Mu Nianci did not know whether this was reality or just an illusion that she had created.

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., how did you get here? ”Mu Nianci immediately asked Ye Chen, she doesn ’t understand how Ye Chen got here.

”I ’m here to help you, you better just keep quiet and let me see your condition. ” Ye Chen stretched out his hand to Mu Nianci ’s body.

Mu Nianci ’s body trembled slightly when Ye Chen ’s hand touched her, this feeling was very familiar.

This was clearly the touch she had previously felt in a dream, it meant that what she had previously done with this man was neither a dream nor an illusion.

”Don ’t touch me, go away. ” Mu Nianci pushed away Ye Chen ’s hand on her body, she wouldn ’t let this pervert touch her.

Ye Chen was helpless when he saw his hand being brushed aside by Mu Nianci.

Even though Ye Chen had good intentions, he wanted to help Mu Nianci who was currently in a bad condition.

Gu Nifei, who was previously flown by Ye Chen, started to rise from the ground, she saw Ye Chen with a pretty strong murderous gaze.

”How dare you attack me ” Gu Nifei was very angry at Ye Chen who had attacked her.

Ye Chen ignored Gu Nifei ’s words, currently Ye Chen was trying to persuade Mu Nianci.

”Let me help you, otherwise your condition could get even worse. ” Ye Chen tried to persuade Mu Nianci to be treated.

”I don ’t want to, I ’d rather die than be helped by you. ” Mu Nianci was still in her stance and refused Ye Chen ’s help.

Mu Nianci wouldn ’t let Ye Chen go any further than this.

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Suddenly Mu Nianci again felt an excruciating pain from inside her body, she vomited large amounts of blood again.

Mu Nianci ’s consciousness began to fade, she felt very tired and wanted to sleep.

Ye Chen immediately caught Mu Nianci whose consciousness was starting to fog.

Ye Chen hugged Mu Nianci ’s body and placed it on his chest.

Ye Chen started to check how Mu Nianci was currently, Ye Chen was quite surprised when he checked Mu Nianci ’s state.

Mu Nianci was currently in a quite dangerous state, the Gu insect parasites that were inside not only absorbed Mu Nianci ’s profound energy, they started attacking Mu Nianci ’s internal organs.

If this continues, it will be very bad for Mu Nianci.

Gu Nifei felt even more angry when she saw herself being ignored by Ye Chen.

”My cute boy quickly kill that annoying guy ” Gu Nifei ordered the Giant Gu Monster to kill Ye Chen ..

The giant Gu monster obeying Gu Nifei ’s orders, he immediately went to attack Ye Chen.

The ground shook again as the giant Gu Monster walked over, the giant Gu Monster opened its mouth and prepared to eat Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw the arrival of the giant Gu Beast, Ye Chen stretched out his hand, from his palm came out the Heavenly Silver Flame.

The giant Gu Monster immediately took Ye Chen ’s hand, when the giant Gu Monster had bitten Ye Chen ’s hand, the giant Gu Monster ’s body suddenly began to swell and expand.

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The gigantic Gu monster looks like a balloon being here by a gas.

The giant Gu monster grew bigger and finally exploded, ”Bommm ” The giant Gu monster exploded and burned nothing left.

”Little Xiu, please take care of that evil woman, I will heal this woman. ” Ye Chen called Ye Xiu to help him get rid of this woman.

As Ye Chen ’s words came out, the contract mark on the back of Ye Chen ’s hand shone.

A particle of light began to appear beside Ye Chen, these light particles began to coalesce and form a beautiful mature woman who had an extremely amazing figure.

This woman wore a kimono that was quite sexy.
The figure of beauty today was not inferior to Qing Chen.

”Master, please don ’t call me such an embarrassing name. ” Ye Xiu still didn ’t like it when she heard Ye Chen call herself little Xiu.

She felt her dignity as a queen crumbling down when Ye Chen said this.

”Fine, I won ’t call you little Xiu, from now on I ’ll just call you Xiu. ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to argue with Ye Xiu about this matter.

Now that Mu Nianci was in danger, right now he had to do something about the Gu insect parasite that was inside Mu Nianci ’s body.

Ye Xiu was happy when she heard this, now she felt a little bit appreciated by Ye Chen.

Ye Xiu started looking at Gu Nifei, she saw Gu Nifei like a predator that finds its prey.

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Gu Nifei started to step back, she felt a threat from a beautiful adult woman who was in front of her.

Previously, Gu Nifei was surprised when she saw her Gu monster killed very easily by Ye Chen.

What made Gu Nifei surprised was the way Ye Chen defeated the giant Gu monster.

Ye Chen only needed to use one hand of hers to destroy Gu Nifei ’s Beast Gu without a trace.

Ye Xiu started walking closer towards Gu Nifei.

As Ye Xiu approached Gu Nifei began to rapidly retreat, Gu Nifei tried to keep a safe distance from Ye Xiu.

”Why are you retreating like that, are you afraid to fight with me? You coward. ” Ye Xiu tried to provoke Gu Nifei into fighting with her.

Previously, Ye Xiu had seen Gu Nifei ’s arrogance, this woman had previously been very arrogant against Mu Nianci.

Now Gu Nifei looks like a frightened rabbit when she sees her predator.

Gu Nifei felt provoked by Ye Xiu ’s words ”you are quite arrogant, I ’ve decided to turn you into a skeleton. ” Gu Nifei ’s clothes started to come out hundreds of Gu insects.

The Gu insect that Gu Nianci took out was the most terrifying and deadliest type Gu Nifei had.

This type of Gu insect could kill a cultivator comparable to Gu Nifei in just a few seconds.

This Gu insect was going to the human body at an extremely fast speed, many of Gu Nifei ’s enemies had died at the hands of this Gu Insect.

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This is one of the aces Gu Nifei has, Gu Nifei will use this ace if she is pressed as she is today.

Hundreds of Gu bugs rushed towards Ye Xiu at an incredibly fast speed.

The speed of this Gu insect was almost as fast as lightning.

Ye Xiu started to release the profound energy she had, a strong yellow aura exploded from Ye Xiu ’s body.

As the Gu insects tried to get close to Ye Xiu, they were immediately wiped out by Ye Xiu ’s Aura.

Gu Nifei was also blown away by Ye Xiu ’s aura.

at this moment Ye Xiu ’s nine tails came out.

Apart from being extremely beautiful and seductive, Ye Xiu ’s current appearance was truly dominating.

Gu Nifei was knocked down and hit the cave wall behind her, the cave wall immediately collapsed when it was hit very strongly by Gu Nifei.

The corners of Gu Nifei ’s lips began to bleed fresh, you can see that Gu Nifei was injured only from the blows of Ye Xiu ’s Aura.

The strength of the two of them was like heaven and earth, Gu Nifei looked like a small insect to Ye Xiu ’s eyes.

Gu Nifei began to realize that behind Ye Xiu ’s body there were nine tails, Gu Nifei was even more surprised when she found these nine.

, You are a nine tailed fox? ”Gu Nifei pointed at Ye Xiu, she didn ’t expect to see a mythical creature like the nine-tailed fox in a place like this.

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