After saying what wish she wanted, Zhao Yanyan started blowing out all the candles that were in front of her.

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All the candles on the birthday cake were so easily blown out by Zhao Yanyan.

” Applause.
, Applause.
, Applause.
, ”Everyone started clapping after Zhao Yanyan managed to blow out the birthday candles.

”Jinshan, it looks like the little girl we always protect now has grown into a mature, beautiful and graceful woman. ” Tang Nu felt both happy and happy when she saw Zhao Yanyan was old enough.

Now that the little girl she always protected had grown into a truly amazing beauty, everyone would admit that the current Zhao Yanyan was very beautiful.

”Yes, you are absolutely right that Yanyan has grown up and has a life of her own, it seems that she doesn ’t need protection from the two of us anymore. ” Zhao Jinshan agreed with what Tang Nu said.

Zhao Yanyan had now grown into a beautiful Mature woman, she didn ’t need Zhao Jinshan ’s protection anymore.

It seemed that Zhao Jinshan ’s decision to let Zhao Yanyan be with Ye Chen was a very precise decision, Ye Chen could really take care of Zhao Yanyan better than him.

With the abilities that Ye Chen currently has, Zhao Jinshan really believes that Ye Chen can keep Zhao Yanyan happy.

”Yanyan, what wish you just wanted. ” Ye Chen wondered what wish Zhao Yanyan just wantedbefore blowing out the birthday cake candle.

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”It ’s a secret. ” Zhao Yanyan didn ’t want to tell Ye Chen what kind of wish she wanted .

”You cheapskate. ” Ye Chen was a little dissatisfied with the answer given by Zhao Yanyan, even though Ye Chen wanted to know what plea Zhao Yanyan had just made .

”Puchi. ” Zhao Yanyan laughed when she saw Ye Chen ’s childlike behavior not getting what he wanted.

It seemed like it was time for Ye Chen to give Zhao Yanyan a birthday present.

Ye Chen took a beautiful box from the fairy gate storage, the beautiful box that Ye Chen took had been modified by Ye Chen so that it attracted the interest of everyone who saw this gift box.

Ye Chen knelt down right in front of Zhao Yanyan, who tonight looked absolutely gorgeous.

Zhao Yanyan did not understand what Ye Chen was going to do, why did Ye Chen suddenly kneel in front of him like this.

”Ye Chen, what are you doing? ”, Zhao Yanyan asked what Ye Chen was doing right now.

It was not only Zhao Yanyan who began to wonder what Ye Chen wanted to do, everyone also wanted to know what Ye Chen was doing right now.

”Yanyan, I have something for you. ” Ye Chen took out the beautiful box that he had previously taken from the fairy gate, Ye Chen started thrusting this beautiful box towards Zhao Yanyan.

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”Ye Chen, what is this? ” Zhao Yanyan asked what was in the box that was currently in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Why don ’t you open it and see what ’s inside. ” Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan to open and see for herself what was in this box.

Zhao Yanyan understood, she started to stretch out her hand towards the beautiful box in Ye Chen ’s hand, when Zhao Yanyan touched the beautiful box in Ye Chen ’s hand, the beautiful box in Ye Chen ’s hand immediately opened by itself.

When the box in Ye Chen ’s hand opened, Zhao Yanyan and everyone else in this room immediately saw a very shimmering light.

This sparkling light was a butterfly-shaped necklace with several Heavenly Goddess Diamonds adorning it.

From just a glance, all the women in this place were very interested in the necklace that Ye Chen had brought as a present for Zhao Yanyan.

All the women who were here had never seen such a fine and beautiful necklace like the one in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Wow, that ’s great, I ’ve never seen such fine jewelry ”.

”Where did the jewelry come from, I also want one ”, one by one the women who were here began to admire the work that Ye Chen had made.

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They were all blown away by the exquisite work Ye Chen had created for Zhao Yanyan.

Even Ye Chen ’s women such as Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin and others, were also very interested in the butterfly necklace that Ye Chen gave to Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen ’s ladies had never seen jewelry this beautiful in their lives, if allowed, they would all want jewelry as beautiful as this from Ye Chen.

No matter what temperament all of these women had, they would definitely be blown away by the beauty that came from the Heavenly Goddess Diamond, which was more beautifully polished by Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan current was very happy when she saw a butterfly necklace that was so beautiful like this, she really liked the butterfly necklace in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Ye Chen, is this for me? ”Zhao Yanyan still doesn ’t believe that Ye Chen will give herself such a picturesque and beautiful gift.

Zhao Yanyan believed that the necklace in Ye Chen ’s hand was very valuable, Zhao Yanyan could feel that this butterfly necklace was made by Ye Chen using all the soul he has.

”Of course this is for you my beautiful goddess. ” Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that this was something to be given as a birthday present.

Hearing this, Zhao Yanyan was very happy, she felt very happy in her Heart .

Zhao Yanyan started extending her hand towards the butterfly necklace in Ye Chen ’s hand.

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Zhao Yanyan admired the beauty that radiated from this necklace, she felt that she was the luckiest woman to get something like this from Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, can you help me put on that necklace? ”Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen to help her put on the butterfly necklace that Ye Chen had.

”Of course. ” Ye Chen started to stand up, he would help Zhao Yanyan put this butterfly necklace around her neck.

Zhao Yanyan started turning around and turning her back on Ye Chen ’s body, she started to brush the hair she had so that Ye Chen could easily put a necklace around her neck.

Chen Ye see what is being done by Zhao Yanyan, what is done by Zhao Yanyan is currently very tempting for Ye Chen, who is now exactly is behind the body of Zhao Yanyan.

From here Ye Chen could see Zhao Yanyan ’s white and smooth Jade neck which was so perfect, Ye Chen felt anxious to play with Zhao Yanyan ’s Jade neck.

It ’s too bad that currently Ye Chen is in public, so he can ’t do anything bad for Zhao Yanyan.

Maybe later at midnight he should wait for the perfect time to be alone with Zhao Yanyan,Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to enjoy the beauty that Zhao Yanyan had tonight, Tonight Ye Chen would definitely treat Zhao Yanyan very well.

Ye Chen started to attach the necklace that he had painstakingly made around Zhao Yanyan ’s neck with great care, Ye Chen made sure that the butterfly necklace that was paired would look good on Zhao Yanyan.

”Done. ” After feeling that the necklace position was suitable for Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen immediately pulled his hand away from Zhao Yanyan ’s seductive neck.

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