Even though Ye Chen and Ling Yin had hidden themselves very well.

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Ling Yin was currently filled with an extremely powerful killing aura, when Ling Yin found out that the person in black robes was the Phantom Blade she had been looking for for a long time.

Ling Yin could no longer calm down , she emitted an extremely powerful killing aura towards the Phantom Blade.

This person is a person who has killed her entire family, how could Ling Yin be calm when she finds out that the killer of her family is right in front of her.

Ling Yin immediately rushed down towards the Phantom Blade, she couldn ’t wait to get revenge for her family.

”Hey Ling Yin, wait. ” Ye Chen tried to stop Ling Ying from going to attack the Phantom Blade.

The Phantom Blade is too strong, Ling Yin won ’t be able to defeat the Phantom Blade alone.

Too bad at this time Ling Yin no longer listened Ye Chen ’s words, who had in her mind only revenge for her family.

Ling Yin stood in front of the Phantom Blade, Ling Yin saw the Phantom Blade with a very strong killing intent.

”Hohoho, there are beautiful women who come sneaking into this place. ” Nie Wuji was quite interested when he saw the beauty that Ling Yin possessed, Nie Wuji is a very free man, he has slept with more than tens of thousands of women who have come to Golden Paradise.

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It wouldn ’t be strange if Nie Wuji wanted to try the taste of Ling Yin in front of him.

”Who are you, what is your purpose in coming here? ”Phantom Blade asked who Ling Yin really was and what she wanted to come here for.

”Do you still remember a family living in a small town on the edge of the mountain that you killed past ” asked Ling Yin in a tone that sounded very angry.

Phantom Blade started to remember again, Phantom Blade had killed tens of thousands of its targets, it wasn ’t strange that Phantom Blade had almost forgotten about Ling Yin ’s family.

After remembering for a while, Phantom Blade finally remembered a small family that he destroyed at that time, Phantom Blade still remembers a girl he released because a wanderer brought the little girl away.

”Oh so you were a little girl back then, I didn ’t expect that after not meeting you for a long time to be this strong. ” Phantom Blade was a little surprised when he learned of Ling Yin ’s cultivation.

”It ’s good if you still remember me, this time I came to take revenge. ” Ling Yin no longer wasted words for Phantom Blade, the person in front of her was really the Phantom Blade she had been looking for.

Finally after all this time, Ling Yin was able to take revenge on the God Assassin who had killed her entire family.

These shadows were very similar to the real Ling Yin, ordinary people would not be able to tell which Ling Yin was real and which was shadow.

When Ling Yin wanted to attack the Phantom Blade, she was suddenly stopped by the parasitic human in front of her.

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The parasitic human hit the real Ling Yin ’s body, Ling Yin was blown away against the steel wall behind her.

”The steel wall immediately shattered when it was hit by Ling Yin, Ling Yin was badly injured after receiving a blow from a parasitic human.

The parasitic human didn ’t let Ling Yin have time to recover, he intended to attack Ling Yin who was currently injured.

Ling Yin tried to get up, too bad she felt that her body still hurt so badly from receiving the attack just now.

The parasitic human was getting closer and closer, he was only a few meters away from where Ling Yin was currently.

”Bamm ” when the parasitic human was almost in front of Ling Yin, Ye Chen immediately rushed over to save Ling Yin.

Ye Chen beat the parasitic human to a pulp, the parasitic human body shattered to pieces when he received a very powerful blow from Ye Chen.

The body fragments of parasitic humans flew everywhere, the whole place was now filled with the bodies belonging to parasitic humans which were extremely disgusting.

Phantom Blade immediately focused the gaze he had towards Ye Chen, he looked at Ye Chen with a sharp gaze.

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Phantom Blade really knows how strong a parasitic human that has been created, there is no way a parasitic human can be defeated so easily by Ye Chen.

The person who was the most surprised here was Cao Zuqe , she didn ’t believe that Ye Chen would become this strong, even though previously Cao Zuqe was very sure that Ye Chen was an ordinary person who was weak, it turned out that Cao Zuqe  ’s analysis was wrong.

”Ling Yin are you okay ” Ye Chen immediately helped Ling Yin who was on the floor, he helped relieve the wounds suffered by Ling Yin.

”Thank you very much. ” Ling Yin thanked Ye Chen, if it weren ’t for Ye Chen, maybe Ling Yin would have gotten worse than this.

”Why are you so reckless, don ’t you already know that the current Phantom Blade is much stronger than you? ”, Ye Chen scolded Ling Yin for acting quite unreasonable when she met Phantom Blade.

Ling Yin lowered her head, she looked like a little girl who had just made a mistake.

Ling Yin herself knew that she was not an opponent for the Phantom Blade, the problem was that she had to take revenge on the Phantom Blade, because that was Ling Yin was acting unreasonable.

Ye Chen quickly tended to Ling Yin ’s wound, after Ling Yin looked a little better, Ye Chen immediately looked at the Phantom Blade that was in front of him.

Ye Chen felt that the Phantom Blade was quite strange, even though the Phantom Blade just now had the opportunity to attack Ye Chen, but what happened was the Phantom Blade was just not moving and did not attack Ye Chen.

The body of the parasite that Ye Chen had previously crushed began to move to the same place, these pieces fused together and returned to form the parasitic Man like before.

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Ye Chen saw that this parasite could not be destroyed easily, it seemed like it would be a little troublesome to deal with these parasites.

”What exactly are you trying to do by creating a parasite like this? ”Ye Chen wants to know the reason the Phantom Blade made a parasitic weapon like this.

”I made all of this to spark war, you know this world is starting to get very boring, I don ’t like living in a peaceful world like this, I want to go back to hearing the screams of despair and fear when war broke out. ” Phantom Blade told Ye Chen what he was want.

Phantom Blade only wanted to start a major war, he didn ’t like it when he saw this world become peaceful.

”You ’re a crazy person, everyone craves for eternal peace, but you want to start a big war instead, ” Ye Chen said to Phantom Blade.

”Hahaha, people like that are just hypocrites, they are afraid that if war breaks out they will lose everything they have. ” Phantom Blade hates people who crave eternal peace.

Such people are only looking for safety for themselves, they do not want to lose the property and position they currently have.

When war broke out, the strong would become kings and rule over everything, no matter how strong one ’s position and property were, they could lose them all.

that ’s why there are some people who don ’t want a war to happen.

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