Ye Chen is not angry with Su Yuya, Ye Chen is currently angry at Cao Zin and the people who are currently laughing at him.

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Previously Ye Chen did not fight because he was very reluctant to old friends of Su Yuya.

But now that he sees for himself the behavior of these people, Ye Chen becomes aware that these people are not as good as he initially thought.

”hey you, I want to order my own food, quickly get me get menu ” Ye Chen yelled at the waiter behind him to give him the menu that was in this restaurant.

”Sir if you want to order a meal, then you have to rent a room in advance ” The waiter behind Ye Chen tells Ye Chen to rent a room if you want to order food.

In view of what this waiter is doing, this waiter seems to want to make things difficult for Ye Chen.

”then I ’ll rent a room ” Ye Chen now has a lot of money, so it ’s not hard for Ye Chen to rent a room in this restaurant.

”sorry this time the room is already full of messages by others, so I can ’t do that for you ” the waiter again made things difficult for Ye Chen.

The waiter smirked at Ye Chen who was acting like a rich man in front of himself,seeing Ye Chen ’s very ordinary clothes, the waiter made sure that Ye Chen was just an ordinary person who wasn ’t rich at all.

”hahaha, you want to rent a room here?, do you have money in your body ” Cao Zin insults Ye Chen, Cao Zin doesn ’t even hesitate to say that Ye Chen looks poor.

From Ye Chen ’s current clothes that look very ordinary, Cao Zin can make sure that Ye Chen is just an ordinary person who doesn ’t have too much money.

There is no way that people who have a regular appearance like Ye Chen can rent a private room in this restaurant.

This is why Cao Zin dared to humiliate Ye Chen in front of the people who were here.

People here started laughing at Ye Chen ,most of these people thought Ye Chen was very young and too stupid.

The price to rent a room in this restaurant is not cheap, the price can reach thousands of dollars , even the food sold in this restaurant is very expensive once the value.

Most of the people who attend this reunion event may not even be able to pay for the food they are currently eating.

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For these people, the food they are eating is very expensive and very tasty.

Food like This can cost them the savings they have collected painstakingly.

That ’s why when Ye Chen said he wanted to rent a room and order a meal, these guys thought of Ye Chen as an idiot who didn ’t know anything.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, at this time he looks very dissatisfied with the waiter behind him, this waiter really dares to underestimate him.

If Ye Chen wants this right now he can buy this restaurant with the money he has.

Actually Ye Chen doesn ’t really like to show off the wealth he has, but since Cao Zin touches his lower limit, then Ye Chen will show who he really is.

”Hurry up call your manager, I want to talk and complain to him ” Ye Chen wants to talk to the manager of this restaurant.

”Our manager can ’t be bothered by someone like you ” The waiter behind Ye Chen tells us that their manager can ’t be bothered at this time.

”I don ’t care, just call your manager here ” Ye Chen said to the waiter in a fairly high note.

Ye Chen has lost the patience he has, this waiter really annoyed him

”don ’t you hear what he ’s saying? , quickly call your manager here, otherwise I ’ll call the owner of this restaurant ” Su Yuya took the initiative to help Ye Chen.

Su Yuya is unlikely to stay when she sees the treatment received by Ye Chen.

Su Yuya happened to be a little acquainted with the owner of this luxury restaurant, Su Yuya had met the owner of this restaurant several times.

While being threatened by Su Yuya, the waiter who were behind started to get scared.

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If it was true that Su Yuya found out about the big boss who owned this restaurant, then the job he currently had would be over.

He looked at Cao Zin who was far ahead of him, he tried to ask Cao Zin for help.

Cao Zin shook his head at the waiter behind Ye Chen, he told the waiter not to be afraid of the threat from Su Yuya.

Seeing Cao Zin supporting himself, he gained her confidence again.

”Miss, if you really want to call our big boss then do it. ” The waiter at the back seemed to be challenging Su Yuya.

