Today is the saddest day that all the fans of Feng Xue have ever experienced, they all feel sad when they see the idol they like leaving the entertainment world.

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This day will be remembered as the saddest day by everyone in this country, everyone felt very lost when Feng Xue withdrew from the entertainment world.

Many people deeply regretted what Feng Xue had done, even though Feng Xue ’s current career was in the most brilliant period ever in history.

Feng Xue had already made up her mind that she had no one who could change the decision Feng Xue made.

Not even the people from the Feng Clan dared to oppose Feng Xue ’s decision, they were all afraid because behind Feng Xue was Ye Chen.

The people from the Feng Clan also still needed Ye Chen for the antidote that was in their bodies.

Due to Feng Luo ’s request, Ye Chen gave a medicine that could remove the poison that was in everyone ’s body.

The Press Release quickly ended, after everything was over Feng Xue immediately went to see Ye Chen.

”Is everything finished? ” Ye Chen asked Feng Xue whether everything was finished or not.

”I have finished everything, now we can go. ” Feng Xue nodded to Ye Chen, everything in the capital was finished no she was ready to return to Ye Chen ’s Villa.

The matter of the Feng Clan has also been resolved successfully, Feng Luo will remain the Clan leader for the time being until there is a suitable person to replace him.

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As for Feng Jinx and the second elder they had already paid for the crimes they had both committed, they were both currently in prison to take responsibility for the crimes they had committed.

”Come on. ” Ye Chen asked Feng Xue to go back to the Villa, it has been a long time since he returned to the Villa.

Ye Chen and Feng Xue immediately flew out of the capital, Ye Chen took Feng Xue flying towards the direction where the city he lived in was.

With Ye Chen ’s full speed, he along with Feng Xue very quickly arrived at Ye Chen ’s Villa.

Feng Xue still couldn ’t believe that they would be this fast to reach Ye Chen ’s villa.

”Come on in. ” Ye Chen invited Feng Xue into the villa.

When Ye Chen wanted to enter the villa he found that the current villa was locked from the inside.

Inevitably Ye Chen had to press the doorbell so that the Ye Chen woman who was inside opened the door.

Ye Chen felt a little strange, it was unusual for the door to be locked when it was still daytime like this.

A while after Ye Chen pressed the bell, the door was opened by a woman wearing a maid uniform.

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This woman in a maid uniform was no stranger to Ye Chen, this woman was Li Qingzu who was one of the four school flowers.

”Eh? ”Ye Chen was a little confused when he saw Li Qingzu in his villa.

”Li Qingzu, why are you here? ” Ye Chen immediately asked why Li Qingzu was in his villa.

Feng Xue who was beside Ye Chen looked at Li Qingzu who was in maid clothes, Feng Xue had to admit that this maid had a very beautiful figure.

Feng Xue couldn ’t help thinking, even the maid in Ye Chen ’s house was so beautiful, were all the women in this villa really rare beauties in this world.

”Ye Chen, from now on I worked here, Teacher Lin Rouxi who have hired me here ” Ye Chen Li Qingzu tell that from now on she worked here.

Li Qingzu needed a little money for her living, therefore she was looking for a part-time job, when Li Qingzu was looking for a job, she met Lin Rouxi who offered a job to Li Qingzu.

Li Qingzu is a smart and enterprising woman, when she saw a woman like Li Qingzu looking for a job, Lin Rouxi immediately offered Li Qingzu a job in this villa.

Lin Rouxi knew that Ye Chen wouldn ’t mind if he hired a girl at his house, which was why Lin Rouxi dared to recruit Li Qingzu.

Lin Rouxi didn ’t offer Li Qingzu nothing for, first she made an agreement with Li Qingzu.

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The agreement that Lin Rouxi and Li Qingzu made was very easy, she wanted Li Qingzu to keep what she would see in Ye Chen ’s Villa a secret to others.

Lin Rouxi didn ’t want Li Qingzu to leak what she saw in Ye Chen ’s villa to anyone else, let alone the students in the school, otherwise there would definitely be an extremely violent commotion.

”SoRouxi who hired you in this house ” after receiving a little information from Li Qingzu, Ye Chen now knew why Li Qingzu was in his villa wearing maid clothes.

It turned out that Li Qingzu was employed by Lin Rouxi , previously Ye Chen thought that he mistakenly entered the Villa, it turned out that this was his villa.

”How long have you been working here? ”Ye Chen wants to know how long Li Qingzu has been working at this place.

”I just started working today ” Li Qingzu said that he just worked today.

”Husband, is this woman an acquaintance of yours? ”,Feng Xue asked Ye Chen.

hearing the conversation that Ye Chen and Li Qingzu had, Ye Chen just found out that Li Qingzu worked in this place.

”He is Li Qingzu , she is my friend at school, I didn ’t expect that she would start working here. ” Ye Chen told Feng Xue about what happened.

Li Qingzu looked at Feng Xue, when Li Qingzu looked towards Feng Xue, Li Qingzu ’s eyes began to glow full of light.

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Ye Chen could see the changes that Li Qingzu made had after seeing Feng Xue, it seemed that this girl also idolized Feng Xue.

”Wow, is this really the real Feng Xue? ”, Li Qingzu looked happy when she saw the real Feng Xue in front of her.

Li Qingzu often heard songs sung by Feng Xue, she really liked Feng Xue ’s song because it made her excited about going through difficult days.

”Yes, I am Feng Xue indeed. ” Feng Xue answered Li Qingzu who was in front of her.

”Can, I ask for your autograph ”, just like fans in general, Li Qingzu wanted to ask for an autograph to become a memento for herself.

”You don ’t need to ask for an autograph from me, from now on I live here, as long as you work here, we can meet every day ” Feng Xue told Li Qingzu that from now on she will stay in this villa.

” Is it true ? ”Li Qingzu can ’t believe that from now on Feng Xue will live in this villa.

That means that every day Li Qingzu can meet Feng Xue, Li Qingzu is quite happy to hear this.

Li Qingzu saw Feng Xue who clung to Ye Chen tightly, it seemed that Feng Xue had a special relationship with Ye Chen, otherwise how could Feng Xue live in this villa.

Li Qingzu did not expect that Ye Chen would have this many beautiful women, in this house alone Li Qingzu had seen dozens of beautiful women who had amazing beauty.

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