Ye Chen invited Feng Xue to go to various places that he liked, the two of them looked very affectionate when taking a walk in the crowd.

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Feng Xue was a little difficult to get out with Ye Chen when using the original appearance she had, which was why Feng Xue was forced to use something to hide the original appearance she had.

Luckily, Ye Chen has a way of dealing with this, he has already prepared a ring that can change one ’s appearance for a limited time.

Even though it was not as great as Fu Lanling ’s Nuwa ring, it was still more tolerable than having to wear a leather mask.

In this way, Ye Chen can still walk together with Feng Xue without having to worry about the fans of Feng Xue that they often meet.

As a star, Feng Xue had a lot of loyal fans in every corner of the country, moreover this was the capital city which was the headquarters of Feng Xue fans.

If they found out that their idol was dating Ye Chen, these people would have immediately hunted down Ye Chen like a big criminal.

Ye Chen still clearly remembered when Feng Xue ’s fans hunted him, it was very uncomfortable for Ye Chen to be chased by Feng Xue ’s fans like a criminal who had committed an enormous crime.

According to Feng Xue ’s request, Ye Chen invited Feng Xue to go to the cinema, playground, shopping center and many other places that Ye Chen visited.

All time Ye Chen accompanied Feng Xue to wherever she wanted, without realizing it was getting very dark.

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Since it was already dark Ye Chen and Feng Xue decided to find a place to have dinner.

Ye Chen has not eaten for several days, he is currently quite hungry, Ye Chen feels that he can eat a lot of food at once.

During dinner Feng Xue continued to look at Ye Chen who was eating food, almost all of the food he ordered entered Ye Chen ’s stomach.

Feng Xue was delighted when she saw Ye Chen eating so heartily.

Initially Feng Xue was quite surprised to see Ye Chen ’s portion of food which was quite large.

”Husband, it was so much fun, I haven ’t enjoyed a date like this. ” Feng Xue looks very happy, she feels that today she feels very happy when dating whitYe Chen.

”Well I ’m happy that you ’re happy, so where else do you want to go? ”Ye Chen wants to know where they are going.

”It ’s enough night, how about we we look for a hotel to stay tonight ” Feng Xue invited Ye Chen to find a hotel for them to stay tonight.

Ye Chen who was eating was a little dumbfounded when he heard Feng Xue invite himself to look for a hotel.

For Ye Chen, Feng Xue ’s invitation was an invitation to have a relationship between a man and a woman.

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Seeing Ye Chen ’s gaze, Feng Xue ’s face turned slightly red.

Actually Feng Xue wanted to show something for Ye Chen a little, therefore Feng Xue invited Ye Chen to go to the hotel, at the hotel there would be no one to interfere with what Feng Xue wanted to show Ye Chen.

”Fine, but let me finish all of this. ” Ye Chen immediately agreed with Feng Xue ’s suggestion of finding a hotel.

Ye Chen very quickly finished all the food he had ordered, after finishing all the food that had been ordered, Ye Chen and Feng Xue immediately searched for the most beautiful hotel in this city.

Because of Feng Xue here, Ye Chen could easily find a hotel with the best facilities in the capital.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue immediately carried out a check in at this 5-star hotel, the receptionist at this hotel did not recognize Feng Xue at all, if they knew Feng Xue opened a room with Ye Chen, this would definitely be the biggest news in this century.

”This is the room key belonging to you two, have a good night. ” The receptionist gave a greeting to Ye Chen and Feng Xue.

Feng Xue received the room key from the receptionist, the room ordered by Ye Chen and Feng Xue was the best Extra Vip room in this hotel, they both could enjoy a happy night without needing to be disturbed by anyone.

”Let ’s go. ” Feng Xue invited Ye Chen to see what kind of room they had.

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”Come on. ” Ye Chen was quite excited, he immediately carried Feng Xue to the room they had rented.

”I ’m a little jealous of that woman, she got a very handsome man. ” The receptionist was jealous of Feng Xue for finding a handsome man like Ye Chen.

In the receptionist ’s eyes, Feng Xue looked like a normal woman, even the hotel receptionist felt that she was much prettier and sexier than Feng Xue.

The receptionist didn ’t know at all that this was Feng Xue who was a female star who was famous for her beauty all over the world

”Never mind, look at yourself, can you rent a room like that woman earlier, even though the woman ’s appearance is normal but she is quite rich, so it is possible that the man will want it because the woman is rich. ” The friend from the receptionist began to say not to be jealous of the life he has.
by others.

”Well you ’re right, I ’d better work hard so that I become a rich woman, that way I can get a handsome man like that. ” The receptionist decided to work hard so that one day she gets a handsome man like Ye Chen.

Ye Chen has now taken Feng Xue to the room they have rented, the room they rented is actually quite good, besides the room is very spacious, the bed here is also very large, at least this bed can fit.
15 adults above.

Ye Chen immediately threw Feng Xue onto the bed very gently.

After Ye Chen threw Feng Xue onto the bed Ye Chen began to climb onto the bed, Ye Chen immediately pounced on Feng Xue.

Feng Xue now looked like a little rabbit ready to be eaten by a hungry wolf.

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”Husband, wait a moment. ” Feng Xue stopped Ye Chen from wanting to do something about her.

” What else ? ”, Ye Chen asked why Feng Xue stopped him.

”It ’s my body is dirty, I want to take a shower first. ” It turned out that Feng Xue wanted to take a bath and clean her body.

Since Feng Xue had been out with Ye Chen all day long, Feng Xue ’s body was now a little dirty, which was why Feng Xue wanted to clean up first.

All women were the same, they didn ’t like it when they saw that their bodies were dirty, it seemed that it was true for Feng Xue too.

”That ’s not necessary, I think you ’re still pretty clean. ” To be honest, Ye Chen was a little reluctant when he had to let Feng Xue go, Ye Chen wanted to immediately try the tastes of the most popular female stars of this century.

Last night Ye Chen didn ’t get what he wanted, therefore today Ye Chen has to get what he wants, he has to get this girl completely.

”No, let me take a shower first ” Feng Xue still insisted on taking a shower first.

Feng Xue likes to be clean, she doesn ’t want to look dirty in front of Ye Chen, that ’s why Feng Xue insists on taking a shower first.

Ye Chen is helpless, he is forced to let go of Feng Xue first, Ye Chen should probably be even more patient to get what he wants.

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