Cao Zuqe nodded at Ye Chen.
”That is indeed my job ” said Cao Zuqe to Ye Chen.

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”Young Master Ye Chen, come with me, I will take you around this island ” Cao Zuqe invited Ye Chen around this place.

Ye Chen nodded lightly at Cao Zuqe, he followed Cao Zuqe out of the airport area.

Cao Zuqe invited Ye Chen to go to a sports car that looked very luxurious, if this were in the normal world the price of this sports car would have been tens of millions of dollars.

”Let ’s get on my car. ” Cao Zuqe told Ye Chen to get on the car she had prepared.

Ye Chen nodded, he got into the car.
Together with Cao Zuqe, Ye Chen and Cao Zuqe got into the car.

”Young Master Ye Chen, do you have a place you wanna go ” Cao Zuqe asked if Ye Chen had a place to go.

”Then can you take me to the place where medicinal herbs are ”, first Ye Chen wanted to see the place where medicinal plants were, he wanted to see medicinal plants on this island.

”Of course, if that ’s what you want then I ’ll take you to the place where medicinal plants are. ” Cao Zuqe nodded to Ye Chen, she would take Ye Chen to the place where the medicinal plant sales center is on Golden Paradise Island.

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Cao Zuqe immediately drove to the center of the medicinal plant sale on Golden Paradise Island.

On the way Ye Chen could see that the people here were not ordinary people, they were all quite great and strong cultivators.

When he arrived near the medicinal plant sales center in this city, Ye Chen started to look around him, Ye Chen saw that there were a lot of rare medicinal plants that were very difficult to obtain in this world.

Cao Zuqe also started explaining about the shops around here, Cao Zuqe explained in great detail, she was indeed worthy of being a guide.

”Then where is the biggest shop in this place. ” Ye Chen immediately asked about the biggest shop in Golden Paradise Island.

”The biggest shop is there, you see the tallest building, the people who are here usually call this place a heaven garden. ”

”There must be all the plants you are looking for there, but the problem is the price of the plants over there is a bit more expensive than the other shops around here. ” Cao Zuqe pointed at the large building in front of them, which is the biggest medicinal plant shop on Golden Paradise Island.

”No problem, let ’s go there and have a look. ” Ye Chen told Cao Zuqe that he wanted to take a look into the heaven garden.

”Okay, if you insist, I ’ll take you into the heaven garden ” because Ye Chen asked to go to the heaven garden.

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Cao Zuqe immediately drove her car towards the heaven garden building.

Cao Zuqe immediately parked her car right in front of the heaven garden building, they both immediately got out of the car.

When Ye Chen entered the heaven garden, he could feel a very rich aroma emitted by the medicinal plants around here, it was unexpected that the medicinal plants around here were so good.

All the plants here are very well cared for by the waiters of the heaven garden.

”Please choose the plants you are looking for, if you feel you don ’t know about the plants here, you can both immediately call me. ” The waiters said goodbye to withdraw from Ye Chen and Cao Zuqe.

Ye Chen immediately went to see what was in the heaven garden.

This is truly extraordinary, it is unexpected that there are so many medicinal plants here, Ye Chen can even search for medicinal plants that are very rare in this place.

Ye Chen began to look at the price of every rare medicinal plant he saw, the price on each plant was written from 1,000 to one that reached 30,000 Gold Coil, Ye Chen didn ’t really know what currency this called Gold Coil was.

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”What currency is used in this place? ” Ye Chen asked about the currency used in this place.

”The currency used in this place is called Gold Coil, 1 Gold Coil = 100,000 dollars, you can exchange your money at the exchange provided in this place ”, Cao Zuqe told Ye Chen that Ye Chen could exchange the money he had for Gold Coil.

”Huh? ”Ye Chen was very surprised when he heard this, if 1 Gold Coil = 100,000 dollars then 5 billion dollars on Ye Chen ’s card = 50,000 Gold Coil.

Whereas the prices of goods here are quite expensive ,money Ye Chen ’s can be said to be very little if used to buy medicinal plants in Golden Paradise Island.

Ye Chen thought that the 5 billion dollars Long Shumin gave him was quite a lot, not to think that it would only be a little to use on Golden Paradise Island.

”Damn it, if I had known earlier, I would have asked that woman more. ” Ye Chen grumbled in his heart.

If Ye Chen found out that the fees at this place were very expensive, he would ask Long Shumin for more money.

”Young Master, what ’s wrong? ”Seeing Ye Chen being weird, Cao Zuqe immediately asked Ye Chen.

”No, nothing. ” Ye Chen told Cao Zuqe that nothing happened.

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”By the way, where is the place to get quick money? ”Ye Chen asked where is the fastest place to get money.

Since Ye Chen didn ’t have enough money to buy the medicinal herbs in this place, Ye Chen couldn ’t help but find a way to earn money.

”There are lots of quick ways to earn money in this place, but the easiest is by Stone gambling. ” Cao Zuqe told Ye Chen the fastest way to get Gold Coins.

”What kind of Stone gambling did you say earlier? ”Asked Ye Chen to Cao Zuqe.

”Stone gambling I mean you choose a random stone, after that there will be an object called Coil, this coil is the material that is made to make Gold Coil, it all depends on the luck you have ” Cao Zuqe explained briefly to Ye Chen about the stone gambling she previously suggested to Ye Chen.

”Hemm, is that so, then let ’s go there, I want to try it ” Ye Chen asked Cao Zuqe to escort himself to the place where the stone gambling was said by Cao Zuqe.

”Okay, come with me ” Cao Zuqe asked Ye Chen to follow her.

It so happened that the place Cao Zuqe said was not too far from the heaven garden building, so Ye Chen and Cao Zuqe could quickly arrive at the stone gambling place that Caop Zuqe said .

In this place there are multitudes of rich people who are trying to find their fortune in this stone gambling place, some come here to seek pleasure and waste their money, some hope that they can find a treasure in a pile of stones is in this place.

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