”Yes, this is the star I meant earlier ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that this was the star she was talking about.

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”Are you sure this star can be inhabited, just look from here all parts of it are covered by snow ” Ye Chen doubted that this star could be inhabited by himself and Dongfang Xiu.

From this profound ark, Ye Chen could see that the entire star was covered in snow and ice.

The size of this star is about 100x larger than Earth, so this star is really very large.

”You don ’t need to worry, you can hide in this star for a while. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen not to worry, although this place was indeed covered in snow and ice, this place was very suitable for hiding.

the climate and temperature that existed here was no match for Xui Jin who had previously chased after Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu.

The high mountains and ravines in this star can easily be used to hide from enemies.

”It ’s fine if this is the most suitable place in your opinion to hide from that person ” Ye Chen started moving this profound ark towards the mysterious star in front of him.

Ye Chen finally entered the mysterious star covered in snow and ice.

The temperature in this star is very low, ordinary humans cannot possibly survive if they have to live in extreme temperatures like this.

Luckily, Ye Chen has already inherited the Sage God, so Ye Chen won ’t be affected by the cold temperature in this star.

Along the way, Ye Chen only saw a stretch of snow and ice that stretched far away before his eyes.

”Hey Yuechan, are we currently in the God Realm =? ” Ye Chen asked if this star had entered the realm of God Realm.

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”This star still hasn ’t entered the God Realm = the God Realm realm is still far ahead of us. ” Chu Yeuchan told Ye Chen that the God Realm realm was still far ahead of us.

”So God Realm is still far ahead of us? ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that God Realm would still be far ahead of us.

Ye Chen was looking for a very safe place to put this profound treasure so that Xui Jin wouldn ’t find him.

Finally, after finding the right place, Ye Chen finally felt relieved.

He hoped that after this Xui Jin would never find him again.

”Now everything is safe, it ’s time for me to see the situation of Dongfang Xiu. ” After making sure everything was under control, Ye Chen intended to see the situation of Donfang Xiu.

Ye Chen left the profound ark control room, he went towards the room where Dongfang Xiu was.

When Ye Chen returned to the room where Dongfang Xiu was.
Ye Chen saw that Dongfang Xiu was currently still unconscious.

”Looks like he ’s still not awake ” Ye Chen said in his heart.

Dongfang Xiu still didn ’t wake up, he was currently sleeping very soundly.

Ye Chen approached Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen wanted to see how Dongfang Xiu ’s current condition was.

After checking the situation of Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen concluded that Dongfang Xiu had gotten even better, maybe in the next few hours Dongfang Xiu would wake up.

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When Ye Chen saw Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen found that Dongfang Xiu ’s clothes were still not very well worn, Ye Chen could see Dongfang Xiu ’s half naked body.

Seeing this, Ye Chen decided to tidy up Dongfang Xiu ’s clothes, if Dongfang Xiu woke up and found himself in this state, maybe he would try to kill Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen very deftly tidied Dongfang Xiu ’s clothes back to the way they were before.

After Ye Chen tidied up Dongfang Xiu ’s clothes, Ye Chen slept beside Dongfang Xiu ’s body.

This mattress was so comfortable, Ye Chen really felt that his thoughts became very relaxed when he lay on this bed.

”What should I do now, I can ’t go back to earth, if I force my way back to earth now then I will endanger Zhao Yanyan and the others. ” Ye Chen started to think how he could get out of this kind of situation.

”Sigh. ” Ye Chen sighed, it seems like it will be very difficult to get out of this kind of situation.

Unconsciously Ye Chen fell asleep on this comfortable bed, Ye Chen was really tired, he needed a little time to rest for a while.

Time passed, both Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu slept very peacefully.

”Erm. ” Dongfang Xiu ’s lashes started to tremble, she looked like she had started to regain consciousness.

Ye Chen ’s guess was right that Dongfang Xiu was now conscious.

When Dongfang Xiu opened her eyes, she saw the handsome face Ye Chen had.

Dongfang Xiu was still a little confused by what was happening right now.

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Dongfang Xiu still doesn ’t know what ’s going on here, why is Ye Chen currently sleeping beside herself.

When Dongfang Xiu felt her hand, she felt that she was holding something very large and warm.

Out of intense curiosity Dongfang Xiu began to look down.

When Dongfang Xiu looked down, she saw that right now her gentle hands were holding Big brother Ye Chen downstairs.

”Dongfang Xiu unconsciously shouted and squeezed Ye Chen ’s large object very hard.

Ye Chen, who is currently dreaming of beautiful things, suddenly felt that his younger brother who was under was squeezed very strongly.

”Arggg ” Ye Chen groaned in pain, at this time Ye Chen was in tremendous pain.

Ye Chen tried to let go of Dongfang Xiu ’s hand that was on his younger brother.

After successfully letting go of Dongfang Xiu ’s hand, Ye Chen rolled on the bed while holding his object which was in a lot of pain.

” Are you okay ? ”Seeing that Ye Chen looked so bad, Dongfang Xiu immediately asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was speechless, this pain made Ye Chen want to cry.

Seeing Ye Chen not answering herself, Dongfang Xiu became very worried.

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Donnfang Xiu felt a little guilty, it seemed like what he did previously hurt Ye Chen a lot.

After about 15 minutes of enduring the pain, the pain finally started to subside.

Ye Chen started to look at Dongfang Xiu with a hostile gaze, this beautiful goddess really almost made him lose his source of life.

Dongfang Xiu turned her face to the side, at this time Dongfang Xiu didn ’t dare to look at Ye Chen anymore.

”Where are we now? ”, Dongfang Xiu ’s tone turned very cold towards Ye Chen.

”How do I know, why don ’t you see it yourself ” Ye Chen spoke indifferently to Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen was still angry with what Dongfang Xiu had previously done to his younger brother who was downstairs.

Dongfang Xiu with exquisite movements started to get off the bed, she went outside to see where they were right now.

After Dongfang Xiu left the room, only Ye Chen was left in this room.

”Damn, just watch out you Dongfang Xiu, I will definitely get back at this. ” Ye Chen vowed to repay what Dongfang Xiu did to him.

If something happened to his belongings below, then how could Zhao Yanyan and the other women Ye Chen be, they would definitely be sad for the rest of their lives.

Ye Chen could only pray that nothing would happen to his thing below.

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