The assistants from Woody, Kriss and Marry followed their employer going westward.

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Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction when he saw Woody being kicked out of this place.

The person who had made trouble from the start was Ye Chen, everyone here didn ’t realize that Ye Chen was the one who had caused a problem to the point that Woody, Kriss and Marry had a battle.

This time Ye Chen really won without bothering to pick up, he borrowed other people ’s strength to drive Woody away.

After seeing the departure of Woody, Kriss and Marry.
Wei Cou returned to the main building of the military district which had been badly damaged by Woody, Kriss and Marry.

”I apologize for the disturbance that happened just now. ” Wei Cou apologized to the representatives of the Big Faction who were still in this place.

After all, Wei Cou was the host of this place, it was only right that he gave guests a comfortable thing.

Due to the battle incident carried out by Woody, Kriss and Marry might make the representatives of the other big factions feel uncomfortable.

”Hahaha, you don ’t need to apologize for the problem just now, we were a little cheered up by the performance just now. ” The representatives of the big factions who were here were amused by the spectacle that had just happened.

”If there is nothing else that we will discuss, then I will say goodbye to return to my Faction, I will report what Madam Laura said to the higher ups ”.

One by one the representatives of the great faction decided to leave this place, they had to return immediately to report the prophecy that came from Madam Laura.

If it was true that there would be great powers coming to earth, then they would have to be prepared for the worst outcome.

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All the representatives of the major factions returned to the secret places belonging to their factions.

Now in this place only Ye Chen, Luo Bing, Madam Laura, Wei Cou and Wei Cou ’s assistant remained.

”Madam Laura, I apologize profusely because of the incident just now, I can barely protect your safety ” Wei Cou apologized to Madam Laura.

If the explosion had not occurred, Madam Laura might have had something bad at this time in Woody ’s hands.

”You don ’t need to worry, I don ’t mind that at all. ” Madam Laura doesn ’t blame anyone for this.

In this place only Madam Laura had guessed what had happened before.

Madam Laura knew that all this chaos was Ye Chen ’s doing, Ye Chen was the one who made Woody, Kriss and Marry fight like that.

Even though Madam Laura knew about this matter, she didn ’t tell anyone that Ye Chen was the one who had caused trouble.

Ye Chen did this for herself, so Madam Laura couldn ’t possibly tell those people that Ye Chen was the culprit.

”I have already told what will happen in the future, from here it is all up to you.
The big faction wants to respond to this in what way ”, Madam Laura ’s task has been completed, she has given an early warning about the problems that will occur in the future.

Madam Laura hopes that the Big Faction will respond to this very wisely.

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”Then I also have to go first, bye. ” Madam Laura also decided to leave this place.

There was nothing else that Madam Laura could do in this place, her task of bringing the news to all the major factions was over.

Now it ’s time for her to leave this place, madam Laura is feeling very tired, she needs a little time to rest a little before going to other places in the world.

”I will make sure your words will reach the higher-ups of the Kunlun Holy Land Faction, thank you for this warning. ” Wei Cou is grateful for the early warning that was told by Madam Laura.

With this warning, at least in the future they will be able to prepare in advance for this.

After Madam Laura and Wei Cou exchanged their farewells, Madam Laura led Ye Chen and Luo Bing to leave this building.

Wei Cou could only see the departure of Madam Laura, Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

Wei Cou sighed at the incident that had just happened, this meeting was not what Wei Cou expected.

Everything was really very chaotic, he hoped the higher ups would not scold or punish him for this incident.

”Sir, is it possible that the man behind Madam Laura is the one who made the mess before? ”, Wei Cou ’s assistant started to say.

”Impossible, that person only has such a very weak cultivation, he can ’t possibly injure the Representative of the Dark Legacy Faction to that extent. ” Wei Cou couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen was the one who had attacked Woody.

It was impossible for a weak person like Ye Chen to be able to fight Woody who had the strength equal to that of a cultivator at the ninth stage of the Overlord Realm.

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Ye Chen used the Reideran Pendant Necklace to hide the real power he had, so the people who were here thought Ye Chen was weak.

Because of this, Ye Chen could fool everyone from the big factions who were previously here, it was impossible for everyone from the representatives of the big factions to suspect Ye Chen who only had weak strength.

”Sir, but.
”Wei Cou ’s assistant wants to talk more.

Wei Cou raised his hand, he told the assistant behind him to shut up.

”It ’s all my fault for not seeing the previous incident correctly, so don ’t find fault with others in this matter if you don ’t have any evidence ”, Wei Cou scolded the Assistant behind him for accusing others without any evidence.

”Sir, I ’m sorry. ” Wei Cou ’s assistant apologized.

”Good. ” Wei Cou nodded at his assistant.

”I will return to the Kunlun Holy Land, you take care of the matters that are here for me. ” Wei Cou wanted to return to the Kunlun Holy Land, he left the responsibility for repair to his Assistant.

”Okay, I understand. ” Wei Cou ’s assistant understands the task Wei Cou gave him, he will take care of all the damage that is here.

After leaving the responsibility to his assistant, Wei Cou left this place, he immediately flew towards the Kunlun mountains.

He had to immediately tell Madam Laura ’s words to all the higher ups in the Kunlun Faction.

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Wei Cou ’s assistant did what he had to do.





Ye Chen, Luo Bing and Madam Laura went to the hotel that Madam Laura had specially prepared.

They went to the hotel because of a request from Madam Laura, Madam Laura said she was tired and needed rest, so Luo Bing took Madam Laura to a special hotel that had been prepared by the Six Door Organization.

After arriving at the hotel, Luo Bing immediately led Madam Laura to the room that had been prepared.

Luo Bing brought Madam Laura into a hotel room which was quite luxurious.

”Madam Laura this is your room, if there is anything else you can call me, I will be in the room next to you. ” Luo Bing told Madam Laura that she would be right in the room over here.

Madam Laura nodded at Luo Bing.

After escorting Madam Laura into the room, Luo Bing decided to come out of Madam Laura ’s room, she would let Madam Laura rest in peace.

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