Ye Chen began to feel the existence of Mu Lanyin, Ye Chen this time did not use his spirit sense, he used the soul inheritance of the Azure Dragon to find the existence of Mu Lanyin.

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Since Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin were now connected by the inheritance they had from the ancient heritage site, they could now sense each other ’s existence very easily.

Now that Ye Chen has sensed the existence of Mu Lanyin, currently Mu Lanyin is in the largest and most majestic building in the solid part of the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen invited Qing Cheng to go to the building where Mu Lanyin was.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng immediately headed to the building where Mu Lanyin was.

The guards here were not as strict as those near the entrance, so Ye Chen and Qing Cheng could easily go to the building where Mu Lanyin was.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng snuck into the huge and majestic building where Mu Lanyin was.

After the two of them entered, they saw a very large hall made of ice.

Ye Chen looked at the hall in front of his eyes, it was so amazing, he did not expect that the building that was made of ice could be so amazing.

In this hall there was absolutely nothing in sight, everything was clean and empty.

At the end of this hall was a beautiful woman who was cultivating, this woman was naturally Mu Lanyin, Mu Lanyin was currently cultivating.

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”Looks like she ’s cultivating. ” Qing Cheng saw that Mu Lanyin was cultivating.

”Hehehe, I ’ll surprise her. ” Ye Chen wanted to give Mu Lanyin a little surprise.

Ye Chen crept towards Mu Lanyin ’s back, he got closer and wanted to hug Mu Lanyin ’s body.

Ye Chen stretched out both hands and hugged Mu Lanyin ’s body, Ye Chen ’s arms unconsciously touched the two soft rabbits that Mu Lanyin had.

When Ye Chen hugged Mu Lanyin ’s body, a huge force suddenly hit Ye Chen ’s body, Ye Chen who was not ready for this was flown several tens of meters.

”Bamm! ! ”Ye Chen hit the Ice wall in this hall.

Knowing that someone wanted to hug her, Mu Lanyin reflexively used her strength to chase away the person who tried to hug her.

Mu Lanyin immediately turned around, she wanted to see who was the thief who dared to enter this place.

When Mu Lanyin turned around and saw who this thief was, she was very surprised, the person she just attacked was Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin didn ’t expect that the person who just hugged her was Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin started to wonder how Ye Chen could be here.

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Mu Lanyin approached Ye Chen, she tried to help Ye Chen who was on the ice floor.

Mu Lanyin helped Ye Chen who was lying on the ice floor, she slightly lifted Ye Chen ’s head, Mu Lanyin hugged Ye Chen ’s head and put it on her lap.

Ye Chen, what are you doing here. ” Mu Lanyin immediately asked what Ye Chen was doing in the Frozen Ice Sect.

”I came all the way here to see you, I didn ’t expect you to injure me like this ”, while stroking his chest, Ye Chen wore a sad expression.

Seeing this, Mu Lanyin felt a little guilty, ”Where the part hurts, show me, let me treat you. ” Mu Lanyin immediately worried about Ye Chen ’s condition, this is a very rare moment to see the cold fairy Mu Lanyin worrying about a man.

”Here. ” Ye Chen took one of Mu Lanyin ’s soft and cold hands, Ye Chen guided Mu Lanyin ’s hand to his chest.

Mu Lanyin began to look at Ye Chen ’s situation.
”Where does it hurt, why can ’t I find it? ”Mu Lanyin did not find any injuries on Ye Chen ’s body.

”Of course it ’s in my heart, my heart hurts , because you hit me earlier ” Ye Chen chuckled at Mu Lanyin.

His attempt to seduce Mu Lanyin was successful, Mu Lanyin was deceived by him.

Mu Lanyin began to realize that she had been tricked by Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin immediately stood up and pulled her hand from Ye Chen ’s chest.

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Because Mu Lanyin suddenly got up and let Ye Chen go, Ye Chen ’s head hit the floor.

  ”Ouch. ” Ye Chen stroked his head which had just hit the floor.

”Ye Chen, you dare to tease me. ” Mu Lanyin was not satisfied because she was teased by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately got up from the ice floor ”hehehe, dear Lanyin, don ’t be angry, I just want to joke with you a little ” Ye Chen tried to calm Mu Lanyin who looked cranky.

”Who do you call Lanyin dear, I ’m not your lover. ” Mu Lanyin tried to ward off the sweet words of Ye Chen, she really looked cranky at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen approached and hugged Mu Lanyin ’s body, Ye Chen whispered in Mu Lanyin ’s ear ”You are my woman, until whenever you will remain my woman ” Mu Lanyin is the woman, until whenever it will never change.

Mu Lanyin ’s face turned slightly red, Mu Lanyin blushed in embarrassment at the words spoken by Ye Chen.

”Chuckled ”, Qing Cheng saw what Ye Chen was doing, Qing Cheng tried not to laugh when he saw Ye Chen teasing Mu Lanyin.

Hearing this voice, Mu Lanyin immediately looked at Qing Cheng, not expecting Qing Cheng to be here too.

Mu Lanyin was confused about what happened, how could Ye Chen and Qing Cheng be in this place.

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Mu Lanyin clearly remembered that she had used the defensive Array to prevent outsiders from entering the Frozen Ice Sect.

Mu Lanyin began to wonder how Ye Chen and Qing Cheng got in here.

”How did the two of you get in here, isn ’t there an array that prevents outsiders from entering here? ”Not finding the answer, Mu Lanyin asked Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

”We came here because we were worried about your situation what really happened to your sect, why did your sect shut itself up to outsiders. ” Ye Chen finally asked why the Frozen Ice Sect closed itself to outsiders.

Mu Lanyin was touched when she heard Ye Chen worrying about her, Mu Lanyin started to explain what happened to this sect.

After getting Mu Lanyin ’s answer, Ye Chen and Qing Cheng now understood what happened to the Frozen Ice Sect.

”So the reason this sect closed was because the Four Frozen Fairy was injured, then who was the person who injured Four Frozen Fairy? ”, Ye Chen asked who was the person who injured the Four Frozen Fairy.

”This is just a bit of a guess that I have, it is possible that the person behind the current Four Frozen Fairy is the Seventh Sword Sect, but I also don ’t know the reason for the Seventh Sword Sect to attack the Four Frozen Fairy, before we had never crossed the Seventh Sword Sect. ” Mu Lanyin suspected that The Seventh Sword Sect was behind all of this.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng looked at each other, the two of them already knew that this must be the Seventh Sword Sect ’s doing.

Ye Chen finally started explaining to Mu Lanyin the real face that belonged to the Seventh Sword Sect, Ye Chen also explained what the Seventh Sword Sect was planning to do to the other three major sects.

Mu Lanyin was quite surprised to find out about this, she did not expect that the Seventh Sword Sect would have such bad intentions towards the other three major sects.

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