Even though Qing Yinan herself, who was currently at the eighth stage of the Sky Realm, was only able to get a score of around 8600.

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Ye Chen ’s score was almost 10x that of Qing Yinan.

This tool was able to measure a person ’s strength to the Emperor Realm level, meaning that Ye Chen was much stronger than a cultivator at the Emperor Realm level.

”Hey sister Cheng, what cultivation level does Ye Chen have? ” ,Qing Hongyu immediately asked what level of cultivation Ye Chen had.

It wasn ’t just Qing Hongyu who was curious about this, Qing Yinan, Wu Limin, Zhou Xi and Qing Yifi were just as curious as Qing Hongyu.

”fufufu, who knows, I also don ’t really know what the husband ’s level is. ” Qing Cheng answered Qing Hongyu ’s question with a slight giggle.

 Qing Cheng ’s answer made Qing Yinan, Qing Hongyu, Wu Limin, Zhou Xi and Qing Yifi even more curious.

They all want to know the strength that Ye Chen has.

Husband really doesn ’t know how to hold back ” Qing Cheng muttered in her heart.

The attack that Ye Chen had just launched almost made the sect hall collapse, if only this sect hall had not been built with solid enough stone, Qing Cheng was very sure that this sect hall had collapsed earlier.

., ouch.
., ouch.
., ”Pei tried to get up from the floor, because she was too close to Ye Chen, she received the worst impact among all the people in this.

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Pei immediately saw Ye Chen who was standing several tens of meters in front of her, when she saw the power gauge in front of Ye Chen, she was very shocked.

Pei didn ’t expect that the power gauge would be broken by Ye Chen.

She started to remember the words that Ye Chen had previously said, Pei did not expect that if Ye Chen ’s words were real, he could actually destroy the power gauge.

” That .
.,That .
,Young master Ye Chen ’s score is 99999.
”Pei stuttered a little when asked to read out Ye Chen ’s score, she had never seen someone who got a score like Ye Chen.

Everyone also did not believe Ye Chen ’s score, this score was 100x stronger than that of the strongest participant in this place.

The woman who was the most happy about was Cheng Mengyan, she was so happy when Ye Chen got such a high score.

With this high score, the women beside her wouldn ’t dare to sneer and insult Ye Chen again.

The beauties still couldn ’t believe it when Pei read out the results of the score obtained by Ye Chen, these six beauties still couldn ’t believe that the young man they previously thought was weak was so strong.

The eyes of these six beauties became starry when they found out about this, if Ye Chen was this strong then the future life they had would be very guaranteed.

These six beauties had already decided in their hearts to choose Ye Chen, no matter what, they had to get Ye Chen.

Even though Ye Chen didn ’t have a good background, with Ye Chen ’s current strength he could easily do whatever he wanted.

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Plus Ye Chen is still a very handsome man, these six beauties of course like handsome men like Ye Chen.

Nanhua Caiyi smiled even more beautifully when she saw the strength displayed by Ye Chen.

Nanhua Caiyi knew that Ye Chen was very strong, from just now she had guessed that Ye Chen had not shown the full strength he had.

If Ye Chen showed the full strength he had, then the Cherry Blossom Sect could flatten the ground.

What made Nanhua Caiyi feel strange was the level of cultivation that Ye Chen had, when Ye Chen released the attack just now Nanhua Caiyi still couldn ’t tell what cultivation Ye Chen had.

Nanhua Caiyi wanted to know what methods Ye Chen was using to hide the level of cultivation he had.

”Young master Ye Chen, congratulations on getting the highest score, here is a prize for you. ” Pei gave a gift box to Ye Chen.

Inside this box was a mysterious gift that Pei had said before.

”Thank you very much. ” Ye Chen received the box from Pei ’s hand.

”You can open your present later ” Pei whispered to Ye Chen to open this box for later.

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Ye Chen smiled at Pei, he also already intended to look at the prize in this box for later.

”Okay, after 3 quite long stages we finally arrived at the time to determine the results, now the seven beauties have got a picture of all of you. ” Pei told all the participants that the event was over, it ’s time to determine the results.

These beauties will choose the most suitable man after seeing and knowing the strengths, talents, and influence that each participant has.

”Well now you can start to say which male participant has won your heart. ” Pei invited the seven beauties to make their choice.

The male participants couldn ’t wait for the results, they hoped that they would be chosen by one of these seven beauties.

Ye Chen himself didn ’t really care about the outcome, Ye Chen was sure that Cheng Mengyan would choose him, so he wasn ’t too worried about this matter.

”3, 2, 1, please ” pei invites the seven beauties to tell which man deserves them.

”Ye Chen. ” Cheng Menngyan and the other six beauties answered simultaneously.

”Ehhh! ! ! ! ”All the male participants who were here were so shocked when they heard that the seven beauties chose Ye Chen,

Everyone was also shocked when they heard this, they didn ’t expect that the result would be like this.

There has never been a situation where all beauties chose the same man.

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Ye Chen is the first man in history who can do this.

”Didn ’t you previously sneer and insult Ye Chen, why did you even choose him? ” Cheng disliked when she saw the six beauties beside her also chose Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan felt that they were no match for Ye Chen, before they insulted Ye Chen with inappropriate words.

But after seeing that Ye Chen was very strong, they immediately turned around and wanted Ye Chen.

”Who pouted and insulted Ye Chen, we never did that, we admire Ye Chen in our hearts ” the woman who previously insulted Ye Chen started acting admiring Ye Chen.

This woman was very shameless, even though she previously said that Ye Chen was poor and weak, but now that she found out that Ye Chen was very strong, she now started acting admiring Ye Chen.

”What a shameless woman you are. ” Cheng Mengyan pointed at the shameless woman beside her.

”Oh my, the situation is getting more complicated ” Qing Yinan, Qing Hongyu, Wu Limin, Zhou Xi and Qing Yifi were helpless when they saw this.

”Fufufu, this has become more and more interesting. ” Qing Cheng really liked seeing this, she was very, very interested when she saw Ye Chen being fought like this.

Qing Cheng became more and more interested in this, Qing Cheng was very curious about what would happen next.

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