Dongfang Xiu waved her hand, immediately the two water dragons that were heading towards her turned into ice statues.

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Hai Ming was quite surprised when he saw the two water dragons he just summoned were turned into ice by Dongfang Xiu so easily.

It seemed that Dongfang Xiu ’s increased strength was enormous.

”I told you before to get out of my way. ” Dongfang Xiu warned Hai Ming to get out of her way immediately.

”My goddess, I told you that you have to come with me back, you must obey the words of your future husband. ” Hai Ming doesn ’t want to get out of the way, whatever happens he has to bring Dongfang Xiu back.

Dongfang Xiu was not happy when Hai Ming said that she was the woman, until whenever Dongfang Xiu would not want to be with this man.

”You forced me to do this. ” Dongfang Xiu took the snow butterfly sword.

Inevitably Dongfang Xiu had to beat this person if she wanted to see the state of Ye Chen.

”Okay, Goddess, then let ’s have a little fun. ” Hai Ming looks very happy, he can play with Dongfang Xiu.

Hai Ming didn ’t think of this fight as serious, Hai Ming thought that this fight was just a sparring game.

Both Hai Ming and Dongfang Xiu could not possibly injure each other, if that happened there would be a deterioration in the relationship between Sacred Heaven Star Realm and Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

Hai Ming and Dongfang Xiu ’s status was both high, both of them were the best of the current generation who were greatly guarded by each side, the two camps could not possibly let anything happen to Hai Ming or Dongfang Xiu.

Even today, Sacred Heaven Star Realm and Immortal Profound Sea Realmdeliberately wanted to have an arranged marriage between Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming in order to have a profitable relationship.

In essence, the matchmaking between Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming was used to seek benefits from each other.

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If there is no benefit, then things like this will never happen or will never be done by Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

The point is that without a benefit and an advantage nothing will happen.

Hai Ming took out the weapon he had, Hai Ming ’s weapon in the form of a stick that was blue like sea water.

, clang.
, clang.
, clang.
, ”In the exchange that Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming just had, the result seemed to be a draw.

Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming ’s strength was evenly matched.

”How great, you are now much stronger than the last time we met, it seems you have practiced really hard. ” Hai Ming admitted that Dongfang Xiu ’s current strength was no longer weaker than what he currently has.

Dongfang Xiu had to hurry up and end this battle, she was even more worried about Ye Chen who was far away.

Dongfang Xiu has absolutely no idea what happened to Ye Chen, I hope Ye Chen will be fine.

Dongfang Xiu started to close her eyes.
A giant snow butterfly appeared behind Dongfang Xiu ’s body, the giant snow butterfly now looked much bigger than before.

”Blizzard ”, the snow butterfly that was behind Dongfang Xiu began to flap the wings she had.

As the snow butterfly flaps its wings, a very violent blizzard begins to envelop the star.

Lots of ice debris flying everywhere because of this snow storm.

Hai Ming ’s body began to be enveloped in ice, Hai Ming ’s body gradually started to freeze.

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Hai Ming saw that his body was beginning to be enveloped in very cold ice.

Hai Ming intended to use the full strength he had to destroy the ice enveloping him.

An extremely terrifying force started coming out of Hai Ming ’s body.

When this power came out, 1/6 of the ice in this star started to crack and rose to the sky, this proved how strong Hai Ming ’s power was.

Both Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming were actually using their full strength.

This planet was shaken badly by the power released by Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming

”You two ,stop fighting. ” When Hai Ming wanted to use the full strength he had, suddenly an old voice stopped Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming who were fighting.

An old man with white hair appeared near the battle area between Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming.

The old man who had just arrived looked very fit even though he looked very old.

Next to this old man there is a woman who has a very beautiful face, this woman has long black hair with bangs on the front.

Currently, the woman with the beautiful face beside the old man is wearing a dress that is very similar to the cheongsam on earth.

The beautiful woman immediately went over to Dongfang Xiu ’s side.

”Greetings great elder, greetings great elder Dongfang Gin ”, Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming greeted the old man who had just come.

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The old man who had just arrived was a great elder from the Sacred Heaven Star Realm, it was because of this that Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming had enough respect for the arrival of this old man.

”Why are you two fighting in a place like this? ”, Dongfang Gin asked why Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming could fight in a place like this.

”Great elder Donfgang Gin, we are just playing a little game here, correct my Goddess. ” Hai Ming is very quickly looking for an excuse to make him look good in front of Dongfang Gin.

”Hemmpp. ” Dongfang Xiu sniffed coldly at Hai Ming, she looked dissatisfied with Hai Ming.

Dongfang Gin could only shake his head when he saw Dongfang Xiu acting like that to Hai Ming.

Dongfang Gin saw Dongfang Xiu ’s current cultivation level, it was unexpected that Dongfang Xiu had reached the fourth stage of Divine Overlord Realm, this was a very extraordinary improvement.

”Dongfang Xiu, come with me back to Sacred Heaven Star Realm, your father will be very happy when he finds out that your strength has increased a lot. ” Dongfang Gin invited Dongfang Xiu to return to Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

Dongfang Gin opened a stream of dimensional hole flow.
behind him.

”Come with me ” Dongfang Gin invited everyone to return to the Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

”Great elder, I want to see the person who helped me first, he was just injured by Hai Ming. ” Dongfang Xiu refused Dongfang Gin ’s invitation to return to the Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

The current Dongfang Xiu was very worried about Ye Chen ’s situation.

”You can leave the matter to your maid, now you come with me back to Sacred Heaven Star Realm with me ” Dongfang Gin told Dongfang Xiu to hand over this matter to the maid beside her

” Dongfang Xiu still hesitated to leave this matter to her personal maid.

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”Just do it, we don ’t have much time. ” Dongfang Gin didn ’t have time for this, he had to quickly bring Dongfang Xiu back to Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

Dongfang Xiu really couldn ’t go against the orders from Dongfang Gin.

”Great elder, I asked for a moment to talk to my maid. ” Dongfang Xiu asked for a moment to talk to her personal maid.

”Fine, but hurry. ” Dongfang Gin allowed Dongfang Xiu to speak privately with the maid.

Dongfang Xiu started telling her maid a few things, she asked her personal maid to take care of Ye Chen and not let anything bad happen to Ye Chen.

”Give this to her too. ” Dongfang Xiu gave a letter to the beautiful maid in front of her.

”Yes, miss. ” The beautiful maid nodded at Dongfang Xiu, she received a letter from Dongfang Xiu.

”Let ’s go ” Dongfang Gin took Dongfang Xiu and Hai Ming away from this remote place.

Dongfang Gin and Hai Ming entered first into the dimensional hole flow.

Dongfang Xiu followed behind the two of them, before Dongfang Xiu entered the dimensional hole flow, she looked at where Ye Chen was.

She felt reluctant to leave Ye Chen whose circumstances were unknown.

But if he continued to be here, then she would drag Ye Chen into unwanted troubles, Dongfang Xiu didn ’t want that to happen to Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu entered into the flow of the dimensional hole, before Dongfang Xiu entered A tear fell from Dongfang Xiu ’s cheek.

 After everyone entered the flow of the dimensional hole disappeared, Now in this star there are only beautiful women and Ye Chen alone.

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