Ye Chen stopped teasing Mu Lanyin, he returned to focus on the woman in front of him.

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Although this woman ’s condition has improved a little, this woman is still under the Aphrodisiac influence in her body.

So Ye Chen had to go back to do a massage session on this woman.

When Ye Chen returned to his massage session, the woman in front of Ye Chen groaned again with a voice that could make any normal man excited.

Ye Chen was a normal man, how could he not be excited when he heard the voice belonging to the woman in front of him.

Ye Chen tried to calm his heart and mind, he wouldn ’t let his mind run out of control.

Ye Chen continued to massage this woman ’s waist, the woman ’s waist he was holding looked quite stiff, Ye Chen would help to loosen this beautiful woman ’s waist again.

Ye Chen is more serious in massaging the woman in front of him, the woman in front of him gets more pleasure than Ye Chen.

Se had never had such a comfortable and enjoyable massage before.

”Ahhhh. ” The woman that Ye Chen was currently holding groaned, she had just reached the top for the umpteenth time.

after reaching the top, this woman looked like she was panting, she looked very tired.

After reaching pale several times, the aphrodisiac that was in this woman ’s body finally disappeared now that this woman looks fine.

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”OK ” finally Ye Chen finished helping 1 woman, there are still many women who need help from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t waste the time he had, he immediately took another woman who was near him.

Ye Chen immediately massaged the woman he took, when Ye Chen was massaging this woman, this woman also started to groan, this woman ’s moan was much more seductive than before.

Ye Chen tried to ignore this woman ’s groan, but Ye Chen still looked hard to ignore the groaning sound that came out of this woman.

Ye Chen finally finished eliminating this woman ’s aphrodisiac.

Ye Chen continuously helped one by one the women who were currently under an aphrodisiac effect.

After approximately 1 hour, Ye Chen finally almost finished removing the aphrodisiac that was in the Frozen Ice Sect woman ’s body.

Only a few women remain under aphrodisiac effects.

During this 1 hour, Ye Chen was the most miserable person, he had endured as strong as possible the flames in his heart.

Meanwhile, Mu Lanyin herself had a flushed face like appel, Mu Lanyin had also heard the sassy moans belonging to the Frozen Ice Sect female student.

Mu Lanyin was helpless when she heard the voices of women who were groaning, this made her excited.

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Mu Lanyin also wanted to enjoy Ye Chen ’s amazing hand caress, she was quite homesick for it.

”The woman in Ye Chen ’s hand groaned softly, this woman had just reached the peak of happiness.

After reaching the top several times the condition of the woman in Ye chen ’s hands didn ’t get any better, she looked even worse.

”It ’s strange, why are women ’s conditions getting worse? ” Ye Chen felt strange when the methods he used didn ’t work on the women in his hands.

The woman currently in Ye Chen ’s hands was Feng Xi who was one of the Four Frozen Fairies.

The condition of Feng Xi in Ye Chen ’s hands was getting worse every second.

”Ye Chen, what ’s wrong? ”, Mu Lanyin who is by Ye Chen ’s side immediately asked, Mu Lanyin has always followed by Ye Chen ’s side.

”The condition of the four of them is getting worse. ” Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin that the condition of the Four Frozen Fairies was getting worse.

Ye Chen was very familiar with these four women, the four of them used to follow Mu Lanyin when she went to the ancient heritage place, if I ’m not mistaken, the four of them had the nickname Four Frozen Fairy.

Ye Chen also still remembered that he had peeked at these four women taking a bath, so of course he still clearly remembered these beautiful women.

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” I wonder ,why ? ”Mu Lanyin also started to think why Four Frozen Fairy ’s condition is getting worse.

Even though when Ye Chen did other women, the women ’s conditions improved, but when Ye Chen did Four Frozen Fairy their conditions became even worse.

”Don ’t these four women have a high cultivation base? ” As Ye Chen recalled, these four women had quite a high cultivation base.

So the four of them should be able to be even more immune than other women who only have a low cultivation base.

”Could it be because of their bad condition from the start? ”Mu Lanyin started to suspect that this might be influenced by their bad condition from the start.

”Bad ?, why? ”, Asked Ye Chen to Mu Lanyin.

”You know, when they returned to this sect, the four of them were attacked by the people from the Seventh Sword Sect, because of this the Four Frozen Fairies were forced to use the sect ’s forbidden technique, as a result their condition became very weak after using the forbidden technique.
”, Mu Lanyin told Ye Chen what happened to the Four Frozen Fairies from the start.

After listening to Mu Lanyin ’s explanation, Ye Chen started to think again, maybe this is what caused the normal way to not work for the four of them.

Or maybe the stimulation given by Ye Chen was not strong enough, so the aphrodisiac didn ’t want to disappear from the Four Frozen Fairy ’s body.

”Then let ’s try an even more powerful method. ” Ye Chen decided to use that method.

”Lanyin please help me take off the clothes the four of them are wearing. ” Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin to help himself take off the clothes that the Four Frozen Fairies were wearing.

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”Mu Lanyin was quite surprised when Ye Chen told herself to help take off the clothes that the Four Frozen Fairies were wearing.

”What are you waiting for, hurry up and do it, otherwise the condition of the four of them will get even worse ” Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin to act immediately.

 Otherwise the conditions of Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, and Murong Xia would be even worse than.

”Okay, I understand. ” Mu Lanyin has no other choice, she has to obey Ye Chen ’s words, this is for the good of Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, and Murong Xia.

Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin started to take off the clothes that were worn by Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia, both of them did it with quite fast movements.

After all the clothes were removed, the beautiful bodies of Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia were presented right in front of Ye Chen ’s eyes.

Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia weren ’t wearing any underwear, so after the clothes were taken off they were all completely naked.

Ye Chen who saw this was quite excited, the younger brother who was under Ye Chen started to raise his spear.

Ye Chen stretched out one hand towards Mu Zhue ’s double paek, he began to caress Mu Zhue ’s soft double peak.

”When Ye Chen touched Mu Zhue ’s double peak, Mu Zhue started to groan, she seemed to really enjoy the touch of Ye Chen ’s hand.

It didn ’t stop there, Ye Chen ’s other hand went down to Mu Zhue ’s secret garden, Mu Zhue ’s secret garden already felt very wet.

It seemed like Mu Zhue was already very aroused by the influence of the Aphrodisiac.

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