Ye Chen now understood where they were.

It turned out that they were currently in the mirror that was owned by Hong Ming.

Nangong Xiang nodded at Ye Chen.
”This artifact should be called Mirror Yuzzi, this is an artifact that is in the Celestial Tier. ” Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that this artifact was in the Celestial Tier.

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”Humph, Celestial Tier are you sure that we are currently inside a Celestial Tier artifact. ” Ye Chen was quite surprised to find out about this, he did not expect that Hong Ming would have a Celestial Tier artifact.

Celestial Tier Artifacts were extremely rare.In God Realm only had very few strong people who possessed artifacts like this.

A Celestial Tier existing artifact could harm a weak possessor, because of this a Celestial Tier artifact owner was always a strong person, if the Celestial Tier ’s arefak owner was weak, one could retrieve and seize this artifact easily.

”At first I was also surprised when I saw that person take out an artifact that is in the Celestial Tier, I thought it was an imitation artifact, I never thought it was really genuine ”.

 Nangong Xiang thought that the Yuzzi Mirror artifact released by Hong Ming was a fake, it was unexpected that the Yuzzi mirror artifact that Hong Ming had released was actually genuine.

”Hahaha, you are already trapped in my territory, now you will no longer be able to win against me. ” Hong Ming suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chen, Hong Ming laughed at Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang.

”Get us out of here quickly, otherwise I will destroy you. ” Ye Chen warned Hong Ming to get himself and Nangong Xian out of Yuzzi mirror.

”Hahahaha, you want to destroy me? , why don ’t you try it right now.
”Hong Ming laughed and mocked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t like it when Hong Ming mocked him, this old man dared to consider himself weak.

Ye Chen used the nine shadow step, he rushed to the front of Hong Ming.

”Breaking Meteor Blow ” Ye Chen used Breaking Meteor Blow to attack Hong Ming who was in front of him.

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Hong Ming didn ’t avoid Ye Chen ’s Breaking Meteor Blow at all, he smiled sneer at Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen stopped, don ’t attack him. ” Nangong Xiang tried to warn Ye Chen not to attack Hong Ming who was in front of him.

Nangong Xiang ’s warning was a little late, Breaking Meteor Blow had already hit Hong Ming who was in front of Ye Chen.

”Bammm ” Breaking Meteor Blow hit Hong Ming who was in front of Ye Chen.

When the Breaking Meteor Blow hit Hong Ming ’s body, Ye Chen felt that if he didn ’t hit Hong Ming ’s body, what Ye Chen hit felt hard and slippery like glass.

after Ye Chen hit Hong Ming, suddenly in front of Ye Chen a powerful punch appeared, the power of this punch hit Ye Chen ’s body.

Ye Chen took a few steps back after receiving this attack, The attack just now was quite painful, Ye Chen felt that the attack just now was similar to the Breaking Meteor Blow he just used on Hong Ming.

”Ye Chen, are you okay? ”, Nangong Xiang went to Ye Chen ’s side, she asked Ye Chen ’s situation.

”I ’m fine. ” Ye Chen is fine, Ye Chen only feels a little pain from the attack he just received.

Nangong Xiang was relieved to see Ye Chen who was fine.

”Why were you so reckless earlier, didn ’t I tell you to stop ” The beautiful goddess Nangong Xiang scolded Ye Chen who was acting reckless.

Just now when Ye Chen acted carelessly Nangong Xiang was so worried about him, she was afraid that if something happened to Ye Chen..

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