He couldn ’t believe that Su Yuya had the contact information of their Big Boss.

”Okay, you asked me to do it. ” Su Yuya took out her cell phone that was in her bag, she started looking for contact information of this restaurant owner.

After finding the contact information she was looking for, Su Yuya immediately made a call.

A while later the other party received a call from Su Yuya.

Su Yuya started talking to the other party who was on the other side of the phone, she informed the other party about what was going on in this Room Number five.

After 1 minute of making a call with the boss of this restaurant owner, Su Yuya ended the call.

”Ye Chen, the manager will come here soon. ” Su Yuya told Ye Chen that the manager of this restaurant would come here soon.

Ye Chen nodded at Su Yuya, he was quite happy with what Su Yuya was doing.

The waiter behind Ye Chen only sneered at what Su Yuya was doing, according to him what Su Yuya was doing right now was just boasting.

When he saw Su Yuya continue to help Ye Chen, Cao Zin felt even more furious with Ye Chen, he currently wanted to beat Ye Chen up.

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A few moments later the door to this room was opened by someone, a middle-aged man entered this room.

When the middle aged man entered this room, the waiter standing behind Ye Chen started breaking out in cold sweat.

”Where is the man named Ye Chen. ” The middle aged man asked about Ye Chen.

”Here. ” Ye Chen raised his hand.

The middle-aged man looked at Ye Chen who was lifting his hand, after that he went towards Ye Chen.

”I heard you wanted to make a complaint? ”The middle aged man asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, I want to complain about the services that are here. ” Ye Chen wanted to complain about the services that are here.

”What ’s wrong with our service? ”The middle-aged man asked Ye Chen about the service problem in this restaurant.

”My manager can explain it for you. ” The waiter behind Ye Chen immediately tried to talk to the middle-aged man who had just arrived.

”Shut up, I ’m not talking to you. ” The manager snapped at the waiter behind Ye Chen,

The waiter behind Ye Chen immediately fell silent and lowered his head.

”Please explain in more detail to me. ” The manager asked Ye Chen to explain what happened in detail.

Ye Chen began to explain what happened to this restaurant manager.

Hearing this, the face of the restaurant manager turned unsightly.

He did not think that if something like this could happen, how could a classy restaurant waiter dare to treat guests like this.

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It ’s really not very worthy of being hired as a waiter in this fancy restaurant.

”Hey you, hurry up and tell me what ’s going on, how can you treat guests in this way ” the manager immediately asked the waiter who was standing behind Ye Chen.

, me.
, me.
, ”The waiter standing behind Ye Chen was confused enough to explain everything to his superior.

There was no way he would tell if he was bribed by Cao Zin, that his work would end here.

”Manager, actually I don ’t want to do something like this, I was forced by the person who rented this room to do this kind of thing, he is the one who pays for all the food here, so I just obey what he says.
the issue of responsibility to Cao Zin.

Cao Zin ’s face turned dark as the maid told everything to Su Yuya and the people who were here.

His reputation could be tarnished because of something like this.

hearing this, everyone started whispering to each other, they were currently talking about Cao Zin.

”You despicable waiter , how dare you accuse me of such a thing ” Cao Zin tried to defend himself.

He wouldn ’t let his reputation take a turn for the worse in front of his old friends.

”Cao Zin, just admit what you ’ve done and apologize to Ye Chen. ” Su Yuya asked Cao Zin to confess his actions and apologize to Ye Chen.

”Classmate Yuya, I really don ’t do anything like that, believe me. ” Cao Zin tried to convince Su Yuya.

”I don ’t believe you. ” Su Yuya couldn ’t believe the words that came out of Cao Zin, she trusted the words that came out of the waiter behind her right now.

Ye Chen saw the debate that was going on here, if this was continued then there would be no end, Ye Chen had to end it all.

”I want a room, can you give me a room ” Ye Chen asked the Manager who was nearby.

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