Hearing this news, Xiao Yunce and the elders from Xiao Clan immediately went out to see what was going on, Xiao Yunce was currently sitting in a wheelchair, after being injured by Ye Chen right in the crotch, Xiao Yunce still couldn ’t walk or stand.

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Xiao Yunce still felt an unbearable pain from the part of his crotch that Ye Chen had crushed.

When Xiao Yunce and the elders arrived outside, they all found that Xiao Xian was lying at the entrance.

”Ancestor Xiao Xian ” everyone immediately checked what happened to the great ancestor of the Xiao Clan, when everyone examined Xiao Xian ’s body, they found that Xiao Xian ’s body became a vegetable, there was also a letter tucked into Xiao Xian ’s body.

”What is this letter ”, one of the elders of the Xiao family immediately saw the letter tucked into Xiao Xian ’s body.

The person who took the letter on Xiao Xian ’s body began to read the letter, when that person read the contents of the letter in his hand, he was very dumbfounded.

The contents of the letter in his hand turned out to be a warning to his Clan not tokeep up with anyone else, otherwise they would all have the same fate as Xiao Xian.

”Everyone, look at this. ” The person who had read the warning letter immediately told everyone who was here to see what was in this letter.

Everyone immediately gathered and saw what was written in this letter, when they saw what was written in this letter, everyone was very surprised, they did not believe that what was written would be like this.

”It seems that Xiao Xian ’s ancestor has just offended a very strong person, otherwise how could he be defeated to such an extent? ” One elder from the Xiao Clan said to everyone in this place.

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”Looks like you are right, from now on we have to be a little careful, otherwise we will all be transformed into like Xiao Xian ’s ancestors. ” The elders began discussing with each other to discuss the contents of the warning letter written by Ye Chen.

Meanwhile Xiao Yunce crumpled the warning letter in his hands, Xiao Yunce did not expect that someone as strong as Xiao Xian could lose and be like this when dealing with the Feng Clan, actually who is the strong person behind the current Feng Clan.

Why was he so strong that a cultivator from the Kunlun holy land like Xiao Xian was unable to fight against him.

This is still a question for Xiao Yunce, he becomes curious who is the person behind the Feng Clan.

That night Xiao Yunce only vaguely remembers Ye Chen, he doesn ’t know who the person who saved Feng Xue is.

Xiao Yunce remembered that a mysterious man saved Feng Xue from him, after which Xiao Yunce did not know what had happened.

”Damn it. ” Xiao Yunce was so helpless, not only did he not get Feng Xue, he also lost his most precious thing as a man.

Fortunately, the elders still don ’t know that he has become an eunuch, if these elders find out that Xiao Yunce has lost his belongings, then it is certain that his position will be changed.

Xiao Yunce had to find a way to restore the lower body he had, otherwise sooner or later everything would be discovered.

After throwing Xiao Xian into the Xiao Clan territory, Ye Chen returned to the Feng family ’s Mansion.

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”Master, who do you think killed Hong Won? ”Chu Yuechan is a little curious about Hong Won ’s death.

”I also don ’t know about it, maybe he offended someone on the escape trip and was killed by that person. ” Ye Chen answered a question from Chu Yuechan.

With Hong Won ’s arrogance, that man might have offended someone other than Ye Chen.

”Well that might happen ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Actually, Chu Yuechan already guessed who the person who killed Hong Won was, it was very likely that Dongfang Xiu was the person who killed Hong Won.

That cold woman was always helping Ye Chen behind the scenes, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Chu Yuechan to suspect that Dongfang Xiu was the one who killed Hong Won.

Ye Chen didn ’t think much of this, after all the person concerned had died, so there was no point talking about it.

In no time at all, Ye Chen had returned to the mansion, when Ye Chen arrived at the Mansion he found that Feng Xue was currently standing in the same place waiting for his return.

This girl was more daring than Ye Chen thought, she thought Feng Xue would go to find a safe place, it was unexpected that Feng Xue would remain here waiting for him.

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Ye Chen descended right in front of Feng Xue and Feng Luo.

”Ye Chen ” saw that Ye Chen had returned safely, Feng Xue immediately went towards Ye Chen.

Feng Xue immediately went to hug Ye Chen ’s body, Ye Chen also hugged Feng Xue ’s beautiful body.

The two of them embraced like lovers who had not seen each other for a long time.

”I ’m back. ” While hugging Feng Xue ’s beautiful body, Ye Chen whispered in Feng Xue ’s ear.

”I ’m glad you came back safely, I thought you wouldn ’t come back. ” Just now Feng Xue was very, very worried about Ye Chen ’s safety.

”Yes, I have, I ’m back now, you don ’t need to worry anymore. ” Ye Chen tried to comfort Feng Xue.

Feng Xue seemed to be very worried about Ye Chen, she seemed to have considered Ye Chen the most precious person in her heart.

Feng Luo from a distance saw what Ye Chen and Feng Xue were doing, it seemed that the relationship the two had was more intimate than he thought.

Not wanting to disturb Ye Chen and Feng Xue ’s moment, Feng Luo decided to leave this place, he let Feng Xue and Ye Chen enjoy the beautiful moment they had.

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Feng Luo turned out to be very understanding, he allowed Ye Chen and Feng Xue to make out like that.

After 10 minutes of hugging the two of them, Feng Xue finally wanted to let Ye Chen go.

As Ye Chen and Feng Xue looked around this place, the two of them no longer saw Feng Luo around this place.

”Uh, where did grandfather go? ” Feng Xue immediately asked where Feng Luo had gone.

”Looks like he ’s gone, do you have a place you want to go to? ”, Ye Chen asked if Feng Xue had a place to visit.

Since everything was finished, Ye Chen intended to invite Feng Xue to have a good time, for the rest Ye Chen could completely leave the affairs of the Feng Clan to Feng Luo.

Ye Chen didn ’t want to interfere too much in this matter anymore, after all Feng Jinx had already been kicked out of the Clan, Ye Chen and Feng Xue ’s goal had already been fulfilled.

”Is this a date invitation? ”,Feng Xue asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, this is a date invitation ” said Ye Chen to Feng Xue.

”It ’s fun, we can go to the cinema, the playground and many more places I want to visit. ” Feng Xue was immediately excited when she heard Ye Chen asking herself to go out on a date.

”So where do you want to go, let ’s go to the cinema first, there is a film I want to watch. ” Feng Xue wants to go to the cinema, she wants to watch a film together with Ye Chen.

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