One of them was Feng Jinx who had poisoned him and the other was Feng Lunze who was the son of the first elder.

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The first elder was the one who had the highest position in this family, he was the oldest child among all, even Feng Luo had to call the first elder the elder brother.

”I see. ” Feng Luo understood what was happening right now, it seemed that the elders wanted to use their children to rule this Feng Clan.

”Xue, what if you get into this problem? , I will recommend you.
”Feng Luo finally made a decision, he wanted Feng Xue to participate in this power struggle.

”Eh? , you mean I have to participate in this? ”Feng Xue was a little surprised when she heard this, she didn ’t expect that her grandfather would order her to join the power struggle that was happening in the Clan right now.

”That ’s why, even though you are young, you have a talent to do that. ” Feng Luo told Feng Xue that she had a hidden talent for managing things.

Plus Feng Xue ’s contribution in this family was quite large, with the current Feng Xue ’s contribution, she was enough to become a candidate for Clan head.

”But grandfather ”, Feng Xue still felt a little confused when she had to interfere in such a big matter, she wasn ’t sure that he could get the current position of the head of the Clan.

”Don ’t be afraid, I will help you. ” Feng Luo told Feng Xue not to be afraid, Feng Luo himself would help Feng Xue to get to the head of the Clan.

If the Clan head position fell to the wrong person like Feng Jinx, then this Clan would be in a very difficult position, it was better for Feng Luo to let Feng Xue hold that position, he was sure that Feng Xue would not do something like yhe evil Feng Jinx .

”Xue, we have to stop Feng Jinx from getting what he wants. ” Ye Chen supported what Feng Luo wanted to do, he would not let Feng Jinx get what he wanted.

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”Ye Chen, I ’m not sure about that, if I join there will definitely be many people who try to oppose me. ” Feng Xue doubted that she could be chosen as the leader of the Clan, she was too young, there was no way people would choose her.

”You don ’t have to worry about that problem, I will help you, after you become the leader of the Clan you can give that position back to your grandfather if you really don ’t want that. ” Ye Chen tried to persuade Feng Xue to cooperate with him and Feng Luo.

”Okay, you will try ” after being persuaded by Ye Chen, Feng Xue finally wanted to try it.

Feng Xue wanted to take revenge on Feng Jinx, she had to expel everyone related to Feng Jinx from this family.

”Aren ’t you Ye Chen, what are you doing here? ” , Feng Luo asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: ”I ’m here to.

”Grandpa, Ye Chen is here to help me, if it weren ’t for Ye Chen, I would have been sold by Feng Jinx to a pervert man.
”Feng Xue told Feng Luo why Ye Chen could be in this place.

”Oh, I see, thank you for helping Xue ” Feng Luo thanked Ye Chen.

It turned out that apart from having good musical talent, this man was also very kind, he was really a heroic who wanted to help Feng Xue who was in trouble.

”No need to be grateful like that, I just did what I thought was right, ” said Ye Chen to Feng Luo.

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”Hahaha, you are a very attractive young man, it ’s no wonder Xue always said that you are a great person. ” Feng Luo had to admit that Ye Chen was indeed attractive.

”Grandfather, don ’t say that. ” Feng Xue felt very embarrassed when Feng Luo said the secret that Ye Chen had been hiding.

Hearing this, Ye Chen could only smile, it seemed that Feng Xue was telling himself to Feng Luo.

Feng Luo started to get up from the bed, after eating the healing pill, Feng Luo felt that he felt so refreshed, it had been a long time since he had felt this feeling of freshness.

Feng Luo felt that he had returned to his former youth.

”Grandfather, are you okay? ” Feng Xue was a little worried about Feng Luo ’s situation.

”Xue, you don ’t need to worry, I ’m very healthy. ” Feng Luo told Feng Xue that she was fine.

Feng Luo had to do something to make Feng Xue win the Clan head position, which was why he had to get votes from people close to him.

”Xue go and accompany Ye Chen, I will do something first. ” Feng Luo told Feng Xue to go and accompany Ye Chen, he had to do something.

”Fine. ” Feng Xue obediently obeyed Feng Luo, she took Ye Chen away from this room.

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After Feng Xue left this room, Feng Luo looked at the housekeeper who was in front of him.

”Come with me, I want you to help me a little as a friend not as the head of this Clan. ” Feng Luo asked the housekeeper to accompany him to do something.

”Alright, since the head position is not there, I am now a little free. ” The housekeeper promised to accompany Feng Luo.

As a person who had served Feng Luo for a long time, the housekeeper had naturally become a close friend to Feng Luo.

let ’s go. ” Feng Luo nodded in satisfaction, he went to meet the closest people in this Clan to help Feng Xue get the position of Clan head.





Meanwhile, currently Feng Xue invited Ye Chen to go to her room.

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”Ye Chen come in, this is my room, tonight I want you to accompany me to sleep. ” Feng Xue openly invited Ye Chen to come into her room.

Hearing Feng Xue ’s invitation, Ye Chen became very excited.

Ye Chen immediately hugged Feng Xue ’s waist, ”Xue, let ’s go to sleep. ” Ye Chen shamelessly invited Feng Xue to go to bed right now.

Whoever was a fool who was willing to refuse Feng Xue ’s invitation, any male would be excited to receive an invitation like this from Feng Xue.

Feng Xue ’s face turned red when she heard Ye Chen ’s words, she didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would be so excited when she invited her to sleep together.

Ye Chen opened the door to the room, while hugging Feng Xue ’s waist, Ye Chen entered Feng Xue ’s room, what a coincidence that when Ye Chen and Feng Xue entered the room it looked very dark.

”Xue, where ’s the light switch? ”, Ye Chen asked Feng Xue where the light switch was.

”The light switch is 2 meters to your left. ” Feng Xue told Ye Chen that the light switch was 2 meters to Ye Chen ’s left.

After knowing the light switch was on, Ye Chen rushed over to turn on the light of this room.

”Click. ” The room lights turn on, when the room lights are turned on, Ye Chen looks at the room Feng Xue used to sleep in.

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