”Wait a minute ” hearing someone outside the house, Su Yuya immediately rushed to go to the entrance.

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Su Yuya was always at home in the morning, she would start work in the afternoon.

Su Yuya opened the entrance, when she opened the entrance , Su Yuya was very surprised to see that outside the house there were Ye Chen and Feng Xue who currently looked very affectionate.

”Yuya ’s sister? ”,Feng Xue swallowed back the words she was about to blurt out, she was quite surprised when she saw the appearance of Su Yuya.

The current Su Yuya looked younger and prettier than before, Feng Xue barely even recognized Su Yuya.

After receiving the extremely rich Yangqi essence from Ye Chen, Su Yuya ’s appearance was now much prettier and younger than before.

Milf Su Yuya now looked like a 20 year old young woman who had a very well developed body.

”Yuya ’s sister , Is that you ? ” Feng Xue still couldn ’t believe that this was Su Yuya who had already she considered her older sister.

Su Yuya immediately realized from her shock, ”Little sister Xue, how could you forget me so easily ” Su Yuya smiled at Feng Xue in such a beautiful manner.

Su Yuya herself had just found out that she was becoming more beautiful and younger after having Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

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At first Su Yuya also didn ’t believe that this was her, however now that Su Yuya looks back to being a young woman of Feng Xue ’s age, Su Yuya guessed that this was thanks to having an intimate relationship with Ye Chen.

hearing this voice, Feng Xue was finally convinced that this was the Su Yuya she knew.

Feng Xue was very curious how Su Yuya could become prettier and younger than last time.

”Little sister Xue why are you here? ”Su Yuya asked why Feng Xue was in this city, she should be in the capital right now.

Moreover, Feng Xue was very close to Ye Chen, this made Su Yuya a little jealous of Feng Xue.

”I just moved to this city, because we happened to be around your house, I decided to visit here. ” Feng Xue told Su Yuya why she was in this city.

”Moving to this city? , What do you mean? ” Su Yuya was a little confused by this, she didn ’t know what Feng Xue meant.

Feng Xue started explaining what happened to Su Yuya.

After getting Feng Xue ’s explanation, Su Yuya now understood why Feng Xue was in this city.

”So you ’re out of entertainment now? , I didn ’t expect that you would do that.
”Su Yuya didn ’t expect that Feng Xue would really leave the entertainment world.

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Whereas previously Su Yuya could not persuade Feng Xue to leave the entertainment world, it was unexpected that Feng Xue would leave the entertainment world on her own accord.

”Hehehehe ” Feng Xue smiled at Su Yuya.

”I ’m cooking food, what ’s wrong? ”,Su Yuya asked Feng Xue.

”What a coincidence, can we also taste your cooking? ” Feng Xue shamelessly told Su Yuya if she and Ye Chen wanted to try Su Yuya ’s food.

Su Yuya smiled when she heard Feng Xue ’s words, ”Of course please both of you go inside. ” Su Yuya allowed Ye Chen and Feng Xue to enter this house.

Feng Xue was very happy when she heard this, Feng Xue immediately invited Ye Chen to enter Su Yuya ’s house.

When Ye Chen passed Su Yuya, Su Yuya suddenly pinched Ye Chen ’s waist without being noticed by Feng Xue.

Su Yuya looked sullenly at Ye Chen who seemed very close to Feng Xue.

Ye Chen saw that Su Yuya was a little jealous when she saw himself close to Feng Xue, Ye Chen tried to explain to Su Yuya using sign language, unfortunately Su Yuya actually sniffed coldly when she saw this.

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Ye Chen was dragged by Feng Xue towards Su Yuya ’s kitchen.

” sister Yuya, is the food not ready yet? ” Looking at the empty table, Feng Xue asked Su Yuya where the food Su Yuya made.

”I ’m cooking it , you all just wait, the food will be ready soon ” Su Yuya told Feng Xue that the food will be ready in a moment.

”I see, then I borrow the bathroom you have ?, I want to take a shower ” Feng Xue wanted to take a shower first, after leaving the plane this morning, Feng Xue went straight to school and didn ’t have time to take a shower, that ’s why Feng Xue borrowed Su Yuya ’s bathroom to bathe and clean herself.

”You don ’t need to ask about it, you can use it as you wish. ” Su Yuya allowed Feng Xue to use the bathroom she had.

”Ye Chen, I want to take a shower first, you can chat with sister Yuya first ” Feng Xue told Ye Chen that she wanted to take a shower first.

Feng Xue immediately went to Su Yuya ’s bathroom, she wanted to take a shower immediately so that her body was even more refreshed.

Ye Chen didn ’t understand why Feng Xue wanted to take a bath, even though Feng Xue still smelled very good, so according to Ye Chen Feng Xue didn ’t need to take a bath.

Women are like that, they like to clean their bodies before they get too dirty, so please understand.

After Feng Xue left, in this kitchen there were now only Ye Chen and Su Yuya, Su Yuya had now returned to cook food that was not fully cooked.

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Su Yuya put on her apron again and started cooking food for Feng Xue and Ye Chen.

When Su Yuya was cooking she suddenly felt a very comfortable arm hugging her waist from behind.

Su Yuya knew whose arm was hugging her from behind, ”Ye Chen, don ’t be naughty, hurry and let me go, I ’m currently cooking. ” Su Yuya told Ye Chen to let go of herself.

”I don ’t want to, I want to hug you, it ’s been a long time since I saw you. ” Ye Chen hadn ’t seen Su Yuya for a long time, because of that he wanted to hug Su Yuya ’s well-developed Milf body.

”Hemp, you finally remembered to look at me, I thought you had forgotten me. ” Su Yuya turned around and looked at Ye Chen ’s face.

Su Yuya looked dissatisfied with Ye Chen, almost 1 week this Ye Chen didn ’t come to see her at all, this made Su Yuya worried that Ye Chen had forgotten herself.

Su Yuya originally intended to go to Ye Chen ’s villa, but she was a woman, how could a woman take the initiative first, because of this she discouraged and waited for Ye Chen to meet her.

”I ’m sorry, I ’ve been quite busy these past few days. ” Ye Chen apologized to Su Yuya because he didn ’t come here for a long time.

Su Yuya still looked away, she was still a little dissatisfied with Ye Chen.

Seeing that Su Yuya was still angry with himself, Ye Chen couldn ’t help but try to comfort Su Yuya, he pulled Su Yuya ’s body closer to himself.

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