Yun Pojun was currently sitting on the ground, he was shocked when he saw Ye Chen ’s arrival.

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Yun Pojun looked scared when he saw Ye Chen here, Yun Pojun started to crawl backwards.

Ye Chen got down right in front of Yun Pojun, Ye Chen grabbed Yun Pojun ’s neck, he picked up Yun Pojun who was on the ground.

”So you are a person named Yun Pojun, I came here to destroy your entire Yun family. ” Ye Chen pointed at Yun Pojun.

Ye Chen is fed up with being kind to the Yun family, he will destroy the Yun family.

”You are not mistaken, I am not Yun Pojun, he is the Yun Pojun you are looking for. ” Yun Pojun pointed at his brother who had an appearance that was almost similar to himself.

”No, no, I am not Yun Pojun, the real Yun Pojun is in your hands. ” Yun Pojun ’s brother immediately denied the words that came out from Yun Pojun.

Ye Chen saw the debate that Yun Pojun and his brother were having, both of them seemed to want to confuse Ye Chen.

”Shut up, all of you Yun family members I will destroy ” Ye Chen was sick of seeing the drama that Yun Pojun and his brothers were showing.

His goal here was to destroy the Yun family, he would not let go of a single person from the Yun family.

The entire Yun family became speechless, they were immediately frightened by Ye Chen.

”What are you waiting for quickly kill him ” Yun Pojun shouted and ordered the masters behind him to attack Ye Chen.

Yun Pojun had been waiting for the master cultivators who were here to save him.

Unfortunately the master cultivators here did not dare to help Yun Pojun, they did not want to take a risk against someone who could fly above the sky.

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The master cultivators who were here knew that Ye Chen was a great cultivator.

”Sorry we don ’t want to interfere in this matter, we ’ll just go ” The master cultivators tried to run away from this place.

Just as the master cultivators wanted to leave, Ye Chen ’s Heavenly Silver Flame appeared around their bodies.

”Where are you going? You should also go along with the Yun family to hell.
”Ye Chen won ’t let Master cultivators just run away.

The Heavenly Silver Flame began to envelop the master cultivators ’ bodies, the Heavenly Silver Flame began to burn the bodies of the cultivators invited by the Yun family.

”Ahhhhh .
, please don ’t forgive us ” The master cultivators tried to beg Ye Chen for mercy.

It ’s a shame that in a matter of seconds they were burnt down by Ye Chen ’s Heavenly Silver Flame.

The eyes of Yun Pojun and the Yun family members suddenly opened wide, when they saw that master cultivators were killed so easily by Ye Chen.

All of them naturally knew how great the master cultivators in their family were, it was not easy to deal with one of the master cultivators in this family.

They were all very shocked when they saw Ye Chen kill cultivator masters so easily.

”Now it ’s your turn. ” Ye Chen prepared to burn Yun Pojun.

”Stop it.
! ! ”Someone tried to stop Ye Chen from killing Yun Pojun.

This person ’s voice was extremely loud, his voice was like a thunderous bolt of lightning.

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Ye Chen immediately looked where this voice was coming, above the sky Ye Chen saw an old man with white hair and all-white clothes.

This old man was of course Lord Guardian.

”What business are you stopping me for. ” Ye Chen was not too happy when he saw this old man come to stop himself.

”I ’m trying to stop you from making a big mistake. ” Lord Guardian tried to stop Ye Chen, what Ye Chen is doing poses a big risk to this country.

”What wrong have I done? ”Ye Chen doesn ’t really like Lord Guardian speaking wisely in front of him.

”The mistake you did was destroying the Yun family, the Yun family is one of the pillars of this country, if it is destroyed there will be undesirable chaos. ” Lord Guardian told Ye Chen what the consequences would be if the Yun family disappeared from this world. 

The Yun family has the strongest business in this country, if it is destroyed then you can be sure that the economy will become chaotic.

”God, please save me from this devil, I beg of you ” Yun Pojun finally found a savior who might be able to save himself.

He thought that this old man with an all white appearance was a god who was sent to help his family.

”I don ’t care, it ’s none of my business. ” Ye Chen didn ’t really care about this matter, if the Yun family fell, there would definitely be another big family that replaced the position of the Yun family.

”Then I have to stop you ” Lord Guardian tried to stop Ye Chen.

Lord Guardian emitted a very powerful aura, because the Lord Guardian ’s aura was very strong, the sky that was originally bright immediately turned black.

The Lord Guardian this time had to be really serious, the opponent was Ye Chen who probably had a stronger strength than he currently had.

Ye Chen looked at Lord Guardian, this old man always interferes in other people ’s business.

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Ye Chen threw Yun Pojun ’s body against the wall of the Bunker, first he would take care of this annoying old geezer.

Ye Chen used the nine shadow step, he was directly behind Lord Guardian.

Lord Guardian did not see Ye Chen ’s movements at all, without him realizing that Ye Chen was already behind him

”Get lost, breaking meteor blow. ” Ye Chen used a breaking meteor blow to attack Lord Guardian.

Lord Guardian crossed his arms, he tried to block Ye Chen ’s attack.

”Bamm ” Ye Chen ’s attack hit Lord Guardian ’s arm.

Lord Guardian was pushed back tens of Km.

Lord Guardian fell and hit a building, the building that was hit by Lord Guardian was immediately destroyed and badly damaged.

One of the hands that was owned by Lord Guardian was broken from receiving Ye Chen ’s attack.

”Damn, I ’m not his opponent. ” Lord Guardian cursed Ye Chen.

Lord Guardian intends to stop Ye Chen again.

”Don ’t move, if you dare to move even a little you will die ” a cold voice spoke to Lord Guardian.

Lord Guardian felt goosebumps just from hearing this woman ’s voice.

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His body shook violently with fear, Lord Guardian had never met a situation like this, Lord Guardian did not dare to move his body.

Ye Chen looked at the direction where the Guardian Lord fell, the old man didn ’t come here anymore, it meant that the Guardian Lord had already lost to the attack he just did.

Ye Chen turned his attention back to Yun Pojun and the rest of the Yun family.

”Time to end all of this. ” It ’s time for Ye Chen to destroy the Yun family.

Ye Chen raised both of his arms, a huge silver colored fire dome appeared right above Ye Chen.

An extremely intense aura emanated from Ye Chen ’s Heavenly flames.

Ye Chen lowered his arm, when Ye Chen ’s arm went down, the silver colored fire dome also fell down.

This huge fire dome began to descend and enveloped the manor belonging to the Yun family.

The dome of fire began to hit the Yun family manor, the dome of fire burned everything it touched.

Yun Pojun and Yun family members were very scared when they saw this, they could only see the fire getting closer and grabbing their bodies.

Yun Pojun and the rest of the Yun family did not have time to shout, they were burned down by the Heavenly Silver Flame.

After a while the giant dome disappeared, the Yun family manor had now flattened into an empty expanse of land.

Finally, the Yun family who was one of the four great families disappeared from this world.

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