Wu Limin looked scared when he said this to Qing Cheng, he didn ’t expect that Qing Cheng would be angry because her female disciple said that to Ye Chen.

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”Where did that girl come from? I want to know everything. ” Qing Cheng told Wu Limin to tell her where the woman who insulted Ye Chen came from.

Wu Limin immediately told Qing Cheng about the origin of the woman who insulted Ye Chen and wanted to expel Ye Chen.

”So this girl is the daughter of the city lord, it ’s no wonder she is very arrogant, after this event I want you to punish her, do you understand? ”, Qing Cheng said to Wu Limin.

”Fine sister Cheng , I will understand. ” Wu Limin nodded at Qing Cheng.

Wu Limin could only blame her female disciple for trying to offend Ye Chen who had a relationship with Qing Cheng.

A few minutes later Cheng Mengyan returned carrying a zither with a beautiful ornate decoration.

Cheng Mengyan walked over to Ye Chen and gave the zither she had in her hand to Ye Chen.

”This is for you. ” Cheng Mengyan handed over her zither to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received a zither from Cheng Mengyan ”I didn ’t expect that you would join something like this. ” Ye Chen whispered in Cheng Mengyan ’s ear.

Ye Chen ’s voice was very small, only Cheng Mengyan could hear Ye Chen ’s voice.

Cheng Mengyan ’s face turned red when she heard this, she was quite ashamed of Ye Chen because she was following something like this.

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With a reddened face Cheng Mengyan returned to where she should have been.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw Cheng Mengyan run away like a cat that had just been stepped on by its tail.

The male participants were quite jealous of Cheng Mengyan ’s treatment of Ye Chen, if they had known this they would have previously pretended to be Ye Chen so that one of these beauties would want to lend them something like Ye Chen.

Unfortunately time cannot be repeated, they can only regret not getting special treatment like Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the zither in his hand, Cheng Mengyan ’s zither looked very expensive, it seemed that this was a personal zither that Cheng Mengyan often used.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Cheng Mengyan also liked zither like Zhao Yanyan, it seems that these two women have the same liking for each other.

Ye Chen started to sit cross-legged in the middle of the hall, he was getting ready to play zither.

The people who were here waiting for Ye Chen to play a musical instrument, they wanted to hear whether Ye Chen ’s playing was good or bad.

Ye Chen started to play zither, when Ye Chen played this zither, a very melodious tone of voice began to fill the entire hall.

This tone of voice was so beautiful, everyone here had never heard of someone playing the zither as good as Ye Chen.

That ’s why Ye Chen ’s zither skills cannot be underestimated.

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Everyone began to enjoy Ye Chen ’s exquisite zither playing

The six beauties in front were dumbfounded by Ye Chen ’s zither game, they all didn ’t believe that Ye Chen could playing good zither.

Cheng Mengyan was the one who was most fascinated when she heard Ye Chen ’s zither play, Cheng Mengyan unconsciously smiled very beautifully.

After 7 minutes of playing the zither, Ye Chen finally finished the song he was playing.

” applause .
.,applause .
.,applause .
., ”The people who were here applauded Ye Chen.

They all praised Ye Chen ’s talent, after finishing showing what little ability he had, Ye Chen returned this beautiful zither to its original owner, Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan received the zither from Ye Chen, she looked very happy when she received the zither from Ye Chen.

After Ye Chen returned the zither to Cheng Mengyan, he returned to his seat.

As Ye Chen walked to his chair, he saw that Nanhua Caiyi was looking at him with the crystal-clear eyes she had.

Nanhua Caiyi suddenly smiled very softly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen doesn ’t know what Nanhua Caiyi is thinking of him, which is certain that Ye Chen feels that Nanhua Caiyi has other meanings to him.

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Ye Chen started to ignore Nanhua Caiyi, he immediately went to Qing Cheng ’s side.

”I ’m more and more interested in a man named Ye Chen, I think I want to play with Ye Chen a little. ” Nanhua Caiyi already knew Ye Chen ’s name.

When Ye Chen introduced himself earlier Nanhua Caiyi immediately remembered Ye Chen ’s name.

Nanhua Caiyi always remembered something that attracted her, because Ye Chen could attract herself, so Nanhua Caiyi remembered Ye Chen very well.

”That was a really great ” Qing Yifi was a woman who said to Ye Chen, Qing Yifi really liked the zither play Ye Chen showed.

”That was just normal, there are still people who can play better than me. ” In this world there are still many people who can play a better zither than him.

”Besides being talented, it turns out that you are also very low profile, there is rarely a young man like you in this world, ” the glamorous woman Qing Hongyu said to Ye Chen.

Qing Hongyu very rarely saw a young man like Ye Chen who was low profile, usually young men would be very arrogant with the abilities they had.

Ye Chen smiled at the glamorous woman Qing Hongyu.

”Thanks to young master Ye Chen, it was a very beautiful ending. ” Pei thanked Ye Chen for presenting a very beautiful musical instrument.

”OK, the next stage ,is the final stage or the stage of determination, at this stage the participants must show the strength they have, ” Pei began to explain the rules of the game in this last stage.

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In this last stage all participants must show the strengths they have.

”Here we have a tool to measure a person ’s strength, all you need to do is use your full strength to attack this tool, after you attack this tool a number will appear, the higher the number, the stronger the power he have ”,Pei told everyone that their strength would be tested using a special tool.

 This tool can be used to find out a person ’s strength, the higher a person ’s strength, the higher the number they will get.

”Okay everyone has three chances to try. ” Each participant will be given three chances to attack this tool, the highest score will be used as the benchmark.

”Well what a coincidence, in this last stage there will be a mystery prize for the person who can get the highest score ” Pei told everyone here that there is a mystery prize for the participant who can get the highest score.

The participants became so excited when they heard this, they couldn ’t wait to get the mysterious prize that would be given to the winner.

”Okay, let ’s just start, please the first participant to come forward ” Pei told the first participant to try it.

The first participant immediately came forward, this participant immediately put up a stance to attack the power gauge in front of him.

”Tornado kick ” the first participant jumps up and starts kicking several times in the air,

” the first participant ’s kick regarding the measuring instrument of strength.

”220 ” a number appeared on the power gauge.

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