Nanhua Caiyi didn ’t feel any special changes in herself, Nanhua Caiyi felt that there wasn ’t a contract forming on her body.

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”What kind of contract did you give me? Why can ’t I feel it? ” Nanhua Caiyi couldn ’t feel the contract that Ye Chen had given me.

”This is a special contract where you can still do whatever you want as long as it doesn ’t harm me. ” Ye Chen told Nanhua Caiyi about the contract he made with Nanhua Caiyi.

”Really? Let me try it. ” Nanhua Caiyi was a little curious about Ye Chen ’s words, she wanted to try what kind of contract she had with Ye Chen.

Nanhua Caiyi gave Ye Chen a killing aura, currently Nanhua Caiyi is thinking of killing Ye Chen.

When Nanhua Caiyi thought of doing something bad to Ye Chen, she felt that her body suddenly became hot and very uncomfortable.

Nanhua Caiyi felt her legs suddenly become very weak.

Nanhua Caiyi who felt limp fell to the floor, Nanhua Caiyi ’s face turned red and she started to become breathless, she looked like a very lustful woman.

Seeing the strange changes made by Nanhua Caiyi, Ye Chen immediately asked Nanhua Caiyi ’s situation.

”Hey, are you okay? ”, Asked Ye Chen to Nanhua Caiyi.

”My body feels hot and very uncomfortable, young master please help me. ” Nanhua Caiyi asked Ye Chen for help to get rid of the discomfort in her body.

This discomfort was really torturous for Nanhua Caiyi, Nanhua Caiyi felt that right now there were a lot of insects crawling on her body.

plus the bottom part when it is very itchy.

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Se really needed Ye Chen ’s help to overcome this discomfort.

Why did Nanhua Caiyi become weird after forming a contract with him.

”Hey Yuechan, what kind of contract did you give me just now? ”Ye Chen immediately asked Chu Yuechan what contract she just awarded.

”This is the Servant Love Contract, if she intends to do something bad for You, then the contract will be active and she will become a very passionate woman. ”

”The only person who can heal her is you alone, if another man touches her, she will feel tremendous pain. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen what kind of contract she had just given.

Chu Yeuchan seemed to be giggling when giving this kind of contract to Ye Chen.

”Why don ’t you give me an ordinary master and servant contract ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

”Fufufuf, a contract like that is too weak to bind a woman like her, with this Servant Love Contract you can make this woman a bed warmer if you want ” Chu Yuechan giggled at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was very helpless with Chu Yuechan ’s mischievous actions, everything had happened, he would not be able to undo this.

Nanhua Caiyi began to become a very passionate woman, currently what Nanhua Caiyi wanted was only Ye Chen.

Nanhua Caiyi ’s entire mind was only filled by Ye Chen, nothing else in this world could replace Ye Chen in her mind.

Nanhua Caiyi started rubbing Ye Chen ’s younger brother who was downstairs.

Due to the highly skilled and gentle stimulation of Nanhua Caiyi ’s hands, Ye Chen ’s younger brother who was below began to rise from his sleep.

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”Master, you better make Nanhua Caiyi satisfied right away, if she continues like this, then it will be really bad. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to do something about Nanhua Caiyi.

Ye Chen indeed had to do something to Nanhua Caiyi, if he continued like this it would be very embarrassing for Ye Chen.

In addition to the temptation of Nanhua Caiyi, which is very unbearable, Ye Chen is still a normal man, when he sees a beautiful and sexy woman like Nanhua Caiyi, of course he will also be excited.

Ye Chen started to take Nanhua Caiyi into his arms, Ye Chen began to reach into Nanhua Caiyi ’s clothes to reach Nanhua Caiyi ’s double peak.

When Ye Chen touched Nanhua Caiyi ’s double peak, he could feel that it was extremely soft and had a very flawless shape.

It was like touching the softest Tofu in this world.

Ye Chen ’s hand started to touch this soft double peak and pinched the cherry bud that belonged to Nanhua Caiyi.

When Ye Chen played with Nanhua Caiyi body, Nanhua Caiyi felt immense pleasure.

As an experienced woman Nanhua Caiyi had never felt such a feeling, this feeling was extremely comfortable for Nanhua Caiyi.

, ahhh.
, ahhh.
, Young master please do more.
”Nanhua Caiyi asked Ye Chen to do this even more.

She wanted a sense of comfort more than this.

Since Nanhua Caiyi excused herself, Ye Chen started to do this even harder.

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He pinched and continued to play Nanhua Caiyi ’s two soft double peaks.

Nanhua Caiyi ’s soft moaning sound echoed through this nearly sect hall.

Luckily there were no people around this place.

If until now someone had approached and heard this voice, they would have easily guessed that Ye Chen and Nanhua Caiyi were having a male and female relationship.

Time passed very quickly, during these 15 minutes Ye Chen was still playing with Nanhua Caiyi ’s double top.

”Ahhh, I ’m out again.
This is great.
”Nanhua Caiyi shouted to Ye Chen, in these 15 minutes, Nanhua Caiyi has just come out for the third time, the feeling of reaching the top is indeed very comfortable.

In her life this was the first time that Nanhua Caiyi had reached the pinnacle of happiness as a woman.

Nanhua Caiyi didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would be this great, even without doing Dual Cultivation relationships, Nanhua Caiyi had already been made to the top several times.

Nanhua Caiyi probably won ’t be able to leave Ye Chen behind forever.

After reaching the top three times, Nanhua Caiyi ’s condition started to improve.

She now looks normal as before.

After Nanhua Caiyi ’s condition returned to normal, Ye Chen decided to let Nanhua Caiyi go.

”Caiyi, hurry up and change your clothes with new ones. ” Ye Chen told Nanhua Caiyi to change the clothes she was wearing with new ones.

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Currently the clothes that Nanhua Caiyi were wearing were wet, it wasn ’t good to let Nanhua Caiyi wear wet clothes like that.

The people outside the sect would misunderstand him if they saw Nanhua Caiyi in this appearance.

”Okay, I understand. ” Nanhua Caiyi understands, she will change clothes with new ones.

Nanhua Caiyi formed a barrier around Ye Chen and herself.

The barrier that Nanhua Caiyi created would prevent outsiders from seeing what was inside this barrier.

After creating a barrier around herself and Ye Chen.
Nanhua Caiyi started to take off the clothes she had.

In front of the current Ye Chen Nanhua Caiyi was completely naked.

Nanhua Caiyi ’s perfect naked body was now displayed before Ye Chen ’s eyes.

Ye Chen was no longer surprised when he saw Nanhua Caiyi ’s courage, it was clear that Nanhua Caiyi was teasing him right now.

Nanhua Caiyi did intend to tease Ye Chen, after the previous incident, now in Nanhua Caiyi ’s mind and heart was filled with Ye Chen.

Even Nahua Caiyi ’s eyesight of Ye Chen was now filled with love.

When Ye Chen looked at Nanhua Caiyi ’s naked body, he found a heart tattoo on the bottom of Nanhua Caiyi ’s stomach.

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