Zhao Yanyan naturally knew quite a bit about Spring Palace from Nangong Xiang ’, Zhao Yanyan pretty much learned all kinds of knowledge from Nangong Xiang.

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Not only Zhao Yanyan who learned knowledge from Nangong Xiang, almost all of Ye Chen ’s women also learned a lot of new knowledge from Nanggong Xiang, Nangong Xiang ’s knowledge was quite rich, that ’s why she became the study teacher for Ye Chen ’s women.

If Zhao Yanyan is not mistaken, Spring Palace is a place filled with beautiful, sexy, and very seductive women, these women like to suck a man dry, in the Kunlun Holy land there are quite a few man cultivators who are afraid of the existence of the Spring Palace.

Even though the women in the Spring Palace are beautiful, sexy and very seductive, man cultivators don ’t dare to get too close to these women, they are afraid that they will be sucked up by the beautiful, sexy and very seductive women in Spring Palace.

Man cultivators prefer to stay away and run away when they meet women from Spring Palace, they cherish their lives more than the Sexy beauties in Spring Palace.

”Yes, that ’s absolutely true, we are indeed quite a mysterious power in the Kunlun holy land, not many people know the full power we have ” Nanhua Caiyi said to Zhao Yanyan.

Spring Palace is very mysterious, not many man can come out after entering the Spring Palace, that ’s why Spring Palace is called one of the mysterious powers that exist in the Kunlun Holy Land.

”Isn ’t that place often said to be a place that likes to suck men dry to the bone, won ’t you harm Ye Chen? ” Zhao Yanyan asked Nanhua Caiyi.

”You don ’t need to worry, I am now the servant master, I will not harm the master, ” Nanhua Caiyi replied to Zhao Yanyan.

”You are the servant of the husband, what does that mean? ”Zhao Yanyan wants to know what Nanhua Caiyi means about being Ye Chen ’s servant.

”I now have a master u0026 servant contract with Ye Chen, so now I ’m the servant. ” Nanhua Caiyi told Zhao Yanyan that she had a master u0026 servant contract with Ye Chen.

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., ”Now that Zhao Yanyan understood Nanhua Caiyi ’s status, it turned out that Nanhua Caiyi formed a Master u0026 Servant contract with Ye Chen.

Now that Zhao Yanyan knew what she wanted, she was no longer curious about Cheng Mengyan and Nanhua Caiyi.

”Mengyan, let ’s go to school right now ” Zhao Yanyan invited Cheng Mengyan to go to school together.

”Alright, but first let me change clothes, I can ’t possibly go to school with dressed like this ” Cheng Mengyan wanted to change clothes first, there was no way he would wear clothes like this to go to school.

Cheng Mengyan might be considered cosplaying if she went to school wearing ancient clothes like those in ancient serial dramas.

”May I go to the place you said school earlier, as a servant I want to continue to be beside Master ” Nanhua Caiyi also wants to come to school, she wants to stay beside Ye Chen.

As Ye Chen ’s servant, Nanhua Caiyi had to stay beside Ye Chen.

”It ’s okay, but your appearance is too flashy, you have to change clothes ” Zhao Yanyan saw that Nanhua Caiyi ’s appearance was too flashy, added that Nanhua Caiyi was too sexy, she must have very easily attracted the attention of the young boys in school.

”You don ’t need to worry, if I wanted ordinary people wouldn ’t be able to see where I was. ” Nanhua Caiyi told Zhao Yanyan that she would create a barrier around herself so that no one in school could see her.

It was easy enough for Nanhua Caiyi to hide herself from an ordinary human.

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”Then you can come, but please don ’t suck the young boys in the school ” Zhao Yanyan warned Nanhua Caiyi not to do bad things to the young boys in school.

”Fufufu, you don ’t need to worry, boy like them are not in my taste, I prefer master more than anything. ” Nanhua Caiyi giggled when she said this.

”Very good. ” Zhao Yanyan nodded with satisfaction at Nanhua Caiyi.

”I ’m done, let ’s go. ” Cheng Mengyan had finished changing clothes, now she changed into a more normal outfit.

After being moisturized by Ye Chen, now that Cheng Mengyan had become a beauty, the aura of maturity she had radiated around her.

Zhao Yanyan, Cheng Mengyan, Nanhua Caiyi immediately left the villa to head to school.

They fly to save time in order to quickly get to school.




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Meanwhile Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi had just arrived near the school, Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi went to school by flying.

Now that both of them were cultivators, they could fly to save the time they had.

Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi got off near the school, after getting off , Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi walked like normal people.

Incidentally, there are currently quite a few students going to school.

”Husband, why is it so crowded there ” Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen about the crowd of male students at the school gate.

”I don ’t know either, let ’s see what happens there. ” Ye Chen invited Lin Rouxi to see what was going on in front of the school gate.

Why are the boys crowding in front of the school gate.

Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi decided to see what was going on, when they got near the crowd, Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi heard that the boys were cheering very excitedly.

The boys looked like they were watching a very interesting spectacle.

Since Ye Chen was quite tall, he could easily see what these Boys were looking at.

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Currently these boys are watching a beautiful woman with a very hot figure, this woman ’s appearance is very sexy and very seductive.

This woman has long hair, the size of a woman ’s double peak is at least E Cup, plus she has a very sexy body that can make any guy really excited.

With the presence of Sexy and Seductive women like this, it is only fitting that these boy flock, it turns out that they are looking at women who are Sexy and very seductive.

Ye Chen started to observe this woman even more clearly, when he took a closer look at this woman, he found that this woman was no stranger to him.

”Ehh, Yu Ting? ”This woman is definitely Yu Ting, Ye Chen ’s ex-girlfriend.

Ye Chen did not expect that Yu Ting would turn into a beautiful and very sexy woman like this, even though only 1 month Ye Chen did not see Yu Ting unexpectedly that she would turn out like this.

What made Ye Chen quite surprised was that Yu Ting was now a cultivator, moreover, Yu Ting ’s level of strength was not low, she was currently at the first level of the Emperor Realm.

This cultivation was quite high, at least with this kind of cultivation, no normal cultivator in the mortal world could threaten Yu Ting.

”Husband, do you know that sexy and seductive woman? ” Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen.

Seeing Ye Chen ’s expression, you can see that Ye Chen knows this sexy and seductive woman.

Ye Chen nodded at Lin Rouxi, ”This woman is my ex-girlfriend, she is called Yu Ting. ” Ye Chen explained who this woman was to Lin Rouxi.

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