ng threatened with this poison. ” Ye Chen asked the man in front of him about who was the person who had threatened him.

The person in front of Ye Chen was a little nervous, he was afraid to speak, this man glanced at Feng Jinx with a little fear.

When this man looked at Feng Jinx, he found that Feng Jinx was glaring at him very hard, Feng Jinx seemed to be telling him that he would not give up the antidote if this person dared to talk about him.

The man in front of Ye Chen was afraid to speak, he preferred to remain silent and not tell Ye Chen what really happened.

After all his life and death were in Feng Jinx ’s hands, if he said who was the one who threatened him with poison, then he would definitely be finished.

Ye Chen could see that the person in front of him was afraid to speak.

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”You don ’t need to worry, if you tell the truth I will give you an antidote to remove the poison that is in your body. ” Ye Chen promised to provide an antidote for poison if this person would speak up.

Again, the person in front of Ye Chen still didn ’t want to talk, he still didn ’t believe Ye Chen.

”I don ’t know, nobody threatens me. ” This man insisted not to speak, preferring to keep quiet to find safety.

”Too bad, it seems you don ’t want to get rid of that poison in your body, I should just find someone else who is willing to cooperate. ” Seeing that the person in front of him doesn ’t want to cooperate with him.

Ye Chen decided to find someone else who was willing to work with him.

Ye Chen tried to get closer to the second person who had poison in his body, just like before, Ye Chen asked the same thing, he wanted this person to say the person who had threatened him with poison.

Unfortunately this person was the same as the previous person, he refused to tell the person who had threatened him.

It seems quite difficult to get these people to talk, they look afraid of Feng Jinx, if they dare to speak, then they probably won ’t get the antidote from Feng Jinx.

Feng Jinx looks happy when he sees these people afraid of him, after all, the antidote is in his hands, if they dare to expose the evil he has, then Feng.
Jinx will not give these people the antidote he has.

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”Hey kid, what are you doing for nothing, they don ’t know anything about this matter, are you sure that these people were poisoned? ” Feng Jinx finally had a weapon against Ye Chen.

Feng Jinx started to slander Ye Chen as the one who lied in this place.

Everyone here is not willing to confess, as long as people are unwilling to admit what happened, Feng Jinx will remain safe.

Ye Chen only smiled when he heard what Feng said Jinx, he wasn ’t angry when he heard what Feng said Jinx.

Ye Chen looked at the people in front of him, it seemed that these people did not want to say the ugliness that Feng Jinx had.

Since ordinary means were useless to get these people to talk, it seemed like Ye Chen was forced to use a little force to get these people to speak.

Feng Xue and Feng Luo started to worry seeing Ye Chen fail to expose Feng Jinx ’s rottenness, it seemed that these people were more difficult to deal with than Feng Xue and Feng Luo thought.

Feng Luo and Feng Xue were eager to help Ye Chen with this matter, unfortunately the two of them didn ’t know what to do to help Ye Chen.

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