When Cao Zin came, everyone immediately welcomed his arrival with a warm smile.

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The people here greet Cao Zin quite enthusiastically, however Cao Zin is the one who has paid for dinner at this fine dining restaurant for all of them, so it ’s natural that they should respect Cao Zin.

Cao Zin ignores the welcome from the people who are here ,he is currently looking straight at Su Yuya who tonight looks very beautiful and Sexy.

Cao Zin has not seen Su Yuya for a long time, not to be expected that Su Yuya still looks as beautiful as when she was at school.

Cao Zin did not waste the time he had, he immediately rushed to the side of Su Yuya.

”Yuya ’s classmates, may I sit next to you ” Cao Zin asked permission to sit next to Su Yuya.

Cao Zin is eager to talk to a beautiful Milf like Su Yuya, tonight Cao Zin is very eager to spend the night with a beautiful Milf like Su Yuya.

Cao Zin is very confident in himself, currently a manager at a s sizeable company in the capital with an annual salary that reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Certainly with the career he has, he can easily get the woman he wants.

Su Yuya looks not too satisfied when she sees the arrival of Cao Zin to her side, this man is still the sameas he used to, he always sticks tightly to her side which makes Su Yuya feel irritated.

”sorry the seats around me are full, you can find another seat ” Su Yuya immediately refused Cao Zin.

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She told Cao Zin to find another seat in the room immediately.

Cao Zin ’s face darkened when he saw that he was still rejected by Su Yuya, Su Yuya still looks the same as she used to.

Even after having such a brilliant career, Su Yuya still rejects himself.

There is a bit of dissatisfaction in Cao Zin ’s heart when rejected by Su Yuya.

Despite being rejected directly by Su Yuya, Cao Zin remains Cao Zin, he will never give up on getting the adoration of his heart that he has long wanted.

”Hey you, get up from your chair, now this chair is mine ” Cao Zin suddenly expelled Ye Chen who is currently sitting next to Su Yuya.

Ye Chen is currently waiting for dinner to begin, not to be expected that anyone will suddenly come and kick himself out of his seat at this time.

”There are many seats here, you can find another seat in this place ” Ye Chen told Cao Zin to go find another seat in this place.

Cao Zin became enraged when Ye Chen dared to reject him who wanted the seat held by Ye Chen.

”How dare you reject me, do you know who I am?, I ’m the one who has booked this expensive room, so I have the right to do whatever I want in this room ” Cao Zin yelled at Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen that he was the one who had booked and paid for this room.

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So Cao Zin has the right to have a seat seated by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw Cao Zin acting very arrogantly and boasting of his rich self.

Su Yuya on Ye Chen ’s side was also dissatisfied with the behavior exhibited by Cao Zin.

Whereas Su Yuya invited Ye Chen to dinner with herself in a fancy place like this, it is not thought that this will be messed up by Cao Zin.

If Su Yuya knew that the person who organized this event was Cao Zin, then Su Yuya would not come to this place and choose to take Ye Chen to another place.

Unfortunately it ’s too late for Su Yuya to realize, she ’s currently in a room controlled by Cao Zin.

”what else are you waiting for, get out of that seat ” Cao Zin told Ye Chen to leave the seat immediately.

Ye Chen better relent for now, this is an event that is being held by Su Yuya ’s friends, so Ye Chen does not want to mess up this event because of people like Cao Zin.

He rises from his current seat and looks for a new seat.

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”Ye Chen wait a minute, Let me come with you. ” Su Yuya decided to follow Ye Chen looking for a new seat.

Su Yuya felt bad when Ye Chen was treated like this by Cao Zin.

Cao Zin ’s face turns dark when he sees Su Yuya also moving out of her current seat.

The reason Cao Zin expelled Ye Chen was because he wanted to sit next to Su Yuya, not to be expected that Su Yuya would move along with Ye Chen to another seat in the room.

”Giggling ” Qi Ling, Yu Lie and Lu Mue were a little giggling when they saw Cao Zin being constantly rejected by Su Yuya.

Cao Zin ’s current expression is so unsightly, he looks like he ’s just been told to eat a Dirt.

In order not to lose face in front of his old friends, Cao Zin decided to sit in the chair previously seated by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Su Yuya search for an empty seat, after they find an empty seat, they both sit in that seat.

”Ye Chen forgives for the rudeness committed by Cao Zin ” Su Yuya apologized to Ye Chen for what has been done by Cao Zin.

”You don ’t have to apologize to me, it ’s not your fault ” Ye Chen said to Su Yuya.

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Su Yuya smiled softly at Ye Chen.
”Oh yes Ye Chen, I ’d like to apologize to you about the problem at that time ” Su Yuya would like to apologize about the trouble she caused while at Feng Luo ’s grandfather ’s birthday party.

”what a problem? ” asked Ye Chen with a little confused.

”It ’s .
., it ’s about the misunderstanding I caused when I was at Feng Luo ’s grandfather ’s birthday party ” Su Yuya told Ye Chen about the problems she caused while at Feng Luo ’s grandfather ’s birthday party.

”oh about that problem?, you don ’t have to apologize anymore, I ’ve solved the problem with Xia Qingyu, I ’m quite grateful to you, because you ’re the one I can be honest and explain everything to Xia Qingyu ” Ye Chen is not at all angry with Su Yuya.

Ye Chen was even very grateful to Su Yuya, thanks to Su Yuya , his relationship with Xia Qingyu became even closer.

Su Yuya was pleased to hear that Ye Chen was not angry with her.

”oh yes Ye Chen, if you ’re with Xia Qingyu, then what about Zhao Yanyan? ” Su Yuya wants to know what happened to Zhao Yanyan.

”Zhao Yanyan and I still remain together, so does Xia Qingyu ” Ye Chen tells Su Yuya of the relationship he has.

Su Yuya ’s mouth was so wide open that it formed the letter O, Su Yuya was pleasantly surprised to hear this from Ye Chen.

It is not thought that Ye Chen was in a relationship with two beautiful women such as Zhao Yanyan and Xia Qingyu at the same time.

This is something Su Yuya had never thought of before, Su Yuya thought Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan had separated and Ye Chen had found a new woman as his bride.

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