>Whereas not long since the last time people who chased Dongfang Xiu came to earth, why else would anyone from the God Realm come to earth, actually what they want to come to this earth.

”Master you better see what they ’re doing, I feel they ’re coming for something else, they ’re definitely not coming for you ” Chu Yuechan is very sure that if these people come for something other than Ye Chen, they ’re all currently gathered in the same place.

”Husband , why did you stop ” Su Mengxin and Ling Yin were confused by Ye Chen who suddenly remained silent.

They both want to know what ’s going on, why Ye Chen suddenly he ’s like this, this scares Su Mengxin and Ling Yin. 

”Mengixn, Ling Yin, there is something I have to do, so I have to go, I ’m sorry ” Ye Chen pushed Su Mengxin and Ling Yin, there is something he must make sure of himself with his eyes.

”Where are you going? ” Su Mengxi wants to know where Ye Chen is going.

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”I want to go to see the powerful people who have just come to our planet ” Ye Chen tells Su Mengxin that he wants to see the people of the God Realm who have just been detected by Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen didn ’t hide anything from Su Mengxin, he told Su Mengxin what he wanted to do.

”Husband, you have to be careful, don ’t get hurt like last time ” Su Mengxin wants Ye Chen to be more careful not to get hurt like last time.

Su Mengxin herself already knew about the existence of The God Realm from Nangong Xiang, Nangong Xiang had taught Ye Chen and all Ye Chen ’s women about general knowledge in God Realm.

All this in Nangong Xiang for a purpose, she wants all Ye Chen women to know that in this world there is a place much wider than the earth, as well as knowledge of Nangong Xiang can be used just in case something happens that is not wanted to Ye Chen women.

”You don ’t have to worry, I ’ll be very careful once, see you soon Ye Chen jumps out of Su Mengxin ’s bed room window, he immediately goes to the place where the strong men of the God Realm are.

Su Mengxin and Ling Yin can only see the departure of Ye Chen, Su Mengxin sighs a little, it looks like they both failed to do fun with Ye Chen.

Ling Yin was left confused on his own, he did not know what Ye Chen and Su Mengxin had just talked about, for Ling Yin what Ye Chen and Su Mengxin had just talked about was very strange to him.

Ling Yin doesn ’t know anything about God Realm, so it ’s not strange that she doesn ’t understand the content of the conversation just done by Su Mengxin and Ye Chen.

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”Sister Mengxin where did Ye Chen go? ” Ling Yin asked Su Mengxin where Ye Chen had just gone.

”Husband, is away to see powerful people that you would never have imagined before ” Su Mengxin told Ling Yin that Ye Chen went to see powerful people that Ling Yin and Su Mengxin never imagined.

Ling Yin still doesn ’t understand the powerful people Su Mengxin is talking about.

Seeing that Ling Yin did not understand what she was saying, Su Mengxin had to explain more clearly to Ling Yin so that she could know what she was talking about.

After a long explanation from Su Mengxin, Ling Yin finally understood where Ye Chen was going currently , Ye Chen is now apparently going to meet powerful people from beyond the earth.

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