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When Ye Chen and Liu Yue entered the building, all the employees Ye Chen met always greeted Liu Yue.

The reason why many Yang employees appreciate Liu Yue is because of his excellent leadership style, even receiving bonuses every year.

Because he is an employee at the company, Liu Yue is really very prosperous.

Some employees also noticed Ye Chen, a handsome man who was carrying a walking box behind President Liu Yue

Liu Yue ’s outside is at the very top of the building so check there for some decent time.

When Ye Chen opened Liu Yue ’s room, Ye Chen saw a very spacious room with an area of ​​about 50 square meters with a very luxurious interior.

This room has very complete facilities, such as a home rather than an office.

Ye Chen will sit down first before I make drinks. ”

Liu Yue invited Ye Chen to sit on a chair, and Liu Yue then went to the coffee machine to make coffee.

If employees outside knew that their most respected president in this place made coffee for young people under the age of twenty they would have been astonished.

Because the employees at this company knew about Liu Yue ’s strong position in this city, even as a big boss from another company who was very arrogant and arrogant, when partnering with Liu Yue Bo there immediately changed that position to be very obedient like feared children.
their teacher.

The reason was quite simple, with just one word coming out of Liu Yue ’s mouth it could easily determine the big boss ’s company.

As one of the normer companies in this city, Liu Yue ’s company takes full advantage of the economic wheel in this city, so discussing other business matters is very much like the company owned by Liu Yue, even the mayor must give a face to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue gave two cups of coffee on one table for her and one for Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen ” was drunk ”

Liu Yue said with a friendly smile to Ye Chen.

”That ’s not Liu Yue, you don ’t need to be too formal.
You can call me.
Ye Chen only ”

”Oh, alright, Ye Chen, you can call me Liu Yue too, you don ’t need to be too formal with me either ”

”Then Ye Chen, what business do you want from me? ”

Liu Yue asked Why Ye Chen suddenly asked to do business.

”For Liu Yue Ye Chen is a person who is quite strong and mysterious, even her grandmother who has been sick for a long time can be healed in just a few days.

Even professional doctors gave up on his grandmother at that time, which made Liu Yue even more desperate.

Contact Liu Yue to meet with Chen Ye and buy Zillao ’s bracelet and finally his grandmother was successfully resolved, and within a few days Liu Yue ’s grandmother could be discharged from the hospital, even the doctor who won her grandmother saw this was a miracle.

Therefore, Liu Yue was very grateful to Chen, for his help, Liu Yue knew the value of the Zillao Bracelet that sold Ye Chen must be the price agreed upon by Hundreds or even more expensive than what Ye Chen tried to try.

”I came here to ask you to sell me something ”

You chen said that he wanted Liu Yue to sell his belongings.

”What goods do I want to sell for you ”.

Liu Yue wondered what object Ye Chen had, could it possibly be something that had magic like the Zillao Bracelet, if so then it would definitely be very expensive if sold.

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”I want you to sell these peaches for me ”

Ye Chen then opened the box he was carrying and its contents.
Peaches issued were about 25 pieces.

This time it was Liu Yue ’s dumbfounded turn, Ye Chen had come all the way here and only wanted to sell peaches, why not come only to the market to sell fruit.

”Eh, Ye Chen, if you want to sell peaches, why not go straight to the market? ”

Liu Yue said while waiting, a little dizzy with Ye Chen.

”But this fruit is different from the others, it tastes really extraordinary ”

Ye Chen explained the difference of the peaches to Liu Yue.

” extraordinary? , indeed the taste of a peach can taste that good ”

The taste of peaches has always been the same, indeed, what can make the difference.

”If you don ’t believe, why not try one? ”

Ye Chen then handed over the Heavenly Peaches to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue received the Heaven peach, Liu Yue saw that this fruit was slightly larger than a peach in general.

Liu Yue then took a knife and split the fruit and began to peel the skin.

After being peeled and cut into pieces, Liu Yue took that one piece and put it in her Cery ’s mouth.

When Liu Yue felt it, it was really very sweet and very tasty, the body also felt very fresh after entering Liu Yue ’s throat.

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Liu Yue had never eaten such delicious food in her life, Liu Yue then took another piece of fruit, until everything was finished quickly.

Ye Chen Terseyum, it seems that the peaches of Heaven do indeed taste lurbiasa, even Liu Yue got addicted.

It was true that Liu Yue was really addicted to the taste of Heavenly peaches, just by trying it once, Liu Yue was not satisfied with just eating 1.

Liu Yue Mulau looked at the peaches in Ye Chen ’s box.

”Ye Chen may I ask for your two more peaches, I promise I will do whatever you want ”

Liu Yue approached Ye Chen Liu Yue said next to Ye Chen ’s ear, a very soft voice and very seductive.

Liu Yue didn ’t care about being a dignified woman anymore, Liu Yue only wanted Heaven peaches from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was almost absentminded to see the change of Liu Yue in a flash of time, from a woman with a dignified attitude to teasing Like this.

Moreover, doing what Yang Ye Chen wanted for Liu Yue, Ye Chen began to fantasize about bringing Liu Yue the Queen of this business onto her bed.

But Ye Chen shook his head and Quickly threw away his dirty thoughts, Ye Chen came here to do business, not to do that.

”Fine, I ’ll give you two more, but promise that you should help me sell them to rich people. ”

Ye Chen said his request

”Yes, I promise with that ”

Liu Yue immediately answered to quickly get the peach.

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Ye Chen then handed the two peaches to Liu Yue.

”Thank you Ye Chen ”

Liu Yue was very thankful Ye Chen wanted to give him just this Heavenly peach.

Seeing Liu Yue Like a little girl who just got her favorite candy, Ye Chen Terseyum.

”So how are you going to sell these peaches? ”

Ye Chen asked how Liu Yue ’s method was to sell it.

”You arrived on time, today our company will auction off some goods, and we can promote this fruit at that auction too ”

Liu Yue said that today there will be an auction held by his company.

”But how do I do it? ”

Ye Chen asked.

”You don ’t need to think about it.
I already have my own plan for it. ”
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Liu Yue confidently said that.

”Let ’s prepare everything in advance ”

Liu Yue then stored the peach in a very safe place, then invited Ye Chen to go to the place where he held the auction.

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