Ye Chen and Fu Lanling flew towards the Eternal Mist Forest.

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Within 30 minutes Ye Chen and Fu Lanling arrived in front of the Forest which was covered in a very thick mist.

The mist that covered the forest soared up into the sky, from above the sky to the underground, everything was covered by a very thick mist.

”Looks like this is where God Sirius is. ” Ye Chen said to Fu Lanling who was beside him.

Fu Lanling nodded lightly at Ye Chen.

”Little husband, the mist in front of us looks strange, it ’s no wonder no one dares to come near here ” Fu Lanling told Ye Chen that the mist that covered this forest was very strange.

”You ’re right, this thick mist might be dangerous, so we both have to be careful and don ’t let our guard down. ” Ye Chen told Fu Lanling to stay alert and not let her guard down at all.

”Well I understand. ” Fu Lanling understands, she will raise her guard again.

”Let ’s go to the forest. ” Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling into the forest.

The two of them finally entered the forest, when Ye Chen and Fu Lanling entered the forest, their views became very limited.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling felt that their Spirit Sense was a little chaotic while in this mist.

Ye Chen Fu Lanling continued to go deeper into the Eternal Mist Forest.

”Hey Linger, this forest is really so weird, I really can ’t feel anything, what do you think? ” Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling who was beside him.

When Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling who was beside him, Ye Chen did not listen to an answer from Fu Lanling.

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Ye Chen felt strange about this, it was unusual for Fu Lanling to be silent when he asked her.

Ye Chen immediately looked to the side, when he looked to the side, Ye Chen could no longer find Fu Lanling beside him.

” What ! ! ! ”Ye Chen was quite surprised when he found Fu Lanling had disappeared from his side.

’Linger where are you? ”, Ye Chen Shouted calling out Fu Lanling ’s name.

Unfortunately Ye Chen ’s shout did not get a reply from Fu Lanling, Fu Lanling really is no longer near here.

”Damn, this Mist has separated me from Linger. ” Ye Chen cursed the thick Mist that had separated himself from Fu Lanling.

No wonder this Mist feels very strange, it turns out this fog can confuse anyone who enters it.

Whereas previously Ye Chen could clearly feel that Fu Lanling was beside him, it was unexpected that in an instant, Fu Lanling had disappeared from Ye Chen ’s side.

Ye Chen tried to use the king ’s heart technique to search for Fu Lanling ’s whereabouts.

As Ye Chen sensed his connection with Fu Lanling, he felt the faint presence of Fu Lanling who was currently in the southwest direction.

As for Xiao Lulu, Ye Chen felt that Xiao Lulu was currently in the north.

This made Ye Chen a little confused, on one side Fu Lanling was in the southwest direction and on the other side Xiao Lulu was in the north.

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”I will find Linger first, it will be bad if he flies without a clear direction. ” Ye Chen decided to look for Fu Lanling first.

After all, Xiao Lulu shouldn ’t move anywhere at the moment, so Xiao Lulu will definitely be safe for the time being.

Ye Chen immediately flew southwest to find Fu Lanling ’s whereabouts.

Ye Chen hoped that he would quickly find Fu Lanling.

The Mist in this place is starting to become denser than before, Ye Chen ’s line of sight is very limited, this makes it difficult for Ye Chen to see what is in front of him.

When Ye Chen was flying towards the southwest, he suddenly hit something that felt very soft.

The feeling of being immersed in this soft thing was very comfortable for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wanted to know what object hit his face just now, why is it so soft and so familiar to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to use his hands to touch the soft things in front of him.

Ye Chen started to squeeze the thing in front of him.
He felt that squeezing this thing was very fun.

” when Ye Chen touched the soft object in front of him, he heard a groan belonging to a woman.

Ye Chen started to break out in cold sweat when he heard this voice, now Ye Chen knows what object he is currently holding.

The thing that Ye Chen was holding was clearly a perfect double pale that belonged to a woman.

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This voice definitely didn ’t belong to Fu Lanling, if this wasn ’t Fu Lanling ’s voice then who was the woman in front of Ye Chen right now.

”It turns out that you are brave enough to do this back to me ”, a very cold female voice spoke to Ye Chen.

The cold voice that this woman had was completely beyond words.

Ye Chen started to shiver just from hearing the cold voice belonging to the woman who was currently in front of him.

For the first time Ye Chen heard a woman ’s voice that was very- very cold like this, the woman in front of Ye Chen was much colder than the Mu Lanyin and Mu Nianci that Ye Chen knew.

The woman in front of Ye Chen pointed a finger of hers towards Ye Chen ’s forehead.

A terrifying force surged out from this woman ’s finger, ”Bammmm.
”A terrible force hit Ye Chen ’s head.

Ye Chen was instantly blown away by this terrifying force, Ye Chen smashed into several trees before he hit the ground very hard.

”Booom ” a very strong tremor occurred when Ye Chen hit the ground.

”Damn it hurts. ” Ye Chen started rolling on the ground holding his forehead, Ye Chen did not expect this would hurt so much.

Ye Chen felt tremendous pain in his head, Ye Chen did not expect that the woman who was in front of him was so strong.

That woman only needed one finger to put Ye Chen in this state.

After a few minutes, finally the pain on Ye Chen ’s forehead started to subside a little.

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Ye Chen currently rubbed his forehead to ease the pain.

Ye Chen looked around this place for the existence of the cold woman who attacked him, Ye Chen currently did not find the existence of the cold woman he had previously hit.

Looks like that cold woman has left here.

”Damn it still hurts, just watch out if I meet her again, I will definitely avenge this pain. ” Ye Chen wanted to take revenge on the woman he previously hit.

”Master, you better forget to take revenge on that woman earlier, that woman was quite strong, if that woman was serious, maybe by this time your head would have disappeared. ” Chu Yuechan said in Ye Chen ’s mind.

”Was that woman really that strong? ”, Ye Chen did not expect that in a mysterious place like this there would live such a strong woman.

”Of course, how could I possibly lie to you ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wouldn ’t doubt Chu Yuechan ’s words, Chu Yuechan would not possibly lie to himself about a matter like this.

”Forget that woman, you better go find your Linger, don ’t let her get into trouble. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to immediately search for Fu Lanling ’s whereabouts.

 What Chu Yuechan said was right, Ye Chen must forget about the mysterious woman he met before, Ye Chen ’s current focus is to find Fu Lanling and save Xiao Lulu.

He shouldn ’t waste time on this kind of thing.

Ye Chen immediately continued on his way to search for Fu Lanling ’s whereabouts.

Ye Chen flew towards the southwest to find Fu Lanling ’s whereabouts.

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