When Ye Chen ’s fingers started massaging her body, she felt an extremely pleasant feeling, this feeling made her body very excited.

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, ”Subconsciously the woman who was being massaged by Ye Chen groaned in a very coquettish tone.

This woman tried to hold back her voice from leaking out, unfortunately the enjoyment of Ye Chen ’s fingers made a moan of hers leak out.

This woman ’s body also started to tremble when Ye Chen massaged her body.

, Stop.
, ”This woman told Ye Chen to stop it.

”Take it easy, I just started warming up. ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to stop, he just started doing a warm-up, the real thing is just about to start.

Ye Chen started massaging every inch of the woman ’s body in front of him, Ye Chen had found this woman ’s most sensitive point, now is the time to let this woman know who he is.

., Emmm.
”The woman in front of Ye Chen continued to groan, it seemed that this woman really enjoyed Ye Chen ’s massage technique.

”Hey sister are you okay? ”The woman outside began to ask about the situation of the woman who was currently receiving a massage from Ye Chen.

” I am alright.
., you don ’t need to worry.
”In a voice that was not very clear she informed the woman outside this room.

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The woman outside was quite worried about the state of their sister who was in the room with Ye Chen.

The woman outside did not expect to hear this kind of groaning again, actually how great was Ye Chen ’s technique that it could make the woman inside groan with a voice like that.

This woman ’s face looks very satisfied, she begins to lose the sanity she has.

Ye Chen ’s massage technique was truly amazing, she felt that she was taken to the seventh heaven by Ye Chen ’s massage.

This is even more Great than having Dual Cultivation relationships with the opposite sex.

She felt that she wouldn ’t be able to come back after feeling this kind of feeling.

The face of Ni Zhi who was next to became so red , that she did not expect to see the senior sister she observed in this state by Ye Chen.

The senior sister ’s face was too lustful, she looked like she was having an intimate relationship with a man.

5 minutes later Ye Chen stopped the massage session for this woman, Ye Chen thought that this was enough.

This woman ’s Yinqi wasn ’t very much, Ye Chen couldn ’t expect more from this woman.

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The condition of the woman under Ye Chen was very messy, and her body was soaked with sweat, while the skirt she was wearing was soaked with a very sticky liquid.

 It is clear that this woman has reached the pinnacle of happiness several times in just 5 minutes.

”It ’s finished, you can go. ” Ye Chen invited this woman to come out and change with another woman who was outside.

This woman tried to get up from the floor, unfortunately she was too weak to get up from the floor

”Senior sister, let me help you. ” Ni Zhi decided to help her senior sister who seemed to be in serious trouble.

”Thank you very much ” This woman thanked Ni Zhi.

Fortunately, in this room there is Ni Zhi, if it is not possible that at this time he will come out crawling, Ye Chen ’s technique is so terrifying, she has never tried something so amazing like before.

Both body, soul and mind that he possessed were very satisfied, she really didn ’t mind being Ye Chen ’s servant for life as long as he could feel that way once again.

Ni Zhi took her Senior Sister outside, when they arrived outside, they were immediately surrounded by women who were waiting outside.

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”Sister, what happened to you? ”One by one the women outside asked the women who had just finished tasting Ye Chen ’s massage technique.

They saw that the condition of the woman who came out of Ye Chen ’s room was very messy.

”Nothing happened, I was just massaged by that man. ” This woman answered questions from everyone outside.

”Who is next, if not there I will go back to sleep ” Seeing that no woman entered the room, Ye Chen decided to call the woman outside.

All the women outside looked at each other, they were a little afraid to go inside after seeing what happened to the woman who was previously massaged by Ye Chen.

”Get in quickly, don ’t let you miss this golden opportunity, you will definitely not be disappointed after entering there, ” she immediately ordered the woman outside to come inside.

She wanted to share the joy he felt with the women outside.

”Let me try it, I want to see what kind of abilities this young man has ”.
a Mature woman who looks very Sexy and dares to say to all the women who are outside.

She said that he wanted to try Ye Chen ’s technique, she couldn ’t believe that just a massage could make a sound like that.

A sexy adult woman entered the room where Ye Chen was, she very confidently entered the room where Ye Chen was.

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”Sister Fii has really gone inside, that young man will definitely become a toy for sister Fii. ” The women who were outside felt sorry for Ye Chen.

This woman named Fii is quite famous among female students because her experience and Charm ability are quite strong.

Every man who confronts this woman named Fii will definitely be controlled Men very quickly, because these are women who are beyond pity for Ye Chen.

.., ahhh.
., this is amazing, please be stronger.
”When the woman outside was discussing what would happen to Ye Chen later, suddenly from inside the room where Ye Chen was, there was a woman ’s groaning voice that was even bolder than before.

All the women outside were dumbfounded when they heard that the highly experienced Sister Fii would make such a groan.

The women outside became increasingly curious about Ye Chen ’s massage technique, even a woman who was so experienced that she was forced to let out a groan like this.

”Hey-hey sister, how great is the massage technique that young man has that sister Fii makes such a voice. ” All the women here immediately sought answers to the women who had previously experienced Ye Chen ’s massage technique.

”That young man ’s massage technique can ’t be described using words, which is definitely more fun than doing Dual Cultivation. ” The woman who previously felt Ye Chen ’s technique smiled with interest.

finally she was able to share what she had felt to the woman who was here.

The faces of the women outside the room turned red, especially those who were still pure virgins who had never felt like doing this with men, they became curious about Ye Chen ’s massage technique.

The women outside could only wait their turn to find out how great Ye Chen ’s technique was.

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