Dongfang Xiu couldn ’t stay still as she saw a terrifying force coming his way.

Dongfang Xiu started to close her eyes, when Dongfang Xiu closed the eyes she had, behind Dongfang Xiu ’s body suddenly appeared a snow butterfly with a very large size.

”immortal Blizzard ”, the snow butterfly that was behind Dongfang Xiu noble flapped the wings that he belonged to.

As the snow butterflies flapped their wings, a blizzard began to envelop the entire territory of the Dark Legacy Faction.

Everything in the Dark Legacy Faction ’s territory turned into ice, be it plants, monsters, Demi Humans or others, instantly turned into ice.

In this place, what could not be turned into Ice by the blizzard was only Xui Jin ’s large fire sword.

Xui Jin ’s large fire sword could no longer move downwards, the large fire sword was resisted by the Immortal blizzard created by Dongfang Xiu.

When the  Great Fire sword scattered with the blizzard, it created a friction that caused the heavens and earth to shake violently.

”This is a crazy battle. ” Ye Chen who was below felt that the battle currently being fought by Dongfang Xiu and Xui Jin was simply insane.

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”Yaggghhhhhhhh ” Xui Jin used all the strength he had to break through the blizzard created by Dongfang Xiu.

The Great Fire sword  began to move down again towards Dongfang Xiu and Ye Chen who were below.

The current Dongfang Xiu was at the limit she had, he was no longer able to use any more force than this.

”It ’s useless, I ’m still not this person ’s opponent. ” Dongfang Xiu felt that she was currently not an opponent for Xui Jin.

The Great Fire sword was getting closer to Dongfang Xiu and Ye Chen.

Seeing the Great Fire sword approaching, Dongfang Xiu used the huge butterfly behind her to deflect the large and long fire sword.

”Booom. ” The Great Fire sword Dongfang Xiu ’s huge butterfly, then hit the ground.

”An enormous explosion occurred when the huge flaming sword hit the ground.

This huge explosion is equivalent to thousands of atomic bombs exploding simultaneously.

The territory of the Dark Legacy Faction that was previously covered in ice was now blown away by the huge explosion caused by the Great Fire sword .

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All the monsters and Demi humans that were in the Dark legacy faction were now gone without the slightest trace.

The strength of a Divine Preceptor Realm is indeed terrifying, this kind of power is truly capable of destroying a large country and its contents.

., cough.
., ”Ye Chen coughed so painfully, Ye Chen thought he had died after being hit by such a powerful attack.

Ye Chen felt that his body felt very heavy, when he opened his eyes, Ye Chen saw that Dongfang Xiu was currently on top of his body.

Dongfang Xiu hugged Ye Chen ’s body very tightly, there was a little blood seeping from Dongfang Xiu ’s mouth, it seemed that Dongfang Xiu was quite badly injured from receiving the attack just now.

Ye Chen started to remember what happened before, when the Great Fire sword was about to hit him, he did see that before that happened Dongfang Xiu was hugging him.

It seemed, Dongfang Xiu protected Ye Chen from the Great Fire sword  attack.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Dongfang Xiu would sacrifice herself to protect himself like this.

Ye Chen immediately saw how Dongfang Xiu was in his arms.

”Hahaha, beautiful goddess, I told you that you are currently not a match for me. ” Xui Jin laughed at Dongfang Xiu ’s state in Ye Chen ’s arms.

Ye Chen looked at Xui Jin with an extremely hostile gaze

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