Ye Chen started caressing Qing Cheng ’s body, he looked very attentive when stroking Qing Cheng ’s body.

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”Husband, don ’t do that. ” Qing Cheng tried to resist the caress of Ye Chen ’s hand which was so stimulating to her.

Currently Qing Cheng turned into a passive, not usually Qing Cheng would be passive like this, usually Qing Cheng was very active in teasing Ye Chen.

In Ye Chen ’s mind, it was possible that Qing Cheng was currently playing an innocent woman, from her current appearance Qing Cheng looked like a very innocent woman.

This new game made Ye Chen very excited, he wanted to try playing like this with Qing Cheng

Qing Cheng really knew best how to make Ye Chen happy.

”Tonight you will be mine ”, Ye Chen whispered in Qing Cheng ’s ear.

”Husband, wait a moment, why don ’t you open the gifts you got first, you see what gifts you get ” Qing Cheng said to Ye Chen to see the gifts he has received from the event earlier.

Ye Chen stopped caressing Qing Cheng ’s body, he forgot that he hadn ’t seen the gift he had received.

”Fine, but tonight you won ’t be able to escape from me. ” Ye Chen released Qing Cheng from his embrace.

Even though he released Qing Cheng from his embrace,  Ye Chen would not let Qing Cheng go that easily, after opening the Mystery Gift they would continue what they had previously done.

Ye Chen took out a gift box that he got from the previous event.

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Ye Chen opened this mysterious gift box, when Ye Chen opened this box, he found that in this box there was a wine bottle.

”Huh, a bottle of wine? ”Ye Chen is confused why the gift in this box is only a bottle of wine.

Ye Chen started to take out the wine bottle that was in the box, Ye Chen started researching this wine bottle.

After a while Ye Chen understood what kind of wine was in this bottle.

”Is this Yin u0026 Yang wine? ” Ye Chen asked Qing Cheng about the wine bottle in his hand.

 Yin u0026 Yang wine is a wine that can increase Yinqi production to women who drink and Yangqi production for men who drink, is very well suited to be used to perform Dual Cultivation.

”That ’s right, with Yin u0026 Yang Wine we can multiply the Dual Cultivation results that can be obtained ” Qing Cheng explained this to Ye Chen.

”So you have prepared this on purpose for tonight? ”, Ye Chen said to Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Qing Cheng would have prepared this for tonight.

”Fufu,  husband, do you like this ” Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen whether he liked this or not.

Ye Chen smiled at Qing Cheng,  Ye Chen opened the lid of the bottle Yin u0026 Yang wine, he took the two glasses that were in this room, after taking Ye Chen ’s glass started to pourwine Yin u0026 Yang into the glass.

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Before continuing with the things that were previously delayed, Ye Chen wanted Qing Cheng to drink this wine to increase the Yin production she had, so the results of their Dual Cultivation would greatly increase.

Qing Cheng took the glass in Ye Chen ’s hand.
”Let ’s toast ” Qing Cheng invited Ye Chen to toast.

”Cheers ” Ye Chen and Qing Cheng toast, they both started to sip the Yin u0026 Yang wine that was in the glass.

After drinking the Yin u0026 Yang wine, Ye Chen felt that his body was starting to become hot and uncomfortable.

Somehow Ye Chen ’s consciousness started to blur when he drank this Yin u0026 Yang wine.

                             ”Husband,  are you okay? ”Seeing the weirdness that happened to Ye Chen, Qing Cheng immediately went to Ye Chen ’s side to see what happened to Ye Chen.

”It ’s okay I just feel a little dizzy. ” Ye Chen just felt a little dizzy and uncomfortable when drinking Yin u0026 Yang wine.

”If you feel dizzy, you should rest for a while, let me serve you. ” Seeing Ye Chen ’s condition that didn ’t look good, Qing Cheng intended to serve Ye Chen.

”knock .
,knock .
may I go in.
”Suddenly, a woman was knocking on the door and wanted to enter the room where Ye was Chen and Qing Cheng is on.

”You can enter ” Qing Cheng allowed the women who were outside to enter this room.

After obtaining a permit, the woman outside opened the door and entered the room.

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The woman who just opened the door was Cheng Mengyan, Cheng Mengyan was currently changing clothes, he was currently wearing a white robe on her body.

After Cheng Mengyan walked into the room, she immediately closed the door.

”Are you ready? ” , asked Qing Cheng to Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan nodded at Qing Cheng, she was already ready to do it.

  ” Then do it. ” Qing Cheng told Cheng Mengyan to do what she had to do.

Cheng Mengyan understood, she took off the white robe that was on hier body.

After the white robe on Chengbody Mengyan ’scame off, a black lace underwear that was extremely sexy appeared before Ye Chen ’s eyes.

Ye Chen, who saw Cheng Mengyan in this Sexy outfit, was very excited, his younger brother who was below raised his weapon very high.

Ye Chen ’s lust suddenly flared up, for some reason he couldn ’t help himself when he saw Cheng Mengyan who was currently wearing such Sexy black lace underwear.

Ye Chen ’s consciousness began to disappear, he felt that he was currently controlled by a very strong lust, Ye Chen had never felt something like this before.

”Husband, do you like this? ” Qing Cheng wanted to know Ye Chen ’s opinion about Cheng Menyan who was currently in this sexy appearance.

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Ye Chen didn ’t answer Qing Cheng ’s question, it ’s not like Ye Chen doesn ’t want to answer Qing Cheng ’s question, the problem is that Ye Chen ’s consciousness is currently controlled by Lust, he can ’t think of anything else except wanting Cheng Mengyan who is in front of him.

Ye Chen rushed towards Cheng Mengyan, he immediately pounced on Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan was shocked when she saw Ye Chen pounced on herself, not expecting it to be Ye Chen will pounce on her like this.

Cheng Mengyan currentwas very happy when she found out that Ye Chen wanted her, Cheng Mengyan had a feeling for Ye Chen for a long time, after all this time, Ye Chen finally responded to the feelings she had.

Ye Chen very greedily began to play with Cheng Mengyan ’s body, he started caressing, squeezing and pinching the sizable double pale that belonged to Cheng Mengyan.

”Erm, Ye Chen, wait a minute. ” Cheng Mengyan started groaning in a very coquettish voice.

The feeling of Ye Chen ’s hand touching Cheng Mengyan ’s body was too extraordinary, Cheng Mengyan couldn ’t help but feel this feeling.

The technique that Ye Chen possessed was too extraordinary for a virgin like Cheng Mengyan who had never tried to have sex between a man and a woman.

In a very short time, Cheng Mengyan had been brought into the abyss of indefinite pleasure.

”Ahh, no, I ’m out. ” Cheng Menyan was about to reach the peak of happiness.

She reached the top very quickly, after reaching the peak Cheng Mengyan was gasping for breath, this feeling was simply amazing, Cheng Mengyan had never felt this kind of feeling.

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