Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Feng Xue would faint just from seeing a needle.

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Feng Xue seemed to be very afraid of the needle in Ye Chen ’s hand.

Ye Chen decided to continue the treatment session, let Feng Xue pass out for a while.

After Feng Xue ’s blood circulation was smooth, Ye Chen began to stretch out his hands towards Feng Xue ’s soft chest.

Ye Chen slightly squeezed Feng Xue ’s soft chest.

He used his profound energy to heal Feng Xue ’s Heart.

Ye Chen continued to supply his profound energy to Feng Xue ’s heart, after 1 hour, Ye Chen finally stopped the flow of his profound energy to Feng Xue ’s heart.

After he finished treating Feng Xue, Ye Chen took out his needle that was on Feng Xue ’s body.

Ye Chen was quite sweaty while doing a healing session for Feng Xue.

Ye Chen had to keep the profound energy he was using so as not to injure Feng Xue ’s Heart.

Ye Chen looked at Feng Xue who was fast asleep, Feng Xue ’s face looked even better after Ye Chen had a treatment session.

Ye Chen slightly turned his attention down Feng Xue ’s body, when he looked down, he saw the two peaks of Feng Xue ’s mountain displayed right before Ye Chen ’s eyes.

When Ye Chen touched Feng Xue ’s chest, Ye Chen unconsciously pulled the sexy bra used by Feng Xue, the result was Feng Xue ’s bra sagging down, the two peaks of Feng Xue ’s mountain could be seen by Ye Chen.

Feng Xue ’s two cherry buds looked absolutely gorgeous, this made Ye Chen excited.

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Ye Chen ’s younger brother was a little excited when he saw this, Ye Chen shook his head, he was trying to get rid of the bad thoughts he had, somehow Ye Chen has become more and more pervert lately, he felt very excited when he saw things like this.

As Ye Chen tried to cast off the bad thoughts on Feng Xue ’s body, Feng Xue opened her eyelids.

Feng Xue started to wake up and looked around, Feng Xue who just woke up, felt that her body was very light and very fresh.

She had never felt this fresh before.

”Finally you woke up, you slept quite comfortably when I did the treatment session. ” Ye Chen told Feng Xue that the treatment session was over.

”Ye Chen, looks like your method worked, thank you.
I feel very refreshed and comfortable. ” Because Feng Xue was too happy to suddenly hug Ye Chen.

Feng Xue was very happy, she became even more fond of Ye Chen.

When Feng Xue hugged Ye Chen, Ye Chen could feel Feng Xue ’s two soft objects pressing down on his chest, this sensation was incredible.

The current Feng Xue was still not aware that her upper body was completely naked, she was too happy that her heart had a chance to return to normal.

Feng Xue felt something hard and hot stabbing in her stomach, Feng Xue was a modern woman she certainly knew what was in her stomach.

Feng Xue quickly removed the wound from Ye Chen.

because of just now, the situation became awkward

”Cough, you better put your clothes on. ” Ye Chen told Feng Xue to get back on her clothes.

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Feng Xue immediately looked down, when she looked down, she found that the Bra she was wearing was sagging, the two mountain peaks of hers were currently not blocked by anything.

”Kyahhhhh ” Feng Xue shouted very loudly, she immediately turned around and used her arms to cover her chest.

Feng Xue: ”Ye Chen why didn ’t you tell me earlier, you ’ve seen everything right? ”.

”I didn ’t see anything. ” Ye Chen pretended not to see anything.

”Lie, you must have seen it. ” Feng Xue looked like she wanted to cry.

Now that Feng Xue won ’t be able to get married, her body has been tarnished by Ye Chen.

”Yes, yes, I was wrong, I did see it, please don ’t cry anymore ” Seeing Feng Xue want to cry, Ye Chen acknowledged what he had seen.

”You have to take responsibility for what you have done. ” Feng Xue wanted Ye Chen to take responsibility for what he had seen.

”How should I be responsible? ” Ye Chen asked Feng Xue.

”You have to marry me ” Feng Xue wanted Ye Chen to marry herself, Ye Chen had seen her naked body, that meant Ye Chen had to marry her.

”But, I saw it and touched it while I was treating you, so it shouldn ’t count. ” Ye Chen tried to defend himself.

Seeing Ye Chen rejecting her, Feng Xue looked like she wanted to cry again.

Ye Chen couldn ’t help but see the woman crying in front of him.

”OK, I ’ll be responsible, but I can ’t marry you for now. ” Ye Chen promised to be responsible.

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”Good, you promised, you can ’t break the promise. ” Feng Xue quickly changed her mood, Feng Xue looked very happy when Ye Chen promised to marry her.

Feng Xue had liked Ye Chen for a long time, finally she had a chance to be with Ye Chen, how could Feng Xue waste a golden opportunity like this.

Ye Chen felt cheated by Feng Xue, this woman must be acting in front of him on purpose.

Feng Xue took her clothes, she started to go back to wearing hers.

After she finished wearing her clothes, Feng Xue turned around and faced Ye Chen.

Feng Xue hugged Ye Chen ’s arm again.

”So you tricked me ” Ye Chen felt dissatisfied because he was tricked by Feng Xue.

”I did not trick you, you have seen my naked body, a woman ’s naked body is a very valuable item, if you see it you have to dare to take responsibility ” Feng Xue explained to Ye Chen that women ’s bodies are very valuable, some women are very careful and respectful.
their bodies so as not to be seen by foreign men.

Feng Xue was one of those women who looked after and respected her body.

a real man should dare to take responsibility after seeing a woman ’s naked body

”Ye Chen, you know, I have liked you for so long, now I finally have a chance to be with you. ” Feng Xue told Ye Chen what was in her heart.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that a big star like Feng Xue would like him.

No wonder Feng Xue was very concerned about Ye Chen, it turned out that Feng Xue liked Ye Chen.

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  ”So what do you like about me? ”, Ye Chen hugged Feng Xue ’s body.

”I like all the things you have. ” Feng Xue liked all the things that Ye Chen had.

Not only smart and strong, Ye Chen is also very good at playing a musical instrument, last night Ye Chen ’s musical instrument made Feng Xue really fall in love with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen found it difficult to refuse a beautiful female star that fell on him, only a fool would refuse a beautiful star like Feng Xue

Ye Chen kissed Feng Xue ’s cherry lips, he started having an affectionate kiss with Feng Xue.

Feng Xue was quite surprised when Ye Chen kissed herself, this was the first time she had kissed Ye Chen consciously.

The feeling of kissing was quite pleasant, Feng Xue began to sink into this kiss.

Ye Chen tried not to be too greedy when kissing Feng Xue, he didn ’t want Feng Xue ’s heart to get exhausted from being too excited when kissing her.

The kiss didn ’t last long, after about 5 minutes Ye Chen let go of Feng Xue.

Feng Xue lowered her face on Ye Chen ’s chest, she looked shy.

”If your fans find out that the goddess at heart likes a man like me, won ’t I immediately become the public enemy of the men in this country. ” Ye Chen teased Feng Xue.

”Ye Chen please don ’t tease me. ” Feng Xue ’s face turned red like an apple.

”hehe ” Ye Chen chuckled.

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