Xia Qingyu had completely forgotten Mei Yueli who was by the side, she started to hug Ye Chen ’s neck and kiss Ye Chen very greedily.

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Xia Qingyu really liked the feeling of kissing Ye Chen, the feeling of kissing Ye Chen was so pleasant, this was something that Xia Qingyu was addicted to.

Mei Yueli was completely dumbfounded when she saw what Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu were doing right in front of her eyes, she didn ’t expect that these two would do something like this right in front of her.

This was Mei Yueli ’s first time seeing a scene like this, as long as she had lived for thousands of years, Mei Yueli had never seen something like this.

Mei Yueli had never seen an adult engage in such an intimate kiss as Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu this time.

”What happened to Qingyu, why did she become like that when kissed by this man ” Mei Yueli began to wonder what was happening to Xia Qingyu, why was Xia Qingyu being like that when kissed by Ye Chen.

Even Xia Qingyu, who usually looked cold, became lustful when she was kissed by Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli is a woman who is not interested in this kind of thing, every day she only spends the time she has cultivating and cultivating.
There is nothing that Mei Yueli can be interested in except cultivation.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu completely ignored Mei Yueli who was looking at them from the side, the two of them were currently enjoying the kiss they were both having.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu felt that they were in their own world that couldn ’t be bothered by anyone.

After about 10 minutes of kissing, finally the two of them wanted to part, Xia Qingyu gasped for breath after kissing Ye Chen.

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”Qingyu, now do you want to forgive me? ” Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu.

”Stupid. ” Xia Qingyu turned her gaze to the side, she didn ’t dare to answer Ye Chen ’s words.

From the beginning of Xia Qingyu not angry with Ye Chen, she ’s just a little jealous of Ye Chen, who spends time with the women in his villa .

Ye Chen saw the slightly shy expression shown by Xia Qingyu, it seemed that Xia Qingyu was no longer angry with him.

Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu who was in front of him again, he put Xia Qingyu in his embrace.

Xia Qingyu felt a warm feeling when she was in Ye Chen ’s arms, this feeling was very comfortable, she felt very safe and comfortable when in Ye Chen ’s arms.

Xia Qingyu continued to enjoy Ye Chen ’s hug, after a long time, finally Xia Qingyu realized that Mei Yueli was still in the same room as her.

Xia Qingyu immediately pushed Ye Chen away from herself, Xia Qingyu looked towards where Mei Yueli was.

Ye Chen saw that Xia Qingyu suddenly pushed himself away, Xia Qingyu currently looked panicked as she stared at the direction where her table was.

Ye Chen followed Xia Qingyu ’s gaze, when Ye Chen followed Xia Qingyu ’s gaze, he found an ancient beautiful woman who was standing not far from Xia Qingyu ’s table.

This woman from the God Realm was wearing an ancient red dress with a few pretty motifs, this woman had very beautiful long black hair and red eyelids.

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This woman also uses a red veil to cover her face so that it is not seen by others.

Even though it was covered by a red veil, it was certain that this woman was extremely beautiful.

Ye Chen did not expect that women from God Realm would become this beautiful.

”Hey, Qingyu, who is this woman. ” Ye Chen immediately asked about the identity of the woman who came from the God Realm.

Ye Chen wanted to know who this woman really was and her relationship with Xia Qingyu.

Mei Yueli ’s eyes widened when she knew that Ye Chen could see her, Mei Yueli looked surprised when she was found by Ye Chen.

Even though Mei Yueli had used a barrier to make herself invisible in front of Ye Chen, it was unexpected that Ye Chen could still see her.

”Can you see me? ”Mei Yueli asked Ye Chen.

”Of course I can see you very clearly. ” Ye Chen answered Mei Yueli ’s question.

Mei Yueli didn ’t know what else to say in a situation like this, Ye Chen could really see herself.

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”Qingyu, who is this woman, and what is this woman ’s relationship with you? ” Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu about Mei Yueli ’s identity again.

” That..
”, Xia Qingyu looked at Mei Yueli, she was a little hesitant about whether to tell Ye Chen the identity of Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli ’s identity was so special, Xia Qingyu didn ’t even fully know about Mei Yueli ’s identity yet.

Mei Yueli nodded at Xia Qingyu, she allowed Xia Qingyu to tell Ye Chen her identity a little.

”Ye Chen, introduce this is Mei Yueli, Mei Yueli is a person who happened to save her accidentally. ” Xia Qingyu told Ye Chen that she met Mei Yueli accidentally.

When Xia Qingyu accidentally found Mei Yueli lying on the road, seeing a beautiful woman like Mei Yueli lying on the road, Xia Qingyu decided to pick her up and take Mei Yueli home.

After Mei Yueli awakened, Xia Qingyu found that Mei Yueli was a cultivator like Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

Xia Qingyu and Mei Yueli ’s relationship started to become close over time, Mei Yueli even started teaching Xia Qingyu to become a cultivator.

”Oh. ” Ye Chen now understands what happened, it turned out that Xia Qingyu saved Mei Yueli by chance.

”You said Mei Yueli was injured, is that true? ”, Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu.

”That ’s so true, Sister Yueli is injured, Ye Chen can you help heal Sister Yueli ” Xia Qingyu asked whether Ye Chen could help heal Mei Yueli or not.

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”Let me check it first, if possible maybe I can cure it. ” Ye Chen should know Mei Yueli ’s condition first, if he already knows Mei Yueli ’s condition, Ye Chen might be able to cure her.

”Then try it. ” Xia Qingyu told Ye Chen to try to check on Mei Yueli.

”Fine. ” Ye Chen nodded, he started walking closer to Mei Yueli.

”Don ’t get close. ” When Ye Chen wanted to get closer to Mei Yueli, Mei Yueli suddenly kicked Ye Chen away.

” Eh why can ’t I come closer ? ” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli why he couldn ’t get close.

”Just don ’t get close. ” Mei Yueli forbade Ye Chen to get close to her.

Ye Chen didn ’t care about Mei Yueli ’s words, he continued to advance and draw closer to Mei Yueli.

Seeing Ye Chen getting closer and closer, Mei Yueli subconsciously used her strength to drive Ye Chen away.

”Bamm ” Ye Chen was blown away by Mei Yueli, even though Mei Yueli ’s strength was still recovering a little, Mei Yueli could easily drive Ye Chen away.

Mei Yueli is a cultivator from the God Realm, even though she is injured, her strength is still much stronger than the current Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was flown and hit a wall behind him, the wall behind Ye Chen collapsed because he was unable to withstand the impact.

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