Su Yuya continued to pull Ye Chen away from the thugs who previously bullied her.

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”Hey Su Yuya, where are you taking me to? ”Ye Chen asked Su Yuya, Ye Chen wants to know where Su Yuya will take himself to.

”I ’ll take you somewhere nice, just take this as a sign of gratitude from me because you helped me from the problems I had before. ” Su Yuya wanted to thank Ye Chen, so she took Ye Chen to a pretty good place in this city.

”what is that place ? ”Asked Ye Chen back to Su Yuya.

”You will find out later, now you just come with me ”, Su Yuya acted very mysteriously in front of Ye Chen, she still kept the place they would both visit a secret.

Ye Chen became curious about the good place Su Yuya talked about.

Su Yuya continued to embrace Ye Chen ’s arm, she guided Ye Chen to the place she wanted to visit tonight.

Su Yuya didn ’t realize that what she was doing right now looked like a lover who was walking around in the middle of the city.

What Su Yuya was doing right now was quite tempting for Ye Chen, Ye Chen currently felt that his arm was being pressed by two very soft objects owned by Su Yuya.

Ye Chen was very familiar with this kind of sensation, so he knew very well what soft thing was currently pressing on his arm.

What Su Yuya wanted was to thank Ye Chen for helping herself from the thugs, Su Yuya had absolutely no thoughts of teasing Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen didn ’t mind at all if Su Yuya intended to tease himself, the sensation of being pressed by these two soft objects was quite pleasant for Ye Chen.

After walking for a while, Ye Chen and Su Yuya arrived at a luxury restaurant and the most Good Food in this city.

This is a very popular restaurant in this city, it is very difficult to get a room in this fancy restaurant, people who want to eat at this place must book a room in advance in order to enjoy the food in this restaurant.

Unexpectedly Su Yuya would invite Ye Chen to go to such a place.

”You ’re going to invite me to eat at this restaurant? ”, Asked Ye Chen to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya nodded at Ye Chen ”Yes, I want to thank you who helped me, so I invite you here to enjoy the most delicious dinner in this city ”

Su Yuya wanted to repay Ye Chen with the best food she could find in this city.

It so happened that in this place Su Yuya and her friends when they were still in school held a reunion together.

It ’s been quite a while since they last got together again, so Su Yuya and company held a reunion again to reminisce about the past.

Su Yuya pulled Ye Chen into the restaurant, when Su Yuya and Ye Chen entered the restaurant, they were both welcomed by a servant.

”Sir and miss, have you both booked a room beforehand? ”, The servant asked Su Yuya and Ye Chen.

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”Yes, we already have an appointment in Room Number 5.
So please take the two of us there right now.
”Su Yuya said the room number that had been ordered to have a reunion together.

”Okay, then please both of you come with me, I will escort you both to the room. ” The waiter will escort Su Yuya and Ye Chen to room Number 5 in this restaurant.

Su Yuya invited Ye Chen to follow this servant, let the servant show the way to the room that had been ordered for the Reunion.

The private room ordered for the Reunion was on the second floor, so the service should not have been bad at all.

In this restaurant there are several floors, the first floor is for ordinary customers where everyone can see each other, while the second floor is a private closed room, and the third floor is a VIP room which has very-very complete services and facilities.
once, the price offered by the Vip Room is the most expensive in this place.

One dinner in a Vip Room can usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, so only very wealthy people are willing to set up such a room.

The servant guided Ye Chen and Su Yuya to the top floor, after going up to the second floor, the servant immediately directed Ye Chen and Su Yuya to room Number 5.

”Sir, and miss, this is the room you should order, please enjoy our service. ” The servant told Su Yuya to enjoy the services in this place.

”Thank you very much. ” Su Yuya thanked the servant who had escorted the two of them to room Number 5.

”You ’re welcome ” After finishing escorting Ye Chen and Su Yuya to the entrance of room number 5, the servant returned downstairs to greet the other guests.

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”Let ’s go inside. ” Su Yuya invited Ye Chen into Room Number 5.

Ye Chen nodded at Su Yuya.

Su Yuya opened door the entrance to Room Number 5, Su Yuya and Ye Chen went straight into Room Number 5.

In Room Number 5, Ye Chen saw a multitude of people who had been neatly sitting around the dining table.

There are countless men and women currently sitting and having a conversation with each other.

The average age of the people in this room ranged from 31 ~ 40 years.

The people in this room were almost the same age as Beautiful Milf Su Yuya.

When Su Yuya and Ye Chen walked in, everyone immediately turned their attention to Ye Chen and Su Yuya who had just come into this room.

A very handsome man like Ye Chen and a beautiful Milf woman like Su Yuya could indeed easily attract attention from the people in this room.

., Wow.
., look who just came here, finally our school flower has come here.
”One of the men stood up and welcomed the arrival of Su Yuya and Ye Chen.

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Everyone also started to welcome the arrival of Su Yuya who was a school flower when she was still in school.

Su Yuya smiled at everyone in this room.

Su Yuya ’s smile was very beautiful, the man in this room was mesmerized by Su Yuya ’s smile.

Some women didn ’t like it when they saw their partner looking at Su Yuya with such a gaze.

The women started pinching the waists of their partners who were staring at Su Yuya without blinking.

These women looked very angry with their partners who were seduced by Su Yuya ’s smile.

Su Yuya looked around this place to find her close friends when she was still in school.

”Ye Chen let ’s go over there, there are some of my friends. ” Su Yuya invited Ye Chen to go to an empty seat next to her close friends.

Ye Chen followed Su Yuya to head over to the empty seat.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya sat side by side.

”Hey Yuya, who is the handsome young man next to you, why don ’t you introduce him to us? ” Su Yuya ’s female friends became very curious about Ye Chen.

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