Feng Xue of course knew what Ye Chen was talking about.
”Yes, of course I want to, tonight I will only become an idol that belongs only to you. ” Feng Xue started to stretch out her arms, she started to hug Ye Chen ’s neck.

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Feng Xue already likes Ye Chen so much, she really wants to be Ye Chen ’s woman completely.

Ye Chen was happy when he heard this, he started kissing Feng Xue ’s cherry lips.

”Ummm, Chuuu, Ummm. ” Ye Chen and Feng Xue started to have a very passionate adult kiss.

The two of them started rolling on the very soft and comfortable mattress in this room.

Since Feng Xue was still a virgin, Ye Chen had to guide Feng Xue a little about how to have a relationship between a man and woman

Luckily Feng Xue is a smart woman, she can very easily learn what Ye Chen said

Feng Xue started to ensnare Ye Chen ’s body, she looked like an octopus that was eating her food.

While Ye Chen was stroking Feng Xue ’s body, he started to stimulate Feng Xue ’s body.

Ye Chen purposely didn ’t take off Feng Xue ’s clothes, he wanted to enjoy Feng Xue in idol clothes like this.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue kissed for about 20 minutes, after they were exhausted, they finally wanted to separate.

Feng Xue was slightly breathless after a long kiss with Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen started to unbutton the idol ’s clothes that Feng Xue was wearing, Ye Chen didn ’t immediately take off the clothes that Feng Xue was wearing, he only opened it a little so that Feng Xue ’s two double peaks appeared.

When Ye Chen took off Feng Xue ’s idol shirt, he found that Feng Xue was not wearing anything under this idol ’s shirt, Feng Xue ’s mountain peak was actually immediately presented in front of Ye Chen.

Feng Xue was currently looking away, she was embarrassed to be stared at by Ye Chen in this manner.

”Xue, are you on stage when you don ’t wear anything under your clothes? ”,Ye Chen whispered in Feng Xue ’s ear.

”Husband, don ’t think like that, I ’m not such a perverted woman. ” Feng Xue shyly said to Ye Chen.

Feng Xue actually did this because she followed Zhao Yanyan ’s advice, Zhao Yanyan had once told Feng Xue how to seduce Ye Chen.

And Zhao Yanyan told Feng Xue this way to tease Ye Chen to get him excited.

”Really? So then you specially use this for me ” Asked Ye Chen to Feng Xue.

Feng Xue nodded at Ye Chen, she was deliberately wearing these clothes to make Ye Chen excited.

Ye Chen couldn ’t believe that Feng Xue was wearing clothes like this to seduce himself, it seems that Feng Xue learned this from someone, there was no way a pure virgin like Feng Xue would know how to seduce men like this.

Ye Chen started to bring his face closer to Feng Xue ’s cherry bud, Ye Chen started to suck and put Feng Xue ’s pink cherry bud.

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” iyahhh.
., ”Feng Xue began to make a voice that was very pleasant to listen to.

”Husband, no..
”Feng Xue is not ready to accept this pleasure.

Ye Chen didn ’t want to stop, he really enjoyed sucking Feng Xue ’s cherry buds, it was delicious enough to taste the taste of a female star like Feng Xue.

Feng Xue is the idol of so many people in this world, if Feng Xue ’s fans know that currently Feng Xue is being treated like this by Ye Chen, they will definitely be very jealous.

There were millions of people out there who dreamed of this together with Feng Xue every day.

So if they knew the Goddess in their hearts was treated like this by Ye Chen, they would all be very angry with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen continued to suck Feng Xue ’s cherry bud with great fear, he seemed to be enjoying Feng Xue ’s cherrybud.

., Slurp..
., Slurp..
., Slurp..
., ”Ye Chen ’s sucking voice could be heard very clearly in this room.

”Ahhh, no..
., don ’t be too strong, husband, please.
”Feng Xue started begging and groaning to Ye Chen.

For Feng Xue, this was too enjoyable, she felt that he would reach the peak of happiness.

”Xue, you don ’t need to hold back, just bring out all the complaints you have. ” Ye Chen asked Feng Xue not to hold back anymore.

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Ye Chen continued to suck on the beautiful cherry pink bud that was in front of him.

”This is so amazing. ” Feng Xue cried out in pleasure when she reached the peak, this kind of feeling was very comfortable Feng Xue felt very, very happy.

Whenever Feng Xue did this together with Ye Chen, she found that she was getting addicted to doing this.

Ye Chen was quite happy to see Feng Xue feeling happy, now it ’s time for Ye Chen to have a little fun too.

Ye Chen started to take out his younger brother who was already very tough, from earlier Ye Chen ’s younger brother had felt uncomfortable and wanted to immediately try Feng Xue ’s taste.

The current Feng Xue was still a little tired from doing just now, Feng Xue ’s breath was still slightly fluctuating.

Feng Xue was a little curious about what Ye Chen was doing, when Feng Xue looked at Ye Chen, he found that currently Ye Chen took out an enormous object at the bottom of his body.

This thing was so huge, Feng Xue couldn ’t believe that men possessed something this big.

”It ’s Big ” Feng Xue was shocked when she saw the appearance of Ye Chen ’s large object.

As a man, Ye Chen naturally likes to be praised a lot by Feng Xue, who is a man who doesn ’t like being praised by a beautiful female star like Feng Xue.

Ye Chen started to grab Feng Xue ’s hand and put Feng Xue ’s hand on his large object.

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Feng Xue felt that her hand was touching something Big, hard and very hot.

Even Feng Xue ’s one hand was unable to fully grasp Ye Chen ’s large object.

”Xue, can you help me? ” Ye Chen asked Feng Xue to help him.

”That, how? ”Feng Xue doesn ’t know what to do about the current situation, she still doesn ’t know anything about this kind of thing.

”Use your own hands to make me happy. ” Ye Chen told Feng Xue to help himself using the hands she had.

Feng Xue understood, she started helping Ye Chen ’s large object using her own hand.

Since Feng Xue was still the first time, Ye Chen had to guide Feng Xue a little, under the guidance of Ye Chen Feng Xue had quickly become very adept at doing this.

Since one hand was not enough to hold this large object, Feng Xue began to use both hands to rub Ye Chen ’s large object.

Ye Chen groaned a little while enjoying Feng Xue ’s hand service, this beautiful star was really very smart at doing what Ye Chen said.

”Husband, how does it feel?, Is it comfortable or not? ” Feng Xue asked whether Ye Chen was comfortable with what he was doing at the moment.

”Xue, this is very comfortable, please be faster and stronger. ” Ye Chen felt comfortable with Feng Xue ’s hand, he wanted Feng Xue to Fast so him feel more comfortable.

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