Lin Rouxi nodded, she would try to be even more patient in dealing with Yu Ting.

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Ye Chen was happy when Lin Rouxi could understand what he wanted, Ye Chen then turned his attention to the dean sitting in front of him.

”Dean, let ’s talk about our initial topic, I hope you revoke my letter of release from this school ” Ye Chen asked the dean to revoke the letter that had been issued.

”Sorry, but I can ’t do something like that. ” The dean refused Ye Chen ’s request, who wanted him to revoke his letter expulsion from this school.

”Then tell me if there is anything I can do for you to withdraw the letter. ” Ye Chen asked the school dean.

Hearing this, Yu Ting started to smile with great satisfaction, his plan finally started to work, it ’s time to execute Ye Chen.

Yu Ting started to get up from the sofa she was sitting on, she started walking behind Ye Chen ’s body.

Yu Ting was currently standing right behind Ye Chen who was sitting, Yu Ting began to extend her hand over Ye Chen ’s shoulder.

Yu Ting started to bring her face closer to Ye Chen ’s ear, it seemed that Yu Ting wanted to say something to Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, if you want to be my servant, then maybe I will help you get out of this situation ” Yu Ting told Ye Chen that she could provide a favor, as long as Ye Chen wanted to become her slave.

Ye Chen, who just heard Yu Ting ’s words, immediately looked at Yu Ting with a strange gaze, he suspected that Yu Ting was the one who had made the dean expel himself.

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This woman was still trying to find trouble with himself, this made Ye Chen not very happy.

Even though Ye Chen had tried not to get in touch with anymore Yu Ting, this girl was still looking for unnecessary trouble with him.

Looks like Ye Chen must really teach a lesson so that Yu Ting no longer looks for a problem with him.

”Can you really help me? ”,Ye Chen asked Yu Ting.

”Of course, I can help you out of this. ” Yu Ting left Ye Chen ’s side, she was now sitting on the armrest on the dean ’s chair.

Yu Ting sat impolitely on the armrest of the dean ’s chair.

Yu Ting started stroking the dean head like a pet she had, the school dean did not fight back when his head was rubbed by a little girl like Yu Ting.

”School dean, you will listen to my words right? ”, Yu Ting asked the school dean beside her.

”Yes, Yes, Yes. ” The school dean immediately nodded at Yu Ting, he looked very obedient to Yu Ting ’s words.

The school dean was completely devoid of any pride anymore, he was now Yu Ting ’s extremely obedient pet.

Lin Rouxi saw what Yu Ting was doing right now, the school dean looked very obedient to the words of a girl like Yu Ting.

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Lin Rouxi could tell that the Dean was currently controlled by Yu Ting, it meant that the person who wanted to get Ye Chen out of school was not the dean but Yu Ting.

Lin Rouxi hated this woman even more, not only had she left Ye Chen, this woman also dared to find trouble with Ye Chen.

”You, so you ’ve been the one behind all this. ” Lin Rouxi said to Yu Ting who was beside the dean.

”Did you just realize this, hahahaha ” Yu Ting laughed at Lin Rouxi, who just realized that she was the person that Ye Chen wanted out of this school.

”Aren ’t you ashamed of yourself? ”Lin Rouxi felt that this girl was really no good.

Lin Rouxi was unkind very grateful that Ye Chen had left such a woman like Yu Ting.

”Whatever, I don ’t care about it. ” Yu Ting didn ’t care about embarrassment at all, now she has become a shameless woman anymore.

”School dean, be aware, how can you be controlled by this woman ” Lin Rouxi tried to awaken the school dean who was currently under Yu Ting ’s control.

”It ’s useless, he has become my loyal servant, he will never listen to orders from other people. ” Yu Ting told Lin Rouxi that the dean was completely under her control.

”What Yu Ting said is true, now she is the young lady I care about. ” The old dean started to act spoiled to Yu Ting who was stroking his head.

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Lin Rouxi didn ’t believe that the dean had become Yu Ting ’s servant , it seemed that Lin Rouxi could no longer resuscitate the school dean who had been controlled by Yu Ting.

”Dean, did you really listen to Yu Ting ’s words, if you listen to Yu Ting ’s words, you could lose your current position. ” Ye Chen warned the school dean who was currently acting very intimate with Yu.

Ye Chen felt nauseous when he saw the intimate relationship this old man was having with Yu Ting, Ye Chen had tried to be patient, but because he was provoked by Yu Ting, Ye Chen had to fight the two of them.

Ye Chen was forced to have to use the video he had just recorded to make these two people feel the consequences for looking for trouble with him.

”What are you, you do not have the strength to get me kicked out of my current position ” The dean was not afraid of the threat that came from Ye Chen.

For the dean Ye Chen did not have the strength to threaten him from the position he currently had.

”Really? Then what if this thing gets out. ” Ye Chen started to open the cellphone he had.

he started showing the video he had captured when the dean and Yu Ting were having a good time having intimate.

Dean ”Honey, your skills are truly extraordinary, I feel very excited ”.

Yu Ting ”Really, then continue, I will squeeze everything you have. ”

In the video that Ye Chen was currently playing, there was a sound of conversation being carried out by Yu Ting and the school dean.

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The faces of Yu Ting and the school dean immediately turned black after seeing the video on Ye Chen ’s cellphone.

Yu Ting and the school dean did not expect that Ye Chen would take their video while having an intimate relationship.

Lin Rouxi who was beside Ye Chen was quite surprised when she saw the video on Ye Chen ’s cellphone.

Lin Rouxi didn ’t expect that these two people would do something like that in this room just now.

No wonder this room had a scent that was familiar to Lin Rouxi, it turned out that this room had just been used by these two people to have an affair.

”Wait, where did you get that video? ” Yu Ting started to panic when she saw Ye Chen having the video of an affair she had with the school dean.

If this video gets out, then Yu Ting ’s reputation that has just been created will be destroyed.

It is necessary to know that now Yu Ting has many fans in school and outside this school, if these fans see the contents of the video on Ye Chen ’s cellphone at this time, then they will definitely leave Yu Ting.

No matter how great Charm is Yu Ting ’s have , if this video gets out her reputation will be destroyed.

She would definitely be labeled a shameless bitch when she hooked up with an old man like the dean.

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