What Feng Luo said was indeed true, Feng Xue had a huge contribution in the entertainment world that no one in this family had ever achieved.

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It ’s not strange that Feng Luo uses this method, no one can do anything when Feng Luo uses this method.

”It ’s up to you ” because he had lost arguing, the second elder didn ’t want to argue with Feng Luo any more, if this continued then the second elder would lose even more face.

It was better to let Feng Luo do whatever he wanted, the result would be the same, Feng Jinx would be the next Clan leader.

”Alright, now every candidate should give a speech regarding the vision and mission you have. ” The second elder ordered Feng Xue, Feng Jinx and Feng Kunze to make a speech.

One by one, Feng Xue, Feng Jinx and Feng Kunze began to convey what they would do after becoming Clan leaders.

Everything was going well.
Feng Xue managed to deliver a speech that was very great.

Luckily Feng Luo had prepared a speech for Feng Xue, so Feng Xue only needed to memorize the script that Feng Luo had prepared.

Feng Xue was a star, so memorizing text to speech was not a difficult thing for her.

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”Okay, after all of you have seen their speech, please vote by raising your hands when I mention the person. ” The second elder wanted these people to raise their hands when he mentioned the names of the participants who had just appeared.

Starting with Feng Kunze, he had at least 7 votes.

Feng Jinx, he got a total of 20 votes 

Whereas Feng Xue, he only got 3 votes only, Feng Xue got the least number of votes among the three.

Feng Luo felt confused when he saw this, the majority of the personal acquaintances he had were actually supporting Feng Jinx.

Whereas last night, Feng Luo had discussed with the people closest to him to help win Feng Xue to get Clan leader, but now everyone suddenly turned around and betrayed him.

”Grandfather, why did the people who previously supported you suddenly turn around and betrayed you.
”Feng Xue immediately asked her grandfather.

”I also don ’t know why they suddenly switched sides like this. ” Feng Luo didn ’t know why people close to him supported the evil Feng Jinx .

Feng Luo glared at the people who were close to himself, Feng Luo looked disappointed with these people.

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”Feng Luo, I see that there are only a few people who are willing to choose your granddaughter, hahaha. ” The second elder seemed pleased to find that there were only a few people who were willing to choose Feng Luo.

Hearing the words of the second elder, Feng Luo gritted his teeth slightly, all the plans he had prepared all night suddenly failed like this, this made Feng Luo a little annoyed.

The current Feng Jinx looked very happy, he managed to make many people choose him.

”I am indeed a smart person, I can make all these people choose me, hahaha ” Feng Jinx laughed with satisfaction in his heart, he even started to praise the intelligence he had.

”If no one has any objections to this, then Feng Jinx will be the new leader of this Clan. ” The second elder immediately declared Feng Jinx ’s victory.

”Wait a minute, I do not agree with this result, I think there is a fraud going on. ” Ye Chen, who had been silent all this time, immediately voiced a voice.

Ye Chen thought that this result was rigged from the start.

”Hey kid, who are you? , and do you want to speak like that? ”The second elder asked Ye Chen.

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The second elder felt displeased with what Ye Chen just said, he felt Ye Chen was offending him.

”I haven ’t introduced myself, my name is Ye Chen , I am the one who was invited by Feng Xue in this matter.
” Ye Chen began to introduce himself to everyone who was here.

”So you are the one who was invited by Feng Xue, how presumptuous you are meddling in this matter ” when the second elder found out that Ye Chen was only a person who was invited by Feng Xue, he immediately sneered at Ye Chen who wanted to interfere in the matters of the Feng Clan

”I was presumptuous about meddling in your business, but when I saw the cheating that was happening, of course I wouldn ’t just stay quiet. ” Ye Chen might be a little presumptuous here, but seeing the current cheating, Ye Chen can no longer just stand by and see.

The already desperate Feng Luo started to look at Ye Chen, he wanted to know what this young man was going to do.

”Xue, what does Ye Chen want to do. ” Feng Luo whispered to Feng Xue, he asked what Ye Chen was going to do.

”Grandfather, I also don ’t know what Ye Chen will do, but I think Ye Chen will do something to change things. ” Feng Xue herself also didn ’t know what Ye Chen wanted to do.

Even though Feng Xue didn ’t know what Ye Chen wanted, she believed that Ye Chen had a way of dealing with Feng Jinx and the second elder.

”You always talk about cheating and cheating, what cheating do you mean? ”,The second elder asked what cheating Ye Chen meant.

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”Why do you even ask me, your son should know what I mean right now ” Ye Chen pointed at Feng Jinx who is beside the second elder .

”What do you mean by that? ” Feng Jinx immediately got up from his chair when pointed at by Ye Chen.

Feng Jinx started to question what Ye Chen meant, Feng Jinx felt a little annoyed with this man, why did Feng Xue invite Ye Chen here.

Feng Jinx bit out capability that is owned by Chen Ye, Feng Ye Chen Jinx seen beating Xiao Yan with the utmost ease.

If Ye Chen dared to cause trouble in this place, then Feng Jinx would ask the great master next to him to help him pack Ye Chen.

”Are you still acting stupid or pretending to be stupid, why don ’t you just admit all the sins you have committed ”said Ye Chen to Feng Jinx.

”Damn, what are you talking about, don ’t be so convoluted like that. ” The second elder began to lose his temper, this young man was very brave enough to slander his son ’s victory.

”Well if you want the truth, I will show you the truth. ” Since Feng Jinx still doesn ’t want to confess all the sins he has committed, Ye Chen will reveal everything in front of everyone who is here.

”Actually, half of the people present here have extremely dangerous poison in their bodies. ” Ye Chen started to say that half of the people here had deadly poison in their bodies.

Hear what Ye Chen said , some of the people who were here looked at each other, they wanted to know who the person referring by Ye Chen, who has have a very dangerous poison in his body.

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