, Bamm.
, Booom.
, Bamm.
, Booom.
, Bamm.
, ”Ye Chen and Sirius exchanged attacks several hundred times.

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In the exchange of attacks that Ye Chen and Sirius did, Ye Chen was slightly suppressed by the attacks carried out by Sirius.

”Humans, now you know how strong I am, do you still doubt if I am called God by my followers? ” Sirius boasted of the strength he had.

”I told you that you are still not worthy of a nickname like that. ” Ye Chen still hasn ’t admitted that Sirius has the power equal to God.

God is a powerful existence, if indeed Sirius had God-level power, then Ye Chen would have been defeated earlier.

”You lowly human, you still don ’t admit it, then die. ” Sirius attacked Ye Chen again.

”Booom ” Ye Chen was forced back again by the attack carried out by Sirius.

If it continued like this then Ye Chen wouldn ’t be able to win against Sirius.

”Maybe this is the right time to open the Sage God ’s Flaming Veins. ” This was the time for Ye Chen to use the Sage God ’s Flaming Veins.

Ye Chen opened the Sage God ’s Flaming Veins.

After opening the sage God ’s fire vein, Ye Chen ’s current strength was explosive.

Ye Chen immediately used Nine Shadow Steps to move towards Sirius ’s side.

Sirius didn ’t see the Nine Shadow Stepsused by Ye Chen, when he realized that Ye Chen was right beside him.

”Breaking Meteor Blow ” Ye Chen immediately launched a sneak attack towards Sirius.

Sirius did not have time to avoid the attack launched by Ye Chen.

”As a result Sirius was hit by Ye Chen ’s attack.

Several of Sirius ’s sharp teeth fell out when he was hit by Ye Chen ’s Breaking Meteor Blow.

Sirius was also forced back hundreds of meters by Ye Chen ’s attack.

Sirius was quite surprised when he saw the strength possessed by Ye Chen suddenly increased so much, Ye Chen was now several times stronger than before.

After opening the Sage God ’s Flaming Veins, Ye Chen was now even stronger than Sirius, now it was Ye Chen ’s turn to have the upper hand.

Sirius started to get up from the ground, he looked a little troubled when he got up from the ground, this was the first time a creature could injure him.

”No wonder you dare to doubt that I am a god, it turns out that you are hiding such a great power. ” Now Sirius understands why Ye Chen doesn ’t admit that he is a God, it turns out that Ye Chen has that great power.

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”So now you understand why you are not worthy to become God ?, with your current strength you are still very far away from being called God ” Ye Chen told Sirius that he was still far from being God.

”Hahaha, interesting, then I ’ll also show you my true strength ” Sirius will show Ye Chen his true strength.

Sirius started to burn the Wolf God blood that was within his body.

When Sirius burned the wolf-god blood that was in his body, Sirius ’s body started to get bigger and bigger, Sirius ’s white fur also turned red like blood.

Sirius ’s wounds completely healed immediately after he burned the Wolf God blood on his body.

Sirius returned to where he was before he was injured by Ye Chen ’s Breaking Meteor Blow.

Apart from physical changes, Sirius ’s strength has also grown even stronger.

”Let ’s continue the previous battle, this time I ’ll make sure that I will win. ” Sirius immediately disappeared from where he was currently standing.

Sirius reappeared behind Ye Chen.
”Die ” this time it was Sirius ’s turn to launch a sneak attack towards Ye Chen.

”Booom. ” Sirius ’s attack struck right where Ye Chen was standing.

”So you can dodge my attacks just now, not bad. ” Sirius already knew that Ye Chen could dodge the attack he just did.

Sirius also knew that Ye Chen was currently behind him.

” So you decided to use the inheritance of blood that you have against me ” said Ye Chen to Sirius.

”If I don ’t use it now, I will lose in your hands. ” Sirius was forced to use the legacy he had against Ye Chen.

if he didn ’t use this matter, Sirius would currently have already lost to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen became curious about where Sirius got such an inheritance from, whether in this western continent there was also an inheritance left by God ’s Beings.

”Human why are you just silent, come on fight me ” Sirius challenged Ye Chen to immediately fight with him.

Ye Chen immediately forgot about this, right now he had to fight Sirius.

”One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords ” a thousand silver flaming swords appeared behind Ye Chen.

After opening the Sage God ’s Flaming Veins, Ye Chen was now able to show the third tier of the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

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Ye Chen directly controlled the thousand flaming swords behind him towards Sirius.

The ”Hell Prison ” of a thousand flaming swords instantly created a prison that locked Sirius.

Sirius was currently locked up by Ye Chen ’s thousand flaming swords.

”Bang ”, Sirius tried to destroy the sword prison that was currently enclosing him.

The attack carried out by Sirius was unable to destroy Ye Chen ’s sword prison.

”Super Ice Blast ” Sirius started shooting several Ice Balls towards the Fire Sword Prison that was enclosing him.

The flaming sword prison began to waver a little when Sirius used this attack.

”Super ice Blast, Super ice Blast, Super ice Blast ” Sirius repeatedly used this technique to attack the Fire Sword Prison, as a result Ye Chen ’s Fire Sword Prison began to collapse.

Seeing this, Ye Chen pulled back the flying fire sword that he had.

It seemed like it was impossible to lock up Sirius who had such destructive power.

”God Fire Sword ” the thousand flaming swords began to gather and merge, this made a sword even stronger

After a thousand flaming swords were combined into one, now the power of this fire sword became very devastating.

