Su Mengxin and Su Wansen were currently looking at the tests that Ye Chen and Long Shumin were doing.
The two of them looked very seriously at the battle that Ye Chen and Long Shumin were doing.

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”That ’s great, Ye Chen is completely capable of matching Long Shumin.
”Su Wansen was quite surprised to see that Ye Chen was able to match Long Shumin in all sorts of ways.

Long Shumin was completely inconvenienced by Ye Chen, this was the first time Su Wansen had seen Long Shumin into this state.

”Fufufu, grandfather, Ye Chen is still not serious, if he is really serious, then that woman has lost a long time ago. ” Su Mengxin told Su Wansen that at this time Ye Chen was still not too serious.

If Ye Chen really seriously uses the strength he has, then it is certain that Ye Chen will win very easily over Long Shumin.

”Is it true ? ”Su Wansen doesn ’t believe that Ye Chen will be that strong, it seems like the boy chosen by his granddaughter is quite strong.

Su Mengxin was very happy when talking about the strength that Ye Chen had to her grandfather, Su Mengxin was just like an ordinary woman, she liked to boast about the man she had.

Su Mengxin looked back at the surveillance monitor, she wanted to see what would happen next between Ye Chen and Long Shumin.




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Currently Ye Chen was avoiding the attacks Long Shumin kept on, Long Shumin looked very eager to attack Ye Chen.

”Shumin, you are so aggressive, do you actually want to test me or not? , here you can see who is the participant.
”Ye Chen said to Long Shumin who was in front of him.

The position between Ye Chen and Long Shumin seemed to be reversed, Ye Chen was currently like an instructor who was training Long Shumin.

”I never said that I wouldn ’t attack you, so to make this challenge more difficult, I ’ve decided to attack you. ” Long Shumin tried to save her face, she made a very sensible excuse to answer Ye Chen ’s words.

”I see, ” Ye Chen said to Long Shumin.

”Don ’t just stay quiet, come on fight me. ” Long Shumin told Ye Chen to fight himself.

”I don ’t need to fight you, all I need is to touch you two more times and I ’ll pass test this ” Ye Chen smiled evilly at Long Shumin.

Right now all Ye Chen needed to do was touch Long Shumin twice and he would pass this test.

”I won ’t let you do that easily. ” Long Shumin told Ye Chen that she wouldn ’t let Ye Chen touch herself easily again.

”Really, then how about this ” Suddenly Ye Chen appeared beside Long Shumin, Ye Chen poked Long Shumin ’s cheek.

Seeing that Ye Chen was already beside him, Long Shumin immediately stepped back, Long Shumin, who had just stepped back, grabbed her cheek that was just poked by Ye Chen ’s finger.

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”It ’s already two, so it ’s one more short, hahahaha. ” Ye Chen laughed at Long Shumin.

Ye Chen only needs one more step and he will pass this test, this is very easy for Ye Chen, Ye Chen feels that this is just a child ’s play.

” Damn , what kind of speed does this guy have, why can he move that fast. ” Long Shumin started cursing Ye Chen in her heart.

 Long Shumin began to wonder how Ye Chen had obtained such a terrifying speed.

Long Shumin couldn ’t even see Ye Chen ’s movements, Ye Chen ’s movements were too fast, Long Shumin ’s eyes couldn ’t see them.

Long Shumin also still has one chance, if Ye Chen touches her once, then she will lose.

Long Shumin must not let this happen, she must not lose to Ye Chen.

From Long Shumin ’s body began to be enveloped by flashes of lightning that scattered everywhere.

The people who were near the arena immediately moved away, they tried to stay away so as not to be hit by the lightning coming out of Long Shumin ’s body.

”I admit that if you are strong enough, this time I will be serious against you. ” Long Shumin seemed to be putting all the strength she had.

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Whatever happened, Long Shumin must not lose from Ye Chen, she had to make Ye Chen fail this test, otherwise Long Shumin would lose her face.

”Hoo, so you ’ve decided to be serious, that ’s great, go ahead and show all the strength you have. ” Ye Chen told Long Shumin to come forward and show the strength she had.

Long Shumin felt challenged by Ye Chen ’s challenge, she started to take a square to attack Ye Chen.

”Bamm. ” As Long Shumin shot towards Ye Chen, the arena below cracked and shattered.

This crack started to expand and destroyed the arena that Ye Chen and Long Shumin were using to carry out this test.

Long Shumin ’s move was like lightning, she started attacking Ye Chen with a flurry of attacks.

Ye Chen started to dodge all the attacks launched by Long Shumin, Ye Chen looked very relaxed in dodging Long Shumin ’s attacks.

Long Shumin this time didn ’t seem to be holding back anything anymore, she started attacking Ye Chen with the full strength she had.

The practice room shook violently every time Long Shumin launched an attack on Ye Chen.

At this rate the training room would be destroyed by Long Shumin.

”Everyone hurry out of here and save yourselves. ” One of the majors ordered the people who were here to evacuate themselves immediately.

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If they continued here, they could be crushed by the rubble of the concrete, which began to crumble little by little.

The current Long Shumin was unaware that what she was doing nearly shattered this practice room to concrete rubble.

Currently, Long Shumin ’s thoughts only wanted to hit Ye Chen, who was always dodging and dodging.

Long Shumin had forgotten everything around her, and now her fighting instincts pushed her to do this.

Ye Chen saw that Long Shumin seemed to have lost control a little, if she allowed Long Shumin to continue like this, then this training room could collapse and be destroyed by Long Shumin ’s blind attack.

Ye Chen went towards Long Shumin, Ye Chen opened the two hands he had and started to pounce at Long Shumin, Long Shumin was finally knocked down by Ye Chen to the floor.

Long Shumin wasn ’t prepared for Ye Chen ’s counterattack, the result was that Long Shumin was knocked to the floor by Ye Chen.

Long Shumin ’s body was crushed by Ye Chen, she felt that she couldn ’t move when she was locked by Ye Chen ’s hands and body.

Ye Chen and Long Shumin ’s current position looked very ambiguous, the current Ye Chen looked like he was knocking a helpless woman into the floor.

”What are you doing, hurry up and let me go, ” Long Shumin told Ye Chen to let go herself.

Long Shumin finally regained consciousness, she felt a little embarrassed when she saw the position she took with Ye Chen, Long Shumin looked like a weak woman who was being bullied by Ye Chen.

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