she heard Qing Cheng ’s words, Mu Zhue ’s face turned bright red, steam started to come out from above Mu Zhue ’s head.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw Qing Cheng teasing Mu Zhue who was beside him.

This woman is indeed good at teasing anyone including Ye Chen.

Ye Chen pulled Mu Zhue back into his arms, he wanted to continue what Qing Cheng had previously accused.

When Ye Chen wanted to kiss Mu Zhue, someone came back to this place.

”Big brother Ye Chen, right now Luo Bing ’s older sister is looking for you outside. ” Xiao Lulu suddenly came and told Ye Chen that Luo Bing was out there looking for him.

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Ye Chen smiled at Xiao Lulu, Xiao Lulu came at a bad time, even though Ye Chen was just about to restart having fun with Mu Zhue.

Mu Zhue immediately came to her senses, she pushed Ye Chen away from her again.

Ye Chen was very helpless when he saw Mu Zhue back away from him.

Ye Chen turned his attention to Xiao Lulu.

” Lulu, you said Luo Bing was looking for me? , ”Ye Chen wants to know what that female police officer wants from him.

”Yes. ” Xiao Lulu shyly nodded at Ye Chen, in front of the door at this time Luo Bing was looking for Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu saw that Luo Bing ’s expression was very annoyed.

”Fine, I ’ll go see her. ” Ye Chen decided to go see Luo Bing, this beautiful policewoman is quite troublesome for Ye Chen.

Now there are only Xiao Lulu and Mu Zhue here, Xiao Lulu and Mu Zhue both lowering their heads, they are embarrassed to talk to each other.

Ye Chen went to see Luo Bing who was at the entrance of the Villa.

”Ye Chen ,You bastard , why don ’t you receive the calls I made over and over again? ”When Ye Chen arrived at the entrance, Luo Bing immediately took the anger she had on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately closed his ears, Luo Bing ’s voice was very loud and disturbing him.

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”Why did you come and get angry with me ” Ye Chen asked the reason why Luo Bing came and got angry with him.

Luo Bing ’s anger rose even more when she heard Ye Chen ’s words.

”Ye Chen, did you forget your promise last week? ” Luo Bing roared at Ye Chen, currently Luo Bing looks like a very angry female tiger..

Ye Chen started to remember the promise he had made with Luo Bing, if I was not mistaken Luo Bing asked himself to escort someone important guest.

”Yes, now I remember the promise I made ” Ye Chen remembered the promise he had with Luo Bing.

”It ’s good if you remember that. ” Luo Bing sniffed coldly at Ye Chen.

”I ’ve called you repeatedly since this morning, why don ’t you pick up the call I made? ”, Luo Bing is still annoyed that Ye Chen ignored the calls she had made, she wants to know what reason Ye Chen ignored her.

”I left my cellphone on top and it looks like my cellphone power has also run out, last night I forgot to charge it. ” Ye Chen explained everything to Luo Bing.

If Ye Chen didn ’t explain it to Luo Bing, for sure Luo Bing would be angry with him.

”Hempp. ” Luo Bing snorted coldly at Ye Chen again, she looked dissatisfied with the explanation she got from Ye Chen.

”Forget it, we don ’t have any more time, let ’s go to the airport soon, Soon the plane that an important guest will take will arrive in this city. ” Luo Bing immediately dragged Ye Chen away into her car.

Ye Chen was helplessly dragged by Luo Bing into the car, Ye Chen looked like a prisoner being held by Luo Bing.

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