Ye Chen: ”hey I ’m already good enough to you, why are you still acting like this to me, can ’t you appreciate the kindness of someone like me? ” ”.

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”You ’re not a good person at all, you shameless man. ” Mu Nianci coldly sniffed at Ye Chen, Mu Nianci was still angry with Ye Chen who dared to stain her body.

”If I was a shameless man like you said, I definitely wouldn ’t have helped you earlier. ” Ye Chen told Mu Nianci that he was a good person.

”I don ’t care, you are a shameless man who dared to tarnish me. ” Mu Nianci still did not care about the kindness that Ye Chen had given me.

To Mu Nianci Ye Chen was a shameless man who had tarnished the chastity she possessed.

”If indeed you say that I have stained you then how about if I take responsibility for what I have done and marry you, isn ’t that fair enough for you? ” Because Mu Nianci always said that Ye Chen had stained her body, so it ’s better if Ye Chen is responsible for what he has done.

Mu Nianci ’s gaze towards Ye Chen grew colder.
”Who wants to marry a man like you, I don ’t want to do something like that with you at any time. ” Mu Nianci shouted loudly enough that her lungs almost exploded.

Ye Chen did not expect that Mu Nianci ’s response would be like this, it seems that Mu Nianci hates Ye Chen more than anything.

”Doesn ’t the Frozen Ice Sect have such rules ? , anyone who has seen the real face of a woman from the Frozen Ice Sect, then they must marry a man who has seen their real face, ”Ye Chen said to Mu Nianci.

”Indeed, my sect has such rules, but we have other options, we can kill men who have seen our real faces, and I would rather kill you than marry you. ” Mu Nianci wanted Ye Chen ’s life.

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”You are brave enough to say that when your circumstances are like this, aren ’t you afraid that I will do worse to you? ”, Ye Chen smiled wickedly at Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci ’s current state is very weak, Ye Chen can do whatever he wants to Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci became a little afraid when she heard Ye Chen ’s words, it is true that right now she is very weak, Ye Chen can do whatever he wants to herself.

If at this time Ye Chen wanted to do something to Mu Nianci, then Mu Nianci could not do anything against Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction when he saw Mu Nianci who looked like a frightened rabbit.

Finally, Mu Nianci knew what her current position was, if it was true that Ye Chen had really good thoughts for Mu Nianci, then Ye Chen would have done it earlier, he didn ’t have to wait this long to do that.

”You don ’t need to be afraid like that, I am a good man, I will not do something that will harm you a beautiful woman like you, I will definitely treat yourself. ” Ye Chen told Mu Nianci not to be afraid of himself, Ye Chen will not force a woman did Dual Cultivation with him.

At most Ye Chen would flirt a little with every beautiful woman he met: v.

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Mu Nianci looked straight at Ye Chen ’s eyes, in Ye Chen ’s eyes, Mu Nianci saw sincerity on Ye Chen ’s eyelids.

Ye Chen looked sincere about helping herself.

Ye Chen hugged Mu Nianci ’s body even tighter, Ye Chen placed Mu Nianci ’s head on his chest.

This time Mu Nianci didn ’t fight back like before, she leaned her head against Ye Chen ’s chest.

Time flies, Mu Nianci is currently closing her eyes, she enjoys the feeling of leaning on Ye Chen ’s solid chest, unexpectedly that a man ’s chest is so sturdy and wide, this feels very comfortable for Mu Nianci.

 Mu Nianci ’s state started to improve a little after Ye Chen used his profound energy to lighten the wounds Mu Nianci had.

”Ye Chen, I need help from you, currently my sect is being attacked by a lot of very strong people, I need your help. ” When Ye Chen was treating Mu Nianci, suddenly Ye Chen received a message transmission from Mu Lanyin.

The content of the message Ye Chen got from Mu Lanyin was very short.

Mu Lanyin is currently asking Ye Chen for help, the Frozen Ice Sect is currently being attacked by someone who is very strong, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng are unable to fight these people.

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After receiving a message transmission from Mu Lanyin, Ye Chen immediately got up from the bed.

Mu Nianci who was in Ye Chen ’s arms was shocked, she immediately opened her eyes.

When Mu Nianci opened her eyes, she saw Ye Chen ’s face that looked very panicked and anxious, Mu Nianci wanted to know what made Ye Chen this way.

”What happened to you? ”For the first time, Mu Nianci spoke to Ye Chen in a tone that was not cold.

”The Frozen Ice Sect is currently being attacked by a lot of strong people, I have to go there to help. ” Ye Chen should go to the Frozen Ice Sect as soon as possible, he has to help Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

  ”How do you know this? ”Mu Nianci wants to know how Ye Chen knows about this, Mu Nianci herself hasn ’t received any news about this, so how could Ye Chen know that the Frozen Ice Sect is currently being attacked by someone.

Suddenly Mu Nianci ’s spirit sign glowed, this told that the sect was currently experiencing a tragedy.

Mu Nianci was shocked to find out that what Ye Chen said had come true, the Frozen Ice Sect had really experienced something bad.

Mu Nianci began to wonder how Ye Chen knew about this earlier than she did.

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Could it be that within the Frozen Ice Sect there was one woman who was related to Ye Chen? , otherwise how could Ye Chen know that the sect was in trouble.

Mu Nianci began to be suspicious of this, from the start Mu Nianci was already suspicious when she saw that Ye Chen was in the cave where she was cultivating, which must have been someone within the sect who brought Ye Chen in, otherwise how could Ye Chen break through the sect ’s barrier Array.

Mu Nianci wanted to know which woman from the Frozen Ice Sect had ties to Ye Chen.

”Sorry I have to go now. ” Ye Chen must go immediately to help Mu Lanyin and QIng Cheng.

”Wait, let me come, I also want to know what happened to my Frozen Ice Sect. ” Mu Nianci wanted to come along with Ye Chen.

”But your current state is still not very good, you should just undo it and stay here. ” Ye Chen told Mu Nianci to stay here, he didn ’t want Mu Nianci ’s injuries to get worse than this.

”You don ’t need to worry, now that I have recovered, I can go with you. ” Mu Nianci already feels fine, currently the Frozen Ice Sect needs her more than anything.

”It ’s fine if you insist on joining. ” Ye Chen really couldn ’t change Mu Nianci ’s determination.

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