were various neatly arranged books.

Chu Yuechan said that this book is a cultivation technique or fighting art.

Ye Chen thought there were more than hundreds of thousands of Cultivation Technique books, fighting techniques that were here.

Ye Chen then immediately went and looked to see if there were any good fighting techniques for him.

Chu Yuechan sat in a chair there and watched Ye Chen choose some cultivation techniques.

Ye Chen ahirya get 1 Technique which according to him is quite strong and also suitable for him.

”Hey Yuechan, may I take this technique? ” Ye Chen asked.

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Chu Yuechan ”what are you saying, everything here is yours from now on, so you may take what you want ”.

The name of the technique Ye Chen took was DESOLATE PALMS

DESOLATE PALMS has 5 stages The first stage is displaying 1 finger to the fifth displaying 1 finger.

Ye Chen then went to the training room to study and wanted to try it at the same time.

To understand a technique usually had quite a long time, but Ye Chen only read it once, Ye Chen had understood it.

So Ye Chen decided to give it a try, Ye Chen made the Yang Movement movement written in the Book, right then at the fairy Gate the sky that was originally bright suddenly suddenly became pitch black.

Ye Chen ”DESOLATE PALMS First finger technique ” A hand that emits an ancient aura coming out from behind the clouds, there is only 1 finger that is open in the palm of the hand while the other 4 fingers are closed.

DESOLATE PALMS then crashed to the floor in the practice room and made a Loud Sound Bmmmmm !, the entire training room shook a little.

Ye Chen was quite satisfied with this technique, although DESOLATE PALMS was unable to make a scratch to the floor in this practice room but judging by the effect it was definitely quite strong.
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This training room was made with a variety of strong stone paliang therefore it was quite difficult to destroy it even if it was even Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen then tried it again this time.
Trying the second level of the second finger DESOLATE PALMS technique.

The sky is dark again but now it ’s much darker than the first one,

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Ye Chen ”DESOLATE PALMS second finger technique ” this time the hand that came out of the ancient aura was much stronger than before and the palm of his hand opened 2 fingers.

Bammmmmm! The sound produced is much more intense.
The power produced is also several times stronger than the first level that makes great vibrations in the practice room.

”Hahaha Very powerful Tekni ” Ye Chen Laughed Because Satisfied With This Technique.

After using the second level Ye Chen felt his body was very weak, Ye Chen felt his vision become blurry and Ye Chen fell to the floor and passed out.

Chu Yuechan who was watching from a distance could only shake his head, although Chu Yuechan had to admit that Speed ​​in Ye Chen ’s understanding was great, but it turned out that Ye Chen was quite stupid enough to faint after using the second level DESOLATE PALMS technique.

Ye Chen did not know the Limitation of the deep energy that existed in his own body, because the burden of the DESOLATE PALMS technique of the second finger, was unable to withstand the deep energy in Ye Chen ’s current body.

Chu Yue Chan then approached to Ye Chen who was currently collapsed on the floor.

Chu Yuechan sat on the floor, then raised Ye Chen ’s head and put it on his thighs.

Chu Yuechan stroked Ye Chen ’s hair.
Seeing Ye Chen who was currently sleeping peacefully made Chu Yuechan happy, Chu Yuecha looked at Ye Chen ’s handsome face, and Chu Yuechan felt that he was not bored with this.

Time Passed so Fast after a few hours and the fainting Ye Chen was finally a little conscious, Ye Chen felt Something soft and soft propped up his head, the smell was also very fragrant at all Ye Chen saw the two snow white thighs before his eyes, when Ye Chen looked up at Ye Chen saw the two Double Mountain Peaks encased in white cloth.

Then Chu Yuechan ’s face appeared behind the two mountain peaks

Chu Yuechan who looked up and said, ”Ye Chen, are you awake?

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Ye Chen immediately got up from Chu Yuechan ’s lap and sat here Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen then asked Chu Yuechan ”Yuechan what just happened to me ”

”You just used the DESOLATE PALMS technique and ran out of deep energy and then passed out.

Ye Chen then remembered what happened to him just now, Ye Chen had no idea that the second level of DESOLATE PALMS required a considerable amount of deep energy consumption

”Then how long have I passed out? ” Ye Chen asked.

”Maybe you fainted for about 8 ~ 9 hours, ” answered Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen ”During that time, I must get out of here immediately.
If not, I will be late going to school to meet Yanyan ”.

Chu Yuechan just laughed at Ye Chen ’s panic ”Ye Chen, you don ’t need to worry about the time here is much longer than in the real world.
5 days here are the same as 1 day in the real world.
So long as you are here 10 hours in the outside world, only 2 hours ” .

”Ah, is this place really extraordinary? ” Ye Chen said.

”Now Restore Yourself first I will go first for now, If you need anything just call my name ” Chu Yuechan then left the practice room.

In the practice room leaving only Ye Chen Alone, Ye Chen then crossed his legs and absorbed the engery that was here to restore his Strength and also while Cultivating.

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