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The second peach auction was valued at five hundred and fifty thousand dollars, then the Peach auction continued until the twenty Ye Chen ’s heavenly peaches were sold and Ye Chen had a profit of around 12 million dollars, that was a number Ye Chen had never imagined that Paradise peaches can be sold that much.

Finally, Chen Chen ’s dream to change his life has been fulfilled in just one day.
Ye Chen has become a young millionaire.

The people who got the peaches were very happy, some of them immediately paid and took the heavenly peaches, then the people who won them, hugged the heaven peaches like a very valuable item to them.

People who can ’t get peaches are disappointed, even just eating one bite they still can ’t forget the taste of peaches in heaven.

”Ye Chen is saved because all of your peaches have been sold at a very high price. ”

Liu Yue, who always sat next to Ye Chen and continued to observe the auction proceedings, congratulated Ye Chen, after all of Ye Chen ’s fruit was successful at the auction.

”This is also thanks to the help of your Liu Yue, if not an auction from your company then surely my Peaches will only sell thousands of dollars ”

Ye Chen was grateful for the help Liu Yue had given him.

”Then don ’t forget to often give me Peaches for free if you only have them, okay? ”

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Liu Yue likes being called by Ye Terseyum ’s sister with a beautiful and charming character that can make men captivated by their smile.

” okay ”

”Well, let ’s continue with the next item ”

The master of ceremonies continues to auction the next item, the next auction items include antiquity, paintings, jewelry, etc.

The items that were auctioned turned out to have quite fantastic price values ​​as well even some that were bargained by millions of people who attended this auction.

Ye Chen was quite disappointed because all items were just ordinary items, but Ye Chen hoped to find treasure in this auction.
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”Now, ladies and gentlemen, finally we have arrived at the end of today ’s auction, and this time there will be 3 Last items that we will auction to all people here, quickly bring the first item here ”

The master of ceremonies tells someone to bring a special item to the front of the stage which is also covered by a piece of cloth.

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Ye Chen immediately raised his eyebrows.
After this item was brought out, because Ye Chen felt that inside the cloth was a spiritual instrument, but Ye Chen did not know what Tier Artifact it was.

The host then opened the cover and a white pendant necklace with a fairly complicated pattern Exposed to all the people in this place.

”Ye Chen, you must get the pendant necklace ”

This time Chu Yuechan ’s voice was heard in Ye Chen ’s head.

”Yuechan, do you know what spiritual device this is, and in what Tier is it? ”

Ye Chen Asked what spiritual instrument this was because Ye Chen could not identify it.

”This is a celestial Tier spiritual instrument, I also didn ’t expect that such a High Tier artifact could appear in a place like this, otherwise the name of this artifact is the Reideran Pendant necklace ”

Chu Yuechan explained the name of the artifact to be auctioned.

Ye Chen had heard from Gu Xuan that above Tier 10 there were still other tiers, namely the Earth Tier, the Heaven Tier, the Legend Tier, and the most Peak was the Heavenly Tier.

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Heavenly Tier is a spiritual tool that has the ability to oppose the laws of the world until now no one knows how this spiritual tool was made, even experts in Spiritual Weapons In the heyday of the Gods were only able to make Tier Legend, even though it took hundreds to millions of years to make spiritual tools Tier Legend.

The reason for the old manufacturing is because to get ingredients in Tier Legend is very difficult to get.

As for the Heavenly Tier, held by 4 True Gods, and 5 Demon Emperors, the sage deity is the only deity who does not have a Heavenly Tier spiritual instrument, but the sage deity remains recognized as the most powerful despite the spiritual tools of the Heavenly Tier.

for the current era the earth Tier spiritual instrument alone is difficult to find, even if the earth tier spiritual instrument Appears then there will definitely be bloodshed of many Cultivators in the Goddess Religion.

And Ye Chen this time discovered the Heavenly Tier spiritual instrument.
How could Ye Chen want to release it?

”Yue Chan do you know what the function of this spiritual device is? ”

Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan the purpose of the Reideran Pendant.

”What I read from the book of this spiritual tool can fully hide the power of the wearer, if usually the spiritual tool hides the power if you use your power will be exposed by others, but if you use this Reideran Pendant necklace, even if you release your real power, this bracelet can still hide your level ”

Refreshing explanation from Chu Yuu Ye Chen, interested to have this Reideran Pendant necklace, this Reideran Pendant necklace is very useful for Ye Chen in the future, because it can make the enemy off guard.

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When Fighting, cultivators are very careful with enemies who hide their strength, but if the Enemy is known to be weak then the cultivator will brittle and relax his defenses, when Wearing this Reideran pendant necklace Like a dragon disguised as a Sheep waiting for the wolf and eating it.

”And there is still one more ace that is possessed by this Reideran Pendant necklace, you can store your strength in this necklace and when your power is released it will become a frightening weapon, the longer the power that accumulates Strong Man is also an attack that is issued, but the weakness of the enemy can also avoid it ”

Chu Yuechan said that a hidden card can be used by this Reideran Pendant Necklace.

”Ladies and gentlemen, this pendant necklace is found in a cave in the depths of the forest, and our people do not know the usefulness of this object, but they are quite old, the person who invented this pendant will want to sell it at an initial price of 2 million, offers start from Now ”

After being announced by the female host, there are still no people who dare to bid because the information is very minimal.

The lady of the show is disappointed because no one wants to bid on this item, the lady of the show doesn ’t know how it can, the pendant necklace is very lacking in information This can get to the top of the auction event.

Because at the top of an auctioned item, many people will start offering it, but now after 30 seconds there is still no one who wants to bid on this pendant necklace.

The female presenter is quite awkward because all this time, the female presenter has never met such specialists while at the top of the auction item.

”Two million one hundred ”

People present immediately turned around and saw that the voice came from the VIP room above, the people in the VIP room were usually people who had quite a lot of assets, because that was quite troublesome to compete with those in the VIP room.

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