”Are you stupid, we got here and you want us to come back? ” Nang Bu scolded the servant in front of him.

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”But young master Nang Bu, from earlier we only got things that weren ’t very good, I doubt that this tomb contains anything valuable. ”, The servant who was slapped by Nang Bu tried to explain that maybe in this place there were no valuable treasures.

From earlier, the people of the God Realm had only found things that were not very useful for them to use.

The items found by the people of God Realm might not be of any use to them, but if these cultivators on earth were to find it, those cultivators would be very happy to find the trash in this place.

”Are you doubting me? ”Nang Bu is increasingly dissatisfied with the servants in front of him.

Nang Bu ’s body began to emit a very intense pressure, this pressure made the people in this place start to sweat.

Ye Chen who was in the distance also felt a little bit of the pressure that Nang Bu gave off.

”This person name called Nang Bu is strong. ” Ye Chen can confirm that Nang Bu is strong enough.

”Of course, this guy is at least in the ninth stage Divine Nascent Realm, among these people that man is the most powerful.
”Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that this man named Nang Bu was the most powerful among this group From God Realm.

”No wonder, it looks like this person is the leader of this group. ” Ye Chen can now confirm that Nang Bu is the leader of this group.

”No-no, how could I doubt young master Nang Bu? ” The servant began to be afraid after Nang Bu took out the strength he had.

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”It ’s great if you understand, we will continue this journey to the core of this god of war ’s tomb. ” Nang Bu told all his services to continue the journey to the core of the tomb.

Nang Bu couldn ’t wait to see what inheritance he could get from the ancient tomb belonging to the god of war.

Nang Bu and her servants began to continue their journey to the core of the tomb.

Ye Chen saw the group ’s departure from Nang Bu, after confirming that they had all left, Ye Chen decided to come out of his hiding place.

”Hey Yuechan, did you just hear what that person said? ”Ye Chen asked Chu Yeuchan if she heard what Nang Bu just said.

”Of course I heard it, that person said that this place is the tomb of the god of war. ” Chu Yuechan of course heard that just now Nang Bu said that this is the tomb of the god of war.

”Do you know who the god of war is? ”Ye Chen wants to know whether Chu Yuechan knows the god of war that Nang Bu said.

”Hmm, I have never heard anyone dare to call himself a god of war. ” Chu Yuechan had never heard of anyone in God Realm who had the title of a god of war

God Realm is a place where all the strongest beings live, if someone dares to claim to be a God of war it means that person must be the strongest person in the entire God Realm.

As far as Chu Yuechan knew, there was no god in the God Realm who dared to call himself a god of war, if that happened there would definitely be many Gods in the God Realm who would fight against the god of war.

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”Then why did those guys say that this is the tomb of the god of war? ”Ye Chen is getting more and more confused by this.
Even Chu Yuechan, who has a very broad knowledge, doesn ’t know who the god of war that Nang Bu is referring to.

”To find out that we have to go to the inside of this tomb, there you might be able to find out the answer to your question. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to go to the interior of the ancient tomb so that he could find out who this god of war was.

It ’s the only way to know who the owner of this place is.

”Looks like there really is no other way but to go to the inside of this ancient tomb. ” Ye Chen would not find the answer to his question if he did not go to the inside of this ancient tomb.

Ye Chen decided to follow these people From God Realm , Ye Chen could use God Realm people to open up every trap in this place.

Since he had already passed half of the journey, it only took Ye Chen a few hours to reach the core of the tomb.

Currently, Ye Chen ’s condition still looks healthy, while the group from Nang Bu has started to get ragged, they again lost 2 people who were hit by the traps in this place.

Now the group from Nang Bu only left 10 people including Nang Bu Himself.

Nang Bu had paid an enormous price to get this far, he would not have retreated when he almost reached the very depths of this tomb.

Behind the darkness Ye Chen watched Nang Bu ’s group, he saw that this group was still on the right path to get to the core of this tomb.

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”Looks like this person has a map to get to the core of this place. ” Ye Chen began to suspect that Nang Bu might have a map to go to the deepest part of this place.

Even though Nang Bu already had a map of this place, he was still hit by the trap in this place, it meant that the map that Nang Bu had was likely incomplete.

Nang Bu was too brave to take the risk of going to a place like this without an incomplete Map.

If it was Ye Chen, maybe he would think twice about entering this place without Chu Yuechan who could guide the way for him.

This tomb is very wide, if you get lost in this place it will be a little difficult to get out of this place, plus the traps here are like mines that don ’t end at all.

3 Hour again passed, should the core of this tomb already in sight.

After a while the Nang Bu group saw a gate that was very tightly closed, on the surface of this door was engraved an image of a person wearing an armor that was very cool with light around the person wearing this armor.

”Finally we arrived ” Nang Bu looked very happy when he found out that he had arrived at the entrance to the core of the tomb.

”You guys quickly open this door for me ” Nang Bu told the servants to open the door in front of him.

”okay. ” All the servants nodded, they immediately carried out the order that came from Nang Bu.

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9 cultivators who were at the Divine Nascent Realm stage began to try to push through this gate.

”One, two, push ” everyone started working together to push this gate to open.

These 9 people put all the strength they had to open the gate, Unfortunately after trying their hardest, they were unable to open this gate yet.

”Young Master Nang Bu, this door won ’t open. ” One of the servants reported to Nang Bu that this door did not want to be opened.

”You useless, quickly move aside ” Nang Bu told the servants to move away from the gate.

Nang Bu himself this time will try to open this gate.

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