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The school bell sign finally arrived, ”Yanyan what will you do after this? ” Ye Chen asked.

Zhao Yanyan ”Looks like I will practice with Yuechan ’s sister, you know after I learned the Technique Technique of Melody of the Goddess, now my ability to play a musical instrument has improved a lot ”.

Zhao Yanyan was very pleased with the name of the instrument, that ’s why zhao Yanyan was quite excited when practicing Technique Melody of the goddess

”Yanyan I have a gift for you ” Ye Chen then took out a Pill bottle, inside this bottle There are four Pill named Soul Absorption which can increase the speed of absorbing Yuanqi.

”My husband doesn ’t need that pill.
You can use it for yourself, I haven ’t even used the marrow washing pills you gave me yesterday. ” Zhao Yanyan refused because Zhao Yanyan thought that the Pill was more useful for Ye Chen.

”To be honest, this pill is not very useful for me since my cultivation level is already quite high, but it must be very useful for you, ” Ye Chen forced Zhao Yanyan to accept the pill.

Zhao Yanyan was very touched and accepted the pill and put it in his bag.
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Ye Chen ”oh yeah Yanyan I still have one more gift for you, give me your hand ”.

Zhao Yanyan obediently reached out his hand, Ye Chen then took out a ring and put it on Zhao Yanyan ’s middle finger.

Ye Chen saw that Zhao Yanyan still did not yet have a Storage Ring, because Ye Chen already had an Unlimited Fairy Gate Storage, so Ye Chen decided to give the old Storage Ring to Zhao Yanyan.

Seeing Ye Chen give him a heart ring Zhao Yanyan Flowering flower ”what is this husband An application ring ” Zhao Yanyan Thinks that This is a sign of their Love Ring.

Ye Chen smiled when he heard, ”Yanyan is a Storage Ring, you can put all the items you have in it ” Ye Chen explained to Zhao Yanyan about the function of the Storage Ring.

Zhao Yanyan never knew what a Storage Ring was, certainly this must have been something quite valuable and expensive.

Ye Chen then instructed how to use the storage ring to Zhao Yanyan.

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Luckily the Storage Ring system wasn ’t too difficult and Zhao Yanyan was able to use it quickly.

”This husband is quite great, now I can Keep all my clothes in this thing ” Zhao Yanyan was quite happy to get a Storage Ring Prize.

Ye Chen almost fell from his chair after hearing that the Storage Ring he gave wanted to be used for Zhao Yanyan ’s wardrobe.

The storage ring normally used for storing twilight, pills, medicinal materials, and technical books, and Zhao Yanyan only thought of using it as a storage place for all her clothes.

Well, because Ye Chen had given it to Zhao Yanyan, whatever Zhao Yanyan wanted to use.

”Ye Chen is a beautiful adult woman looking for you in front of the school gate ” a male classmate came to Ye Chen, and said that there was a beautiful woman who was looking for him.

” Who is she ? ” Ye Chen asked his classmate.

”I don ’t know, but she wears an OL outfit and drives a very luxurious Sport car. ”

Ye Chen: ”Alright I ’ll be there soon ”

”Husband It looks like I will soon get 1 additional sister ” Zhao Yanyan giggled.

”Yanyan He is just an ordinary friend, you are too hopeful ” Ye Chen immediately explained to Zhao Yanyan.

”Hemm ordinary friend ?? ” Zhao Yanyan could not believe that woman ’s relationship with Ye Chen was only an ordinary friend

what are you waiting for let ’s meet she ”Zhao Ya Encourage Ye Chen to immediately meet the woman.

Zhao Yanyan was also actually a little curious who this woman was.

Arriving at the gate of Ye Chen School saw the woman who was wearing a beautiful OL uniform turned out to be Liu Yue.

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Liu Yue Dressed Very hot today, the eyes of the male students looked towards Liu Yue standing up.

”Liu Yue, what are you doing here? ” Ye Chen immediately approached and asked.

Liu Yue: ”Of course I dantang to pick you up, I am afraid you will not come ” Liu Yue Terseyum towards Ye Chen.

Seeing that this Beautiful Adult woman was close to Ye Chen, some men had the look of Ye Chen ’s collar hostility.

”Hey, you already have the interest of the school and you still dare to associate other women outside ” the men didn ’t say it but only spoke in their hearts.

”When you pick me up I will definitely come there, Oh Yes, introduce this Zhao Yanyan my girlfriend ” Ye Chen then introduced Zhao Yanyan to Liu Yue.

