”Looks like I have to ask Yanyan about the whereabouts of Feng Xue right now. ” Not getting the answer he wanted, Ye Chen intended to call Zhao Yanyan and ask whether Feng Xue was with him or not.

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When Ye Chen called Zhao Yanyan, he found that Zhao Yanyan didn ’t receive calls from him either.

” Where did Yanyan go ? ” ,Ye Chen became curious about where Zhao Yanyan was going at this time.

”Master, if you are looking for Yanyan ’s younger sister, she is currently inside the fairy gate, she is currently cultivating in the practice room. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Zhao Yanyan was currently inside the Fairy Gate.

”Oh so Yanyan is currently inside the fairy gate, it ’s no wonder she didn ’t receive a call from me. ” Ye Chen now knows why Zhao Yanyan didn ’t receive a call from him, from the start Zhao Yanyan couldn ’t receive a call from him.

”Then I will meet Yanyan inside the fairy gate. ” Ye Chen decided to meet Zhao Yanyan who was currently inside the fairy gate.

Ye Chen immediately disappeared, he was currently entering the fairy gate, when Ye Chen entered the fairy gate, he was greeted by Nanhua Caiyi who suddenly came and hugged him.

”Master, wherever you are ?, I miss you so much. ” Nanhua Caiyi hugged Ye Chen ’s body very tightly.

Nanhua Caiyi currently misses Ye Chen a lot, she has never missed anyone like this, it is likely that this is the effect of the Servant Love Contract that made Nanhua Caiyi miss Ye Chen so much.

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When Nanhua Caiyi was not by Ye Chen ’s side, she felt she would miss Ye Chen a lot.

Ye Chen ’s head was currently sinking into the double peak that Nanhua Caiyi had, Nanhua Caiyi ’s double peak was not only huge but also very gentle, Ye Chen felt that he was sinking into the softest thing in this world.

Ye Chen subconsciously enjoyed the feeling that Nanhua Caiyi ’s double peak gave him.

Nanhua Caiyi was indeed very good at teasing Ye Chen, she could easily make Ye Chen feel good with just a little stimulation.

”Caiyi, hurry up and let me go, I still have important business to do, ” Ye Chen finally realized that he still had things to do, that ’s why Ye Chen told Nanhua Caiyi to let him go.

If only the current Ye Chen had nothing to do with Feng Xue, he would have happily played with Nanhua Caiyi, after all this woman was too seductive that Ye Chen was excited just from seeing her figure.

”OK, I understand. ” With a feeling of disappointment Nanhua Caiyi was forced to let Ye Chen go, when Nanhua Caiyi released Ye Chen from her embrace, she felt a sense of loss.

”Thank you very much, I ’ll go first. ” Ye Chen said goodbye to Nanhua Caiyi, he wanted to go to see Zhao Yanyan.

According to the information that Ye Chen obtained from Chu Yuechan, Zhao Yanyan was currently in the practice room, Zhao Yanyan was currently cultivating inside the practice room.

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On the way Ye Chen met several times the beautiful woman from the Frozen Ice Sect who had become his woman.

These beautiful women now live inside the fairy gate, they prefer to live inside the fairy gate because the energy in this place is tens of times purer than on earth.

After becoming Ye Chen ’s women, they got a really amazing benefit, not only did they become more and more beautiful, but they also grew stronger.

Now that they could be said to be comparable to the Elders of the Frozen Ice Sect, when the women from the Frozen Ice Sect met Ye Chen, they started inviting Ye Chen to do Dual Cultivation together.

”Elder Chen, do you want to do Dual Cultivation with us ” These beautiful women invited Ye Chen to do Dual Cultivation.

After doing that with Ye Chen several times, these women became bolder and asked for more from Ye Chen.

”I ’m sorry, my beautiful women, but I have some business now, so maybe another time ”, Just like before, Ye Chen had to refuse the sweet invitation of these beautiful women, he still had things to do.

”Oh too bad, even though we ’ve learned a little about how to fight on the bed, if Elder Chen could possibly that would be amazing, ” said one of the women very seductively.

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These women are no longer pure women like before who did not know anything about the lives of men and women, they are now women who can feel happiness and pleasure.

Right now Ye Chen is very helpless, even though there are so many women who invite himself to do fun things, unfortunately he can ’t do it because there is something to be done.

If there was currently a man who was invited by a beauty from the Frozen Ice Sect, they would definitely be happy to accept these women ’s invitation to do Dual Cultivation.

”We ’ll discuss it another time, bye. ” Ye Chen left this place immediately, if he continues to be here then he will be ensnared by this beauty in front of him.

The beautiful women from the Frozen Ice Sect giggled when they saw Ye Chen run away like that, they all loved and liked Ye Chen, when they saw Ye Chen ’s cute behavior, of course they would feel happy.

”So all of you are here, hurry back to training now, don ’t waste the time you have ” when the women from the Frozen Ice Sect were giggling very cheerfully.

suddenly Mu Lanyin came and told these women to continue their unfinished training.

Seeing Mu Lanyin ’s arrival , these women immediately stopped giggling.

”Yes, sister Lanyin , we understand, ”These beautiful women immediately obeyed orders Mu Lanyin ’s to continue their practice.

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While inside the fairy gate, the women from the Frozen Ice Sect would named Mu Lanyin calls her sister, while when outside they will still call Mu Lanyin as sect master in her honor.

Now that they had all become Ye Chen ’s women, it was better to get along well with each other.

After leaving behind the beautiful women from the Frozen Ice Sect, Ye Chen finally arrived at the practice room where Zhao Yanyan was.

”knock ..,knock.., knock ”Ye Chen knocked on the practice room entrance.

When Ye Chen knocked on the practice room door, Zhao Yanyan immediately opened the door of her practice room for Ye Chen.

”Husband? ”When she saw that the person who visited her practice room was Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan looked very happy.

Zhao Yanyan went to hug Ye Chen ’s body, she missed a little because she didn ’t see Ye Chen for almost 1 week.

”Where have you been, I heard that you went to see the people of God Realm Is that true? ”, Zhao Yanyan immediately interrogated Ye Chen.

Whenever Zhao Yanyan heard Ye Chen dealing with people from God Realm, she always felt worried about Ye Chen ’s situation.

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