”Go on ”, the God Fire Sword shot straight at Sirius.

”Super Ice Blast ” Sirius tried to shoot the God Fire Sword which was currently aiming towards him.

The ice ball that Sirius fired instantly melted before it even touched the God Fire Sword.

, Slash.
”The God Fire Swordsliced ​​off two of Sirius ’s four legs.

Sirius growled in pain as two of his legs were cut off by Ye Chen ’s God Fire Sword.

seeing Sirius unable to move for a while, Ye Chen didn ’t waste this opportunity, he intended to end this fight right away.

The God Fire Sword rose to the sky, the God Fire Sword began to enlarge and expand, the God Fire Sword was now hundreds of meters long.

The temperature around this place started to get very high, the forests and rocks that were here started to melt because the heat was too high.

Sirius, who was right under the God Fire Sword, felt that his body was so hot right now, he felt that he could melt because of the heat released by the God Fire Sword.

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Sirius felt a dangerous feeling from the God Fire Sword that Ye Chen was currently showing.

Sirius wanted to get as far away from the God Fire Sword as possible, unfortunately at this time Sirius was still unable to move because Ye Chen had cut the two legs he had.

Sirius ’s two legs were also long enough to regenerate, at this time Sirius couldn ’t avoid leaving the attack that was about to be carried out by Ye Chen.

”Everything ’s over here, shoot. ” The God Fire Swordlocked onto Sirius, the God Fire Swordgathered strength, the God Fire Sword fired a silver colored Flame laser towards Sirius.

”Cracked ” when the God Fire Sword was about to shoot a fire laser at Sirius, suddenly Ye Chen ’s God Fire Sword shattered into pieces.

”Cough ” Ye Chen immediately vomited blood when the technique he was using was destroyed.

Ye Chen did not understand how his God Fire Sword could be destroyed.

Who was the one capable of destroying the God Fire Sword this easily.

”Finally after searching for a long time we found the source of the Heavenly Silver Flame. ” From above the sky appeared 2 people wearing ancient clothes.

The two of them looked at Ye Chen and Sirius who was below.

Ye Chen immediately looked up to see who the person had just arrived here.

When Ye Chen looked up, he saw two people in traditional suits hovering above the sky.

Ye Chen did not know these two people, he was very foreign to the two people who had just appeared above the sky.

Just now Ye Chen listened to these two people ’s words, Ye Chen heard that these two people clearly mentioned the Heavenly Silver Flame.

It seems that the arrival of these two people concerns the Heavenly Silver Flame that is in Ye Chen ’s body.

”Master, you better run quickly now, the strength of these two people is very strong, you are no match for the two of them. ” Chu Yuechan firmly warned Ye Chen to immediately run away from the two people who had just arrived at this place.

The cultivation possessed by these two people was terrifying, Ye Chen was definitely not the opponent of these two.

Ye Chen is not a coward, he will not run away from battle.

Ye Chen got up from the ground, he took a healing pill from the fairy gate storage room, Ye Chen immediately took a healing pill.

After Ye Chen ’s condition started to improve, Ye Chen looked at the two people who had just come with extremely hostile gazes.

It was clear that these two people had previously destroyed his God Fire Sword.

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The Heavenly Silver Flame started to come out of Ye Chen ’s body, the Heavenly Silver Flame covered Ye Chen ’s entire body.

”Looks like the Heavenly Silver Flame has merged with this person, how are we going to explain this to Mr.
Xui Jin. ” The two people in the sky saw that the Heavenly Silver Flame had completely fused with Ye Chen ’s body.

”We just bring this person back, about what will be done to this person, let Mr.
Xui Jin decide ” These two people intend to bring Ye Chen back to their master.

”That ’s a good idea, then let ’s take this person ” one of the people went towards Ye Chen, this person intended to take Ye Chen to Xui Jin.

”DESOLATE PALMS second finger ” Ye Chen immediately used the second finger DESOLATE PALMS.

A giant palm with an ancient aura appeared from behind the clouds, this palm had two fingers open, this giant palm was ready to hit the person who was heading towards Ye Chen.

The person who was going towards Ye Chen immediately stopped, he looked at the direction where the ancient palm had appeared.

This person waved his hand, instantly the giant palm shattered into particles.

” What ? ”Ye Chen doesn ’t believe that DESOLATE PALMS can be destroyed this easily.

”Interesting technique, it seems you have some abilities. ” People from God Realm praised Ye Chen ’s DESOLATE PALMS technique.

If only the current Ye Chen was as strong as he was, then the current situation would probably be different from the current one.

”Master, I told you that these two people are very strong, why didn ’t you run away earlier? ” Chu Yuechan scolded Ye Chen who did not immediately run away when he had the opportunity.

At this time, Ye Chen was too late to escape from the two people from God Realm.

The person from the God Realm headed towards Ye Chen, he prepared to take Ye Chen to be brought to where Xui Jin was.

Just before the hands belonging to person from God Realm could touch Ye Chen ’s body, an ice barrier enveloped Ye Chen.

”Clinkkk. ” A person ’s hand from God Realm immediately turned into ice when it touched this barrier.

person from God Realm immediately retreated as far as possible from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t know where this barrier came from, he was very grateful for the Ice barrier protecting him.

Suddenly around this place began to appear a lot of snow butterflies, when this snow butterfly appeared, the temperature in this place began to drop dramatically, the temperature in this place became very cold.

a woman descending in a white ancient dress began to descend from the sky, this woman descended right in front of Ye Chen.

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