Nang Bu is the type of person who likes to use other people as a shield for himself, now he is unable to do that.

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”So how about any of you want to try it? ”Asked Sun Yang to everyone who was here.

Everyone looked at each other, especially the servants from Nang Bu, some of them wanted to try the Trial that Sun Yang offered.

Some of Nang Bu ’s servants didn ’t want to continue like this, they also wanted to change the life they had for the better.

In order to do that they needed some strength, and right now right in front of them was a very powerful strength, that was being offered by Sun Yang.

Whereas a few more servants didn ’t want to try the Trial offered by Sun Yang, they were afraid to die, so they decided not to get involved in this matter.

What they wanted right now was to get out of this terrible place, for them this place was so terrifying that any moment of their life could float away if they weren ’t careful when they stepped around this place.

”You all quickly make your choice right now, if you don ’t make your choice right away, then I will kick you all out of this place. ” Sun Yang had run out of patience, he asked these people to make their choice right now.

”Fine, I agree ” Nang Bu agreed to try it, after all Nang Bu had spent quite a long time to arrive at this place, there was no way he would return after seeing the legacy of God of War in front of him.

”I ’m also joining ” there are four servants of Nang Bu who also want to try the trial offered by Sun Yang, they want to get the inheritance from Sun Yang.

”Very good, then how about the five of you? , do you want to come or not? ”Sun Yang asked the five people who haven ’t given their answer.

”Sorry but I don ’t want to join ” Nang Bu ’s five servants said that they didn ’t want to take part in the Trial offered by Sun Yang.

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”Too bad, if you don ’t want to come then I have no choice but to kick you out of this place. ” Nang Bu ’s five servants were immediately enveloped in a light.

The five of them were carried out of this place by this light.

After sending these people out, Sun Yang turned his eyesight to Ye Chen who was in the distance.

”You who are hiding there, do you want to join this Trial or get kicked out of this place like those people earlier ” Sun Yang asked Ye Chen who was currently hiding in the dark.

Ye Chen saw that he had been found by Sun Yang, because Ye Chen had been found, he couldn ’t help but have to come out of his hiding place.

Ye Chen came out and stood in front of Nang Bu and the servants who were still left in this place.

Nang Bu and the remaining servants were quite surprised when they saw Ye Chen ’s appearance, so far they were completely unaware that all this time someone had been following them secretly.

” Who are you ? ”Nang Bu immediately asked who Ye Chen really was, he wanted to know how Ye Chen had followed them this far.

”Hahahaha, why would I introduce myself to an arrogant person like you, and there ’s no point in introducing myself to someone like you. ” Ye Chen was lazy enough to introduce himself to Nang Bu, it ’s better if he let Nang Bu don ’t know his name.

”You bastard say that to me, do you want to die? ”The answer that came out from Ye Chen made Nang Bu a little angry, Nang Bu felt that he wanted to kill Ye Chen.

Nang Bu took a step forward and prepared to attack Ye Chen who was in front of him.

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Ye Chen is currently in alert mode, if Nang Bu wants to attack him, then he is ready to counter the attack from Nang Bu.

”Stop ” when Nang Bu wanted to attack Ye Chen, he was stopped by Sun Yang.

Nang Bu who intended to attack Ye Chen immediately stopped on the spot, Nang Bu felt that his body couldn ’t be moved.

”Why did you stop me? , hurry and let me go ”Nang Bu asked Sun Yang to release himself.

”For now you can ’t fight, the time will come for all of you to fight ” Sun Yang told Nang Bu to hold back.

There will come a time when all of them will fight against one another.

Nang Bu could only grit her teeth, it looked like she had to hold back for now.

”You must have heard what I said earlier, so how about it, do you want to join this Trial or not? Sun Yang asked Ye Chen.

”Of course I will. ” Ye Chen of course will, there is no way he will miss an opportunity like this to get a very valuable treasure that is behind this door.

”Very good. ” Sun Yang looked very happy when he heard that Ye Chen was willing to take the Trial he would give.

”I will open this gate for all of you. ” Sun Yang will open the gate for everyone to enter.

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The gate in front of Ye Chen and Nang Bu started to open, when the gate opened, Ye Chen, Nang Bu and everyone in front of the gate saw a rather huge portal.

This portal will likely take Ye Chen to the Trial place Sun Yang intended.

”All right, all of you can go inside, inside I will give the Trial I said earlier. ” Sun Yang told everyone to enter this portal.

Nang Bu and everyone here immediately moved towards the portal.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen slowly entered the portal in front of him.

When Ye Chen passed through the portal, he found that as far as the eye could see there was only a vast desert.

” What is this ? ”Ye Chen doesn ’t understand why he was taken to such a vast place, what kind of trial Sun Yang would give him.

Ye Chen looked around himself, he currently did not find the existence of Nang Bu and the others.

”Hahaha, all of you enter the Trial place, now I will tell the first trial that I will give to you ” Sun Yang told everyone that they were already at the location where the Trial will be given.

”This first trial is very easy, all you need to do is defeat all the enemies in front of you, the time is not limited, so you don ’t need to worry about the time to fight all the enemies in front of you.

Sun Yang told everyone that the first trial that would be given was to give in to all the enemies that would appear in front of everyone who participated in this trial.

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”Alright, no need to linger anymore, let ’s just start the trial. ” Sun Yang immediately started the trial for Ye Chen and everyone.

After Sun Yang ’s words came out, far in front of Ye Chen appeared several warriors made of stone from within the sand.

These soldiers appeared in enormous numbers, and in an instant, these soldiers filled the place in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to estimate the enemy in front of him, these enemies should be at least 10,000, this is quite a lot.

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