Ye Chen felt a piercing gaze from behind

Liu Yue immediately looked at Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue could see that Zhao Yanyan was also very beautiful, Liu Yue had to admit that Zhao Yanyan looked prettier than her.

When Liu Yue heard that Ye Chen had a girlfriend, Liu Yue felt a little lost in her heart.

”Hello, I ’m Liu Yue, happy to be with you ” Liu Yue was the first to hold out her hand.

Zhao Yanyan also reached out and shook hands with Liu Yue ”Hello sister Liu, my name is Zhao Yanyan Nice to meet you ”.

Both of them smiled at each other and no one wanted to let go of each other ’s hands.

Ye Chen saw the ambiguous situation of these two women, Ye Chen immediately said to melt away ”Liu Yue what if we immediately go to the meeting place ”.

”Oh, you ’re right, let ’s go to the company, Yanyan, sister.
I ’ll borrow your girlfriend for today. ” Liu Yue wanted to tease Zhao Yanyan.

after saying that Liu Yue got into the car and took the driver ’s seat.

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”Okay yanyan I ’ll go wait for me tonight ” after saying goodbye, Ye Chen then went into the car.

Hearing this, Zhao Yanyan ’s face immediately turned red.

Zhao Yanyan waved his hand the collar of the departure of Liu Yue ’s car, when the car disappeared from the sight, Zhao Yanyan decided to return to the women ’s dormitory.

In Liu Yue ’s car

Liu Yue ”Ye Chen, I didn ’t expect you to have a pretty woman as your girlfriend ”, in fact Liu Yue was quite jealous of Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen: ”Yes, I am very lucky to have a woman like Zhao Yanyan, but you are also a beautiful woman, surely a man who has you in the future will be very lucky. ”

Hearing the words Ye Chen had just said, Liu Yue ’s heart was slightly happy, Liu Yue ’s face turned red like an apple.

”How do you plan? Everything has been very well prepared, ” Ye Chen asked

Liu Yue immediately recovered her ”yes I have prepared everything well for sure we will definitely make Bai Sheng show his real face ”.

After a few minutes Ye Chen and Liu Yue finally arrived at the headquarters of the Liu company, some luxury cars were neatly parked, it seemed like this belonged to the shareholders

The total share owned by Liu Yue ’s grandmother in the company is 45%, and the other 40% is held by 30 people who have authority in the company, the rest is owned by outsiders.

”Ye Chen first, let ’s go see my grandmother first ” Liu Yue took Ye Chen to where his grandmother was.

Liu Yue took Ye Chen up to the top floor, this was a private room, in this room besides Rui there were two other people, one of whom was the Luo Bing woman policy who picked up Ye Chen yesterday and an elderly grandfather whose age was around 60 ~ 65 Year.

Luo Bing was not wearing a police uniform, but was wearing an OL uniform, Luo Bing ’s hair was rolled up showing off a neck that looked very sexy.

Liu Yue had collaborated with the police department and it seemed that Luo Bing was assigned to disguise as secretary Liu.

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Ye Chen suddenly felt a gaze piercing towards him, the origin came from Luo Bing ’s gaze, it seemed that Luo Bing was angry because of the Overnight Event.

Liu Yue: ”Grandma ” Liu Yue walked closer to her grandmother.

”Yueer you have returned, Ye Chen you have also come Yes ” Liu Yue ’s grandmother welcomed the arrival of Liu Yue and Ye Chen.

Liu Yue Get to know this grandfather who is an old friend of his grandmother so Liu Yue greets as a young generation.

Liu Yue: ”greeting snicker Zhao ” Liu Yue greets grandfather who sat facing Situ Rui.

”Oh Ye Ye Chen Introduces This Is General Zhao Jinshan He is my old friend, and he also has a 4% stake in our company ” Situ Rui Introduces Zhao Jinshan.

Ye Chen ”greetings General Zhao nice to meet you ”

Zhao Jinshan ”don ’t listen to Situ Rui, young man, I ’ve retired a long time ago from the military and am not a general anymore, you can call me Grandfather Zhao ”.

”Knock! Knock! Knock! ” Someone knocked on the Door from the Outside.

”Come in. ” Liu Yue gave permission to someone outside

”Ceo Liu the shareholders have come and now just waiting for you ” a woman entered the room, this woman also wore an office uniform with a very beautiful face, and a body that developed very well, this woman ’s style was like the ideal older sister of the Male.

”Ling told them I will be there soon ” Liu Yue said that she came to the meeting place.

”I ’ll deliver your message ” before this woman left, she winked at Ye Chen.

”Everyone, let ’s go there ” Liu Yue invited everyone to go to the meeting place.

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