Using the help of the Clone he had created, Ye Chen could easily defeat this ancient tomb guarding Warriors.

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In a short time, the Warriors guarding the tomb turned into a pile of armor scattered on the floor.

”It ’s finally over. ” Ye Chen was glad it was over, after everything was finished, the clone that Ye Chen had made started to disappear, now in this place there is only Ye Chen.

”So, where is the way out ” Ye Chen started looking for a way out, there ’s no way this place doesn ’t have a way out.

”The exit you were looking for is on the left wall. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the exit from this room was on the left.

Ye Chen understood, he started to go to the left side of the wall to find a way out of this room.

Ye Chen started groping around for a button or handle that he could use to open the door that was in front of him.

After searching for a while, Ye Chen finally found a button to open the door in front of him.

Ye Chen immediately tried to press the button in front of him, ”Rumbling.
. ”When Ye Chen pressed this button, a Rumbling rang out in front of Ye Chen.

The wall in front of Ye Chen started to lift up and made a gap that was quite wide, Ye Chen immediately entered this gap.

After Ye Chen entered the gap, the wall behind Ye Chen closed again.

Ye Chen didn ’t really care when he saw that the wall behind him was closed again.

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Ye Chen already got what he wanted from inside the room earlier, so now he doesn ’t care anymore if the room behind him is closed.

”It ’s time to continue the journey. ” Ye Chen decided to continue his journey to the core of the tomb.

On the way, Ye Chen used the same trick as before to get through every trap that was in this place.

During the trip through this place, Ye Chen had found 4 corpses of people from God Realm, these four people died just like the first person Ye Chen met.

The four of them were exposed to the poison that came from the trap in this place.

There had been at least 5 casualties from cultivators who came from God Realm, with the fall of five victims from God Realm that meant that the people of God Realm were getting smaller and smaller.

This is good enough for Ye Chen, the fewer people from God Realm then he can easily deal with them if the situation goes bad.

It has been almost 1 hour since Ye Chen started leaving the room earlier, until now Ye Chen did not find anything valuable around here.

”Yuechan, how long will it take for us to reach the core of this tomb? ”Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan how long it would take him to reach the core of this tomb.

”Master, the core of the tomb is still quite far below, at least with the speed you currently have, you can arrive at least another 5-7 hours, if there is nothing holding you back. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that he would reach the core This tomb is around 5 ~ 7 hours, that if Ye Chen doesn ’t meet something that can block his path.

”Huh? ”Is that far? ”Ye Chen doesn ’t believe that he still has to walk far enough to reach the very bottom of this ancient tomb.

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”This is fast enough, if at this time I didn ’t guide you, it might take you days to get to the bottom of this tomb. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to stop complaining, if at this time Chu Yuechan didn ’t help guide Ye Chen, you could be make sure that Ye Chen will get lost and it will take a very long time to reach the bottom of this place.

Ye Chen was speechless when he heard Chu Yuechan ’s words.

From the start, it was Chu Yuechan who had guided Ye Chen to find a path to the core section, without Chu Yeuchan maybe Ye Chen would be troubled to find the right path.

It could be said that this ancient tomb is very broad, is there enough intersection that can make someone get lost and go the wrong way.

This place was not as difficult as a maze that could change at any time like the one in the ancient heritage site of the Azure Dragon that Ye Chen had visited.

It was easy enough here, but unfortunately the traps in this place were too many, to the point of limiting the movements of everyone who entered here.

Ye Chen started to stop complaining, if he continued to complain like this, then he wouldn ’t be able to get to the bottom of this place, Ye Chen decided to continue this journey that would last quite a long time.

Because this time Ye Chen was traveling alone, Ye Chen felt a little bored because there was no one he could talk to, only Chu Yuechan that Ye Chen could talk to.

Time passed very quickly, 3 hours passed very quickly.

That meant that Ye Chen ’s journey was halfway to the bottom of the ancient tomb.

”Hey Yuechan, isn ’t there a treasure store around here? ”,Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan if there was a room that contained artifact weapons like before.

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”Master, there is only a few trash around here, so you don ’t have to waste your time picking up trash like that. ” Chu Yuechan did indeed find several objects in this place.

Unfortunately the objects around this place were only things that weren ’t as valuable as before.

So Chu Yuechan didn ’t want Ye Chen to spend time picking up the trash that was around this place.

”Okay. ” Ye Chen understands, he will not protest to Chu Yuechan.

”Master, in frontthere are people from God Realm . ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that in front there were people from God Realm.

Hearing Chu Yuechan ’s warning, Ye Chen started to be vigilant and was extremely cautious.

Ye Chen wanted to see people from God Realm, Ye Chen wanted to know what kind of look these people from God Realm had.

Ye Chen sneaked off to the place where the people of God Realm were.

After only walking a few hundred meters, Ye Chen managed to find the existence of people from God Realm.

Ye Chen immediately looked for a place to hide so that people from this God Realm would not see him.

Ye Chen began to see what people from God Realm were like.

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When Ye Chen looked at the people from God Realm, he found that these people were still quite young, they might be the younger generation like Ye Chen.

Currently the total of these people numbered 12, if you added that to the dead, the total was probably more than 12.

Ye Chen started listening to the conversations these people were having.

”Damn, we have lost more than 13 people we have. ” A rather handsome young man looked quite angry when he found out that the people he had had died.

They now number less than ½ the number they should have.

”Young master Nang Bu, do we need to go back. ” Another young man suggested to just go back and not continue this journey.

”Pah .
.! ” Nang Bu slapped the young man who just said to come back.

Nang Bu looked displeased when he heard the servant ’s words just now.

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