treatment for Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen used gold needles on several acupuncture points that were related to internal organs.

Ye Chen returned to using the profound energy he had to heal Dongfang Xiu ’s internal organs.

6 hours had passed, Ye Chen continued to provide treatment for Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen ’s profound energy was almost depleted because it was used too much to heal Dongfang Xiu ’s internal organs.

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The wounds that Dongfang Xiu was suffering from are now getting better, fortunately Dongfang Xiu ’s situation is getting better so that the profound energy released by Ye Chen does not go to waste.

After Dongfang Xiu ’s condition had improved, Ye Chen stopped doing treatment for Dongfang Xiu.

”Sigh, it ’s finally over, I ’m so tired. ” Ye Chen was relieved that Dongfang Xiu ’s situation had improved.

Even though Dongfang Xiu ’s condition was getting better, Dongfang Xiu was currently still unconscious, Dongfang Xiu was currently still unconscious.

Ye Chen decided to take Dongfang Xiu to the room that was in this profound ark.

When Ye Chen saw Dongfang Xiu who was half naked, Ye Chen was almost nosebleed, Ye Chen could see Dongfang Xiu ’s very perfect body.

Although this was not the first time Ye Chen had seen Dongfang Xiu ’s naked body, to Ye Chen this was still very amazing.

Who is the man who would stand to see one of the four beautiful Goddesses in God Realm naked like this.

Ye Chen was sure that there would be no man who could stand to see a beautiful goddess like Dongfang Xiu in this state.

Nangong Xiang was probably a woman of comparable beauty to Dongfang Xiu.

Unfortunately Ye Chen had never seen Nangong Xiang ’s naked body, Ye Chen ’s relationship was still just touching and kissing.

Dongfang Xiu ’s double peak was so perfect, Ye Chen unconsciously stretched out his hand and touched the softest thing in the entire universe.

The feeling of touching this object is so extraordinary, Ye Chen is very grateful to be able to touch this for the third time.

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”Giggle, master, if you can ’t stand it, just bring the beautiful goddess in front of you to the bed. ” Chu Yuechan giggled at Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan suggested Ye Chen to take Dongfang Xiu to go to bed.

Hearing Chu Yuechan ’s voice, Ye Chen finally regained consciousness, he immediately pulled back his hand from Dongfang Xiu ’s soft peak.

”Ehemm, Yuechan, I owe my life to this beautiful goddess, so I can ’t possibly do something like that to the woman who helped me. ” Ye Chen coughed lightly at Chu Yuechan.

., you still don ’t learn from your past mistakes, if this woman wakes up again, maybe she will take your life.
”Chu Yuechan said sarcastically to Ye Chen.

”That won ’t happen, I really believe that this beautiful goddess won ’t do anything bad to me. ” Ye Chen firmly believed that Dongfang Xiu wouldn ’t do bad things to him.

”It ’s up to you. ” Chu Yuechan didn ’t seem to care anymore about Ye Chen.

Ye Chen carried Dongfang Xiu towards one of the rooms in this profound ark.

When Ye Chen entered one of the rooms in this profound ark, Ye Chen was quite surprised.

The room inside this ark was extremely luxurious, it was even more luxurious than Nangong Xiang ’s profound ark.

Ye Chen put Dongfang Xiu on the soft bed in this room.

After putting Dongfang Xiu on the bed, Ye Chen took Dongfang Xiu ’s veil which was currently covered in blood.

Dongfang Xiu ’s real face at the moment was right in front of Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu was very beautiful, Ye Chen couldn ’t help observing Dongfang Xiu ’s beautiful face.

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