Now that Ye Chen already knows Xiao Lulu ’s existence, it is only fitting that Ye Chen only faintly sensed Xiao Lulu ’s existence.

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It seems that Xiao Lulu is indeed in a place that has a barrier so it makes the connection between Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu a little disturbed.

This is my chance to attack him. ” King Zura intended to take this opportunity to attack Ye Chen.

King Zura started to inhale an immense amount of air.

”Die, Sonic wave ” from the mouth of King Zura began to emerge a very high power Ultra sonic wave.

The Ultra sonic wave released by King Zura swept away everything in front of him.

Everything in front of the ultra sonic wave was swept away.

half of King Zura ’s Magnificent Palace was shattered and in ruins, this place was now as if it had just been swept away by an extremely strong hurricane.

dust flew everywhere and covered the vision that was here.
”Hahaha, feel it. ” King Zura laughed when he saw his Sonic Wave attack hitting Ye Chen who was right in front of him.

The dust that covered this place began to disappear, when the dust disappeared, King Zura saw something that made his eyes widen.
He saw that Ye Chen was currently standing in front of him.

For the current Ye Chen, the Sonic Wave attack that King Zura did was very weak.

The attack just now was unable to even scratch the body or clothes that Ye Chen was wearing.

”Linger are you okay? ”, Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling who was standing far behind him.

”I ’m fine, you don ’t have to worry. ” Fu Lanling is currently fine.

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Previously Fu Lanling created a barrier to deflect ultra sonic wave attacks, so Sonic Wave attacks could not injure Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen was happy that Fu Lanling was fine, after making sure Fu Lanling was fine, Ye Chen turned his attention to King Zura who was under him.

”You shameless ugly wolf, you dare to take such a small opportunity to kill me? It seems you really don ’t deserve my forgiveness. ” Ye Chen stomped on King Zura ’s head very strongly.

my face.
”King Zura shouted very painfully, King Zura ’s face became oddly shaped when he was stomped hard by Ye Chen.

”You bastard, I will definitely kill you.
, ahhh.
”Ye Chen didn ’t let King Zura finish his words.

he continued to stomp on King Zura ’s head quite viciously, Ye Chen really enjoyed the sensation of tormenting King Zura

King Zura felt tremendous pain on his face, every time his face would regenerate, he would be trampled by Ye Chen ’s feet.

This situation was repeating itself, King Zura continued to howl as he felt the extreme pain.

”Little husband, we better get out of here, I feel that there are a lot of monsters and Demi Humans moving here. ” Fu Lanling started to remind Ye Chen that there were a lot of monsters and Demi Humans heading this way.

It looks like the monsters and Demi Humans came here because of the chaos King Zura just did.

King Zura ’s Sonic Wave technique sent a mob of monsters and Demi Humans to this place.

The monsters and Demi Humans that were heading this way were quite strong, they had powers that couldn ’t be underestimated.

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If Ye Chen and Fu Lanling were surrounded by this many monsters and Demi Humans, then Ye Chen and Fu Lanling would feel a little inconvenient against them all.

Right now their priority is to save Xiao Lulu, if they get caught in the siege of the Monsters and Demi Humans who come here, then Ye Chen and Fu Lanling will lose more time just to face this huge horde of monsters and Demi Humans.

Ye Chen also just felt that there were a lot of monsters and Demi Humans heading this way, they didn ’t seem to have come here with good intentions.

”The history of both of you is over, you will definitely be hunted down by all the residents in the Dark Legacy area, hahahaha ” King Zura still had time to laugh at Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

King Zura was very happy when he felt the arrival of the Hordes of Monsters and Demi Humans who had come here to help him.

The chaos he caused by using the Sonic Wave technique succeeded in luring hordes of monsters and Demi Humans to come here.

Now Ye Chen and Fu Lanling could not escape their miserable fate.

”Jlubb ” Ye Chen stuck his Divine Yin Yang Sword into King Zura ’s head.

”You disgust me. ” Ye Chen was disgusted by the nonsense King Zura said.

King Zura instantly dies on the spot when divine Yin Yang Sword Pierces his head

”I will give gifts to the monsters and Demi Humans who are coming here. ” Ye Chen intends to prepare a surprise gift for the monsters and Demi Humans who are currently on their way here.

Ye Chen started to inject a large amount of Heavenly Silver Flame into King Zura ’s body, King Zura ’s body was currently filled with Ye Chen ’s Heavenly Silver Flame.

After injecting a large number of Heavenly Silver Flame into King Zura ’s body, Ye Chen drew his Divine Yin Yang Sword.

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”Ling ’er let ’s get out of here. ” Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling to leave here.

”Come on. ” Fu Lanling followed behind Ye Chen, the two of them immediately looked for a way out of King Zura ’s palace.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling didn ’t waste any more time, the two of them immediately flew towards the north.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling ’s goal was God Sirius ’s residence in the Eternal Mist Forest.

A few minutes after Ye Chen ’s departure, there were so many Monsters and Demi Humans who came here, they immediately entered into King Zura ’s palace.

When they entered the King ’s hall, they were all dumbfounded by the terrifying scene that lay before their eyes.

Right now, all the monsters and Demi Humans saw the great body of King Zura who was trapped in a huge chunk of ice.

They also saw that the current King Zura had died very sadly.

If these monsters took a closer look, they would find that within King Zura ’s body lit a silver flame.

The Heavenly Silver Flame is hard to see because it is mixed with King Zura ’s fur color.

” What ’s going on here ? ”One Demi Human said to the monsters and the other Demi Humans who arrived at this place.

”How do I know, I also just came when I felt the Super Sonic Wave created by King Zura. ” One of the monsters here answered the question Demi Human had previously asked.

All the monsters that were here started whispering to each other.

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”I smell the smell of fresh humans in this place. ” One of the monsters who had a very strong sense of smell, smelled a human scent that was just here.

This scent naturally belonged to Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

, sniff.
, sniff.
, ”Monsters and Demi-humans who have very sharp smells started sniffing around this place, they were looking for traces of Human body odor.

”You are right.
This is clearly a human scent, it looks like the culprit who killed King Zura was a human who sneaked into our territory. ” One by one the Monster and Demi Human admit that this is the smell of a human.

”There are humans who dare to sneak into this place, let ’s hunt them right now. ” One of the Demi Humans who was strong enough started to invite the Monsters and the Demi Humans who were here to pursue Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

”Yes, let ’s hunt that human. ” All the monsters and Demi humans started cheering, they were ready to hunt down humans who dared to sneak into their territory.

When all the Beasts and Demi Humans cheered, suddenly the body of King Zura who was near them, gave off a dazzling silver light, this silver light enveloped all the Monsters and Demi Humans around here.

”A very large explosion occurred, this explosion destroyed all objects that were within 5 km from the center of the explosion.

All the monsters and Demi Humans around here were swept away by the explosion of the Heavenly Silver Flame, they were all wiped out in a very short time.

The explosion left an enormous crater, the mountain that previously stood majestically, has now turned into a large crater.

The magnificent palace and all the contents in it were destroyed nothing remains.

The destructive power of the Heavenly Silver Flame was indeed terrifying, not a single Monster or Demi Human could escape from the explosion just now